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September 13th, 2013

do the KIND thing with W4W: rebuild a firefighter’s home

By KIND Editor

Thousands of homes destroyed. Millions of lives changed forever. The crazy part? Hurricane Sandy was almost one year ago and lives are still being affected today. Through KIND’s recent partnership with clean water organization, Waves for Water, a light was shone on just how detrimental the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy still is today. John Gelalia’s story is especially powerful. The retired and volunteer firefighter from New Jersey saved countless lives and homes after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on his town and the East Coast. Although John’s own home was thankfully sustained, everything in it was destroyed: his furniture, all of his belongings, flooring, electricity; everything. John was living in FEMA house shelters up until March when, without anywhere else to go, he returned to his completely gutted house where he has been living since.

How KIND and Waves for Water are making a difference:

Knowing all he did for those during the super storm and the unfortunate challenges he is facing today, KIND felt it necessary to take action and will be partnering with Waves for Water to complete a $10,000 renovation on John’s home.

While $10,000 will help, we are looking to the community to help further our initiative through the steps below:

  • Donate directly to Waves for Water here to help further fund this project.

  • Watch and share this story about Jon Rose and Waves for Water contributions to the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. Watching this story will not only help shed light on this issue, but KIND will also donate an additional $1 to the renovation project for each video view (up to $5,000).

Help KIND and Waves for Water Do The KIND Thing for John Gelalia. Pledge your support through a donation or by viewing and sharing the Waves for Water story!

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