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May 14th, 2014

say hello to Bryce Evans of The One Project

By KIND Editor

Hey, I’m Bryce Evans, an artist, storyteller and mental health activist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2010, I founded The One Project, an online collaborative community aimed to help people talk about mental health and bullying though photography, and last year we officially launched our website and online communities.

Balancing an art career, full-time job, and budding social enterprise matched with the metabolism of a furnace leaves me searching for healthy snacks that last. KIND bars help keep me going strong through it all. When KIND approached me to write about how The One Project encourages people to Do the KIND Thing, I was grateful to be able to work with an organization that shows how small acts can create a big, positive impact!

I do the kind thing by being open and honest through my writing and artwork. It’s amazing to see how the simple act of speaking up can have such an impact on someone’s life. By sharing my story of dealing with depression and anxiety, others have been able to connect and open up about their own experiences. After receiving an education in marketing, I pursued an art career to help combat the negative effects old school advertising has had on our wellness and self esteem. I believe that businesses need to be more honest through their marketing—lifting people up, rather than putting people down. In my opinion, KIND is helping to lead this new movement by encouraging people to Do the KIND Thing. I will be writing about the power of storytelling, simple acts of kindness, and tips towards self-improvement from my life, The One Project, and our #EraseBullying Campaign!

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