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July 27th, 2015

hot recipes for a cold treat

By KIND Editor

Curated by Kristen Taekman

Nothing hits the spot in the dead of summer quite like FroYo. By now, you’ve probably already eaten it 20 times in the last couple months, and we could all use some topping inspiration. To keep things exciting, we tapped Kristen Taekman, Real Housewives of NYC star, mom of two, and Smile Train spokeswoman, to freshen up our FroYo.

Kristen shared three recipes with us that she can make with her kids, including nutritious toppings and inspired by some of her favorite things. If you’ve watched Kristen on TV at all, the first recipe will come as no surprise!

Elvis Split

Toppings: cocoa nibs, banana chips, raspberries, dried raspberries and KIND Banana Nut Clusters

Tropical Boost

Toppings: fresh mango, dried pineapple, shredded coconut and chopped almonds

Lady in Red

Toppings: fresh cherries, dried cherries, raspberries, dried raspberries and KIND Healthy Grains Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds

You can emulate Kristen’s recipes at your local FroYo shop, or use to top chilled yogurt at home. Enjoy snacking like a star!

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