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February 19th, 2014

KIND crew: Detroit Field Marketing Lead Katie Dalebout invites you to The Wellness Wonderland

By KIND Editor

KIND Crew is our ongoing series highlighting the work and passions of the folks behind-the-scenes at KIND.

Katie Dalebout works in Field Marketing leading a team to spread kindness throughout the city of Detroit and beyond. “We make an impact here by planning awesome events and getting bars into the hands of people who have never tried them, as well as doing random acts of kindness throughout the community,” Katie shares. She is also a wellness blogger and runs the website The Wellness Wonderland where she shares tips on living a healthy and fulfilled life. We caught up with Katie to get some inspiration on how to Do the KIND Thing for your body, taste buds and the world in 2014.

KIND: What does Do the KIND Thing mean for to you?

Katie Daleabout: To me, Do the KIND Thing starts with being kind to yourself. People can be really hard on themselves. It may be a radical concept, but I believe that the only way to make a kinder world is to treat ourselves with greater kindness through taking care of our physical bodies and embracing positivity in our internal thoughts. If you’re mean and judgmental to yourself how can you treat others kindly?

Why did you decide to start Wellness Wonderland?

The mission of Wonderland is a “revolution of radical authenticity.” Through my weekly podcast, videos and posts, I inspire my readers to lean on their inner voice of intuition for guidance. I believe that people can gain this clarity through movement, meditation and nourishment (the three pillars of “living in a Wellness Wonderland,”) before one’s thoughts get clouded by outside perceptions. Living in Wellness Wonderland starts with the physical because movement, stillness and whole foods in the body create clarity in the mind. However, wellness goes beyond the physical. Wellness in the body is merely the first step to unleash creative potential and live authentically.

What are 5 tips for those seeking to DTKT in their own lives?

1) Take Care of Your Body
You can’t give what you don’t already have, meaning you can’t take care of your family and friends, much less the world, if you’re not taking care of yourself. So the first step to DTKT has to be taking care of your own body with nourishing, whole foods, getting enough sleep and watching your stress levels.

2) Take Care of Your Mind
Taking care of your mind is equally important and incorporating your own version of a meditation practice is crucial. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting on a pillow in silence. Meditation is merely mindfulness and can be done by being fully present while you’re at spinning class, grocery shopping, driving or cooking. Meditation doesn’t have to look a certain way. It can be as easy as a single pointed focus and becoming aware of your breath. Here’s a video I did on how to get started with meditation.

3) Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes
When someone tests your patience or frustrates you, recognize their perspective and realize their actions are a direct reaction to their unique circumstances that day. Meaning if someone cut you in line or overcharged you, instead of flying off the handle, return to your breath and handle the situation with the kindness you wish for when you’re having a bad day. You never know their situation and being mean back will only create more negativity. Instead, kill the situation with kindness!

4) What You Give Is What You Get
Like a boomerang, the more kindness you give, the more comes right back to you. Do all things with kindness because you never know who is watching; that’s why I love working for KIND, it’s a constant reminder for me to live KIND in my daily life. It just feels better, anyways.

5) Be Helpful Without Asking and Without Reward
Humans are social creatures hard-wired to help each other. Instead of waiting for someone to need or ask for your help, actively seek ways you can be of service in your daily life. Whether it’s holding the door for a stranger or calling your grandmother, a random act of kindness (no matter how small) can drastically change a situation for who you help and also improve your mood. I love the quote, “When you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” Kindness is the best medicine.

How do you Do the Kind Thing for your body, taste buds and the world? What are your tips for living in your own wellness wonderland? Share your tips and inspiration on Twitter or Instagram with the #kindawesome hashtag! And for more ideas from Katie for living a healthier life in 2014, check out some hot links below!

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