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August 26th, 2013

#kindawesome: a behind the scenes look at The Color Run

By Sarah Hillyard

Hello KIND and The Color Run lovers! Today I thought we’d take a look behind the scenes and find out some of the #kindawesome things that are going on with The Color Run on the road!

I had the privilege of interviewing three lovely The Color Run employees who have spent the summer traveling to events all over the country. Jackson, Bronson and Emily each play a unique and intricate role in what goes on at these incredible events each weekend, and I’m excited to share the KIND things they do.

The Color Run: What is your favorite part about working at a paint event for The Color Run?

Jackson: Getting to meet all of the people who come – I love hearing their stories and their different motivations to run.

Emily: Seeing moms come out and bringing their families together for a fun and healthy activity.

What is your favorite city you have been to?

Jackson: Chicago. It’s just a cool city, full of cool people.

Bronson: Orange Beach, Alabama. The people were super nice – southern hospitality – and the food was awesome. The venue there was so cool, right by the beach with the wharf and shopping area. Everyone got involved with The Color Run there, bars and stores even had deals for Color Runners. It was just fun.

Emily: Orange Beach, Alabama. It was so beautiful and the people were so open and friendly.

What is your role for The Color Run?

Jackson: I’m usually what we call a Road Warrior. I travel around through the race and help execute the event. I help set up flags and equipment at the beginning, help orient people and do a lot with the Color Festival—our post-race party. Most of all, it’s my job to make sure everyone has a good time and to put a smile on their face.

Bronson: I’m usually what’s called a Color Colonel. That means I’m second in command over the actual course area. I oversee the Color Zones, drive the trucks that have equipment and color and drop them off at locations. I help the Color Captains (who run each Color Zone). I make sure the flow of participants is smooth, make sure everyone has everything they need and watch for injuries or problems. We also always have to make sure we are interacting and giving everyone the time of their lives. I like to think we make The Color Run better than Disneyland.

Emily: I make sure all the participants are checked in smoothly and deal with any customer service needs. I help set up registration and T-shirt pick-up, train volunteers who come to help and assign them to a position. I also take care of lost children.

How do you do the KIND thing with The Color Run?

Jackson: I try to motivate people at the race to do the KIND thing by leaving the area looking better than we found it.

Bronson: I get to throw color at people and they love it – that’s #kindawesome!
Yes Bronson. Yes it is.

Emily: I make sure that each and everyone person is happy, feels special and has a good experience.

These three also shared their love of the KIND bike raffle at The Color Run races! During packet pick-up, a beach cruiser bike covered with KIND and The Color Run stickers is placed at the front. Participants can take pictures on it and tag #kindawesome. At the end of the race, we give the bike away to someone on Instagram who posted!


Sign-up for the next The Color Run race today or post your favorite moments from the race with #kindawesome!

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