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October 11th, 2013

Matt Lampson uses pro status for greater good

By KIND Editor

Matt Lampson is a 24-year-old goalkeeper for The Columbus Crew in Ohio. He is a driven and accomplished athlete who uses his pro status for the greater good. As a cancer survivor, he vows to make his second chance on life count at every turn.

Just after high school, doctors diagnosed Lampson with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After aggressive rounds of chemotherapy, Lampson was determined to rid his body of cancer and get back on the field. The Ohio native has been playing soccer since the age of five and comes from a family dedicated to soccer. For Lampson, soccer is his lifeline both professionally and personally.

He says, “Nothing is stronger than the human power of will. Regardless of what the obstacles may be, if you want something badly enough, you should never let anything prevent you from attaining it.”

Today, he is a spokesperson of the Central Ohio Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Chapter to raise awareness of blood cancers and give back to children in the community by serving as a role model. With LLS, he started a Hero program where young survivors or patients come out to the field after a game and get one on one with Lampson.

He says, “The message that I impart to children is to always strive to do the best at every endeavor you encounter. Life is a very precious gift and it should be lived to its fullest. So take your opportunities and make the most of them and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

This weekend, Lampson will lead Central Ohio’s Light The Night Walk, to raise funds for cancer research. And at every match, Lampson wears custom-made lime green goalkeeper’s gloves stamped with ribbons, the symbol of lymphoma awareness.

Just as he is dynamic in his defense on the field, he uses the same energy as a community figure. He often says, “I take it upon myself…” to lead, to speak, to stay motivated, to push a message of wellness. And in our opinion, this is the best action of kindness—to inspire.

Follow Team Lampstrong on Twitter @teamlampstrong.

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