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June 05th, 2013

say hello to Lydia Berg-Hammond of Wanderlust Festival

By KIND Editor

Hi, I’m Lydia Berg-Hammond and I’m the Partnership Manager for Wanderlust Festival—the world’s largest music and yoga lifestyle event series. My work with Wanderlust over the past several years has renewed the commitment to healthy living that my parents—hippie mom and food critic dad—instilled in me growing up. I was raised on good, real food, and although I’d never try to play like I don’t occasionally wolf down a slice of Brooklyn pizza…with a beer…or three…I certainly make healthy eating a high priority. That’s one of many reasons I was so pumped to work on a partnership with Kind and Wanderlust Festival. Working with brands I really admire and believe in is a great perk of putting together an event series like Wanderlust, and I’m honored to be able to share some of the Wanderlust experience with all of you here on the KIND blog.

When I tell people about my job, they always say, “so I bet you do a lot of yoga, huh?” Complicated question, folks. I practice Asana (the physical part of yoga where you hit the mat in your stretch pants and get sweaty) a few times a week, meditation a few times a week, and Yama (the part of yoga that deals with thoughtful behavior and sense of integrity) every damn day. It’s that practice that helps me Do the KIND Thing—for my coworkers, my community, my body and our planet. In these blog posts, I’ll try to give you a simple rundown of some of the basic points of yoga and share thoughts on how my job at Wanderlust nurtures and inspires me to practice yoga and Do the KIND Thing.

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