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May 01st, 2013

more than cookbooks…get your fill of tasty reads at the Food Book Fair

By KIND Editor

When considering the genre of food books, if you’ve limited yourself to cookbooks you are missing out on a stack of tasty reads. Do the kind thing for your taste buds and get your fill of food literature at the Food Book Fair hosted at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. Even if you don’t find yourself in New York this weekend, you can shop the titles online (largely through Amazon) through the Food Book Fair website.

Founded by Elizabeth Thacker Jones while completing a masters in Food Studies at NYU, the book fair is the first event of its kind, aimed at bringing together food publications from around the world. This year’s 3-day event will include over 200 food books, 30 independent food publications, panel discussions, cooking demos, a coffee crawl and even an entrepreneurial pitch event!

Besides cookbooks, book lovers will find chef biographies, food histories, political discourse and farming handbooks. Glossy food magazines will share table space Xeroxed zines.

Those interested in a little education can check out panels exploring the intersection of food and art, food and technology, food and modern farming and more. Participants include Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit, Marion Nestle (Professor and Author), Merrill Stubbs of Food52, Ann Marie Gardner of Modern Farmer and Garrett Oliver (Brewmaster, Brooklyn Brewery). Entrance to the book fair is free but you can purchase tickets for individual programs here.

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