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May 01st, 2015

saying #thankskindly to our military members & veterans

By KIND Editor

This post was written by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist, the co-founders of Cell Phones For Soldiers (CPFS). Robbie and Brittany founded CPFS when they were just 12 and 13 years old with the hope of connecting the world’s bravest men and women with their greatest strength, their loved ones back home.

Ten years later, they are still going strong. Today, they not only provide calling cards to active military, but they also support returning veterans through emergency grants. This brother-sister duo’s dedication to serving those who serve us has been unrelenting, even amidst busy college schedules and full-time jobs. They remind us that there’s always room for kindness.

The service members that serve our country make incredible sacrifices to keep us safe and protect the freedoms that we hold dear. Many are also extremely proud and amazingly humble, but often miss out on so many memories with their families while deployed. At Cell Phones For Soldiers, we try to connect troops and veterans with their family members and help bridge the distance between them.

We’re blessed to receive countless numbers of thank you emails in response to the charity’s donations. And while we cherish each and every one – it’s those who really deserved to be recognized.

This is always the case, but especially during the month of May, which has been named Military Appreciation Month. This May, we are honored to partner with KIND to do just that – say thanks!

Starting May 1, anyone can participate in saying “thank you” to our military members by sending a thank you tweet using the hashtag #thankskindly. For each tweet, $1 will be donated to Cell Phones For Soldiers, up to $10,000!

The coolest part, which we didn’t even know was possible, is each tweet will be transformed (with the help of a robot) into a handwritten note. These notes will then be sent overseas or hand delivered to veterans in the States. How easy is that?

It is one thing to receive e-mails, but to have the personalized touch of a handwritten note makes the message more heartfelt and meaningful. We know firsthand how much servicemen and women truly appreciate it.

So do your part and send a tweet with #thankskindly! Military members are heroes – and they deserve to be reminded of that every day!

For more information and to see all the #thankskindly tweets, visit:

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