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August 20th, 2013

#kindawesome songs of summer: win a trip to ACL Fest!

By KIND Editor

Some pieces of summer will stay with us forever—like that song we listened to over and over and over again. KIND is closing out the hottest season by celebrating the most #kindawesome songs of summer and our newest Nuts & Spices flavors (which will make your taste buds dance).

Help us curate the hottest songs of the season and you could be on your way to Austin City Limits Music Festival. From today through September 9th, head over to KIND’s Facebook page to enter your favorite song in our Songs of Summer application. Your song could be featured in our final playlist by DJ Neil Armstrong and you could win two tickets to Austin City Limits Music Festival, October 4-6th.

To get you inspired, mixtape master DJ Neil Armstrong put together a kick-off song list of his favorite summer tunes. Born and raised in NYC, DJ Neil Armstrong has travelled the world through his love of music. As one of Jay-Z’s former tour DJs he was the first person to represent on the 1’s and 2’s for an inauguration of a Unites States President in 2008. As a global ambassador for Adidas he follows in the footsteps of Jam Master Jay, spreading the art and culture and love of hip hop and music to the masses.

Be on the lookout for our favorite up-and-coming sports players and ACL Fest musicians who will be sharing their #kindawesome Songs of Summer playlists over the next couple of weeks.

* * *

KIND: Why did you choose these songs?

DJ Neil Armstrong: I chose these songs to give lovers of KIND Snacks something different than what you would expect from a “Hip Hop” DJ . I picked older music to spark nostalgia, more current tracks that weren’t quite radio hits and even chose a song that was in a different language to show that music is universal. You don’t have to even understand the song, it’s all about how it can make you feel . My job as a DJ has brought me around the world and has exposed me to a lot of different music, and they say that music is food for the soul, so I’m sharing my plate with ya’ll….

Do you have a magical musical summer memory?

I spent the summer of 2008 on tour with Jay-Z in Europe, hitting the European music festivals. One of the biggest shows we did was Glastonbury . Over 120,000 people saw us perform and this was the first time that a hip hop act was headlining the festival. That summer we made history…

What do you look most forward to each summer?

Summertime for me always centered around getting out there, leaving the normal environment—be it work or school—heading outdoors to the beach, to a far away place, to spend time with friends and family. Fortunately, with the job I have been fortunate to have, almost everyday is summer. I’ve literally gotten to DJ on every continent except for Antarctica, playing music for people around the world.

How do you Do the KIND Thing for your body, taste buds and the world while you’re on tour?

I’m on the road a lot . You could say that airport lounges are my second home. When I do need a quick pick me up or snack, one of my favorite things to pick up are the KIND Bars. Quick, fast, and they get through security with no problem.

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