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August 27th, 2013

#kindawesome songs of summer playlists: from our friends to you

By KIND Editor

Some pieces of summer will stay with us forever – like that song we listened to over and over and over again. KIND is closing out the hottest season by celebrating the most #kindawesome songs of summer and our newest Nuts & Spices flavors (which will make your taste buds dance).

Help us curate the hottest songs of the season and you could be on your way to Austin City Limits Music Festival. From today through September 9th, head over to KIND’s Facebook page to enter your favorite song in our Songs of Summer application. Your song could be featured in our final playlist by DJ Neil Armstrong and you could win 2 tickets to Austin City Limits from October 4-6th.

You can listen to picks from the organizers of ACL Fest, ACL Fest performing artists Valerie June and Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and KIND Snacks friends Paul Rabil and Washed Out and learn more about their Songs of Summer selections below:

Gear up for the festival by rocking out to Austin City Limits’ Spotify playlist here!

KIND: Why did you choose the songs on the ACL playlist?

ACL Fest: These are the songs we’ve been jamming to in the office!

How are bands selected to play at ACL?

We have an award-winning, in-house talent buying department at C3 Presents that books all of our festival artists.

What was the ultimate ACL moment last year?

The Lumineers set at the Austin Ventures State was pretty amazing. Always great to see big name bands to play on a smaller stage.

What are you most excited for at ACL in 2013?

That we get to experience it twice because for the first time, we’re doing two weekends of music!

Valerie June brings an eclectic mix of blues, folk, gospel, soul, Appalachian, and bluegrass to her unique sound. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter from Jackson, Tennessee, Valerie honed her sound in the vibrant Memphis atmosphere. Her debut album Pushin’ Against A Stone, produced by Kevin Augunas (Florence & the Machine, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros), Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, and Peter Sabak, was released on August 13th.

Rock out to Valerie June’s favorite songs of the summer!

KIND: Why did you choose these songs?

Valerie June: These songs are my current favorite tunes in American roots music!

Share a magical musical summer memory.

I remember two great shows I played. One was Central Park’s Summerstage with John Forte. We did a tribute to Paul Simon and Simon Garfunkel. The other one was sharing the stage with Dan Auerbach, Dr. John, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Bonnaroo for the Super Jam!

How do you Do the KIND Thing for your body, taste buds and the world while you’re on tour?

I eat KIND bars to help raise my blood sugar levels when they begin falling. It’s important as a diabetic to not reach for the first unhealthy treat to balance sugar levels.

Thao Nguyen is a songwriter and musician and front-woman of the band Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. The band is currently on tour supporting their latest record, We The Common. Thao works extensively with non-profit groups including the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. This latest record is dedicated to and would not exist without the women she’s met in the California state prison system. Thao wishes she could send everybody KIND bars.

Listen to Thao & the Get Down Stay Down’s playlist here!

KIND: Why did you choose these songs?

Thao Nguyen: I chose these songs because they are all vivid, sweet, nostalgic bookmarks of my summers—from when I was young (the Fat Boys, for example) through my high school and college years, and into my touring life.

Share a magical musical summer memory.

The first live show I ever went to was at a summer county fair. I was four or five—there was a square dance and a live bluegrass/old time band. My mom goaded me off the bale of hay I was sitting on and into a square dance with these very friendly older folks. They were very receptive. I had of course, never square danced.

How do you Do the KIND Thing for your body, taste buds and the world while you’re on tour?

I meditate, work out (swim or run), do yoga stretches on hotel towels and try to eat kale wherever we can find it. And we try to stay as environmentally conscious as we can on tour—no plastic water bottles, we all have our own coffee/tea mugs to re-use, and we feel really guilty about the gas we have to use.

Paul Rabil is a professional lacrosse player with the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League and the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse. In 2011, Paul was the league’s Most Valuable Player and helped the Boston Cannons took home their first franchise MLL Championship. Outside of professional lacrosse, he enjoys DJing as a hobby. In 2010, Paul founded the Paul Rabil Foundation (PRF) which is committed to helping children across the country realize their full potential, especially those with learning differences, by supporting programs and partnerships that advance their lives and opportunity through sports

Rock out to Paul Rabil’s Spotify Playlist here!

KIND: Why did you choose these songs?

Paul Rabil: Outside of professional lacrosse, I play DJ for a hobby. A lot of the same type of adrenaline rush and energy I get from games, I also get in my music playlists. I choose these tracks to emphasize upbeat, high energy, adrenaline rush and the pursuit of training to win. Mainly, trance and progressive house genres.

If you could go to any concert, past or present, what band would you see?

That’s a difficult question. While upbeat, electronic music motivates my gameplay, I have a special appreciation for live music and vocalist. I would love to travel back and listen to the Beatles play their White Album live.

What is your ultimate song of summer?

Gotta be Showtek’s “Slow Down.”

Any notable summer plans?

Working to win another MLL Championship in August.

Washed Out is an electronica artist whose most recent album, Paracosm was released this August.

Check out Washed Out’s favorite Songs of the Summer here!

KIND: Why did you choose these songs?

Washed Out: Music is a job for me now, so I’m most often working/listening to Washed Out music and will sometimes seek out other music as a reference to whatever idea I’m working on…

I had been compiling a playlist of inspiration for the album—mainly as a means of reference for the various musicians/engineers I worked with on the album. I’m not the greatest verbal communicator so its sometimes easier to play something for someone and it definitely helps explain the general vibe.

What do you listen to wake up, midday, evening?

I really love how music can transform (or at least accompany) an everyday situation…I’d say something like Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks or Beck’s Sea Change for a morning listen. I have a pool so when I think midday listening it makes me think of something really sunny and optimistic. Evening listening most often means something pretty mellow; maybe some of Neil Young’s mellower acoustic-driven stuff.

What is your favorite music festival?

In the United States, I think Sasquatch Festival is pretty great mainly because the view of the Gorge is so amazing.

In Europe, I think Primavera is probably my favorite because Barcelona is a really cool city and the festival organizers put up all the musicians in a hotel right on the water (across the street from the festival grounds).

It’s just a few weeks into the cooler weather and we’re already wishing for the days of board shorts and tank tops. Remember the summer with our official Songs of Summer playlist curated by DJ Neil Armstrong from over 1,000 songs submitted by KIND fans. It was tough to narrow it down to his top 20, but hopefully these songs will leave you with that warm summer feeling long after the weather turns much cooler. Keep on rocking!

Rock out to the official Songs of Summer playlist here: #kindawesome Songs of Summer Fan Playlist Curated by DJ Neil Armstrong

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