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November 04th, 2015

revisiting the bar that started it all

By KIND Editor

At KIND we are constantly challenging ourselves to do better. Meeting and exceeding our commitment to provide our fans with snacks that are both healthful and delicious means continually looking at how we can improve. One example of that is the journey we set on in 2014 to reduce added sugar across our original Fruit & Nut Bar portfolio.

We will see the results of that effort starting in late spring when seven of our KIND Fruit & Nut Bars will appear on shelf with 15 to 50 percent less added sugar compared to the prior recipes.

As our fans, many of you know that KIND believes deeply in using recognizable ingredients in our snacks and that it’s important for us to let food keep its soul. Following this belief, our team worked tirelessly to achieve this reduction without compromising on the taste of our snacks and without using artificial ingredients or added sugar alcohols. The reduction was accomplished by finding ways to lower sugar that included swapping out sweetened fruit with unsweetened fruit and reducing added sugar in certain ingredients like yogurt coating.

For KIND, lowering the added sugar in our Fruit & Nut Bars is the latest in our ongoing effort to create snacks that are both tasty and wholesome:

In 2012, KIND introduced the best-selling line KIND Nuts & Spices, whole nut snack bars flavored with delicious spices for a seemingly indulgent taste – and have 5g of sugar or less, which is 50 percent less sugar per bar compared to the average nutrition bar
In 2014, we debuted STRONG & KIND®, our bold, savory snack line featuring 10g of protein and no more than 6g of sugar per bar
Also in 2014, we expanded our line of KIND Healthy Grains® Clusters, adding two options with 6g of sugar or less, Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds and Banana Nut Clusters.

We’re also taking an active voice in public policy to help advance better practices within our industry to improve public health. This includes supporting a proposal from the Food and Drug Administration to include added sugars on the Nutrition Facts Panel, so that it will be easier for people to understand the amount of added sugar in the foods that they eat. For more information, here are articles in Food Navigator and Politico.

We love hearing from our fans, so please feel free to send questions or to drop us a note at – and we can’t wait for your feedback on the new bars when they hit shelves this Spring!

For all of us at KIND, this is much more than a recipe update, it’s about honoring our history and continuing to fulfill our brand promise of making snacks that are both great-tasting and nutritious. Whether you’re a longtime fan or someone who recently discovered our snacks, we’re so grateful for your support and passion, and for joining us on our journey to make the world a little bit kinder one snack and one act at a time.

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