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May 12th, 2014

KIND Causes for Team Lentil: winner update for Lentil’s Lucky Charms

By KIND Editor

How would you use $10,000 to make the world a better place? A puppy named Lentil and a determined animal rescue foster showed KIND Causes how kindness and empathy can make a profound difference in the lives of strangers.

Last year, an adorable french bulldog puppy with a double cleft nose lip palate appeared on Facebook. His facial deformity meant that he couldn’t nurse and required tube feeding every couple hours. As a rescue from the French Bulldog Rescue Network, he was placed under the foster care of animal rescue veteran Lindsay Condefer. As a severe case, Lindsay put together a Facebook page to give her friends and the network daily updates on the puppy’s progress.

Soon, the page had 3,000 followers liking, sharing and cheering on the puppy named Lentil as he grew bigger and stronger under the loving care of his attentive foster parent. By the following week, there were 10,000 people following Lentil’s Facebook page. “There was a meaning behind why he was surviving,” Lindsay shared with KIND Causes. “I knew I was giving him care and doing the best that I could do, but there was something bigger happening.”

Mothers and children with craniofacial differences began writing to Lentil, sharing their personal stories and overjoyed by the support that the he was receiving from the broader community. “There was one woman from Illinois with a daughter born with a cleft lip and palette,” Lindsay recounted. “She was overwhelmed by the support that Lentil was getting online because her daughter was born with the same difference as Lentil and she had grown up being ridiculed.”

At four months, Lentil had his palate repaired. At one year, Team Lentil asked his followers, also known as beanstalkers, to celebrate by sharing one act of kindness on Lentil’s birthday. And that’s where KIND Causes came in. Lindsay and Team Lentil started a kids club to support the youngest of Lentil fans in their medical progress! With over 137,000 friends, the Team Lentil Kids’ Club rallies the online community to show support and love to children who are preparing for medical procedures by cheering their progress on the Lentil Facebook page.

KIND Causes awarded a $10,000 grant to Team Lentil to launch Lentil’s Lucky Charms, an extension of Lentil’s Kids’ Club. Parents will be able to sign their children up for free and will receive a velvet bag with a personalized Lentil ID tag inside. They can then order beads and charms that correspond to different kinds of medical procedures–MRIs, specific surgeries and more. Every time the child has a procedure, she can receive a new charm in the mail. “As they grow, they can look back in their bag and be proud of what they’ve accomplished,” Lindsay shares.

An inspiration as a one-woman and one-dog show, KIND is proud to support Team Lentil in their mission to support and bring pride into the lives of young people.

When you imagine a better world, what do you see? Each month, KIND Causes supports one project with $10,000. Submit your inspirational project today and let KIND help you turn your vision into a reality.

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