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October 03rd, 2014

KIND spotting: a true act of strength & kindness

By KIND Editor

Great acts of kindness move us to the core and the story of Margarita Rojas Suarez does just that. Margarita is a grandmother living in Mexico who dedicates her life to caring for her grandson, Othon, who is living with cerebral palsy. Due to this medical condition, Othon is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to walk or perform most daily activities without assistance. Although Margarita is in her late 80s, she carries Othon up and down stairs and on and off multiple city buses so that he can receive treatment at a rehabilitation center that is helping him learn to walk. She selflessly does this, day in and day out, to give her grandson the best chance at a bright future. Her commitment is steadfast and her love is unwavering. Thank you, Margarita, for showing us the infinite strength in your kindness.

Watch the video to learn more about Margarita and Othon’s story. Though the video was published a few years ago, its message is timeless. For English subtitles, click the “cc” icon on the video bottom banner and select the bar that says “Spanish.” Select “Translate Captions” and choose English as your language.

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