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May 23rd, 2013

say hello to Jim Cielencki of Sunday Bikes

By KIND Editor

Hi, my name is Jim Cielencki. I’m a former professional BMX bike rider and founder of the BMX bike company, Sunday Bikes. I’m also a big hockey fan and an avid runner. I had no intention of becoming a runner but after battling many BMX-related injuries, I was determined to get myself into better shape through exercise and diet. Last year I learned about sprint triathlons, a short-distance triathlon, and thought, “I could totally do one.” After two months of training, running became more interesting for me—it felt empowering to be able to run to work, across town or for over 2 hours! With all this activity it became more apparent that the food I put into my body was just as important as the shoes on my feet or the stretching I was doing after my run.

As a BMX rider, I’ve explored cities in pursuit of the most unique and random spots that a bike could be ridden. I’ve discovered that my running has become a continuation of this exploration. The more I trained, the less I cared about times and speed; instead, I became more interested in seeing new places and noticing all the little things that passed me by. Whether it’s running, bike riding, kayaking, traveling or whatever, taking in new experiences allows us to be happier and healthier, and dare I say it…making this a kinder society. I look forward to sharing my stories of discovering and rediscovering the world I live in.

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