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November 13th, 2015

starting today: spot & celebrate kindness with #kindawesome

By KIND Editor

This World Kindness Day, we’re excited to unveil a SERIOUS makeover to our #kindawesome card program. #kindawesome not ringing a bell? We’re here to refresh your memory! #kindawesome is a little program we cooked up in 2013 to empower the KIND team to spot and celebrate acts of kindness happening around them. It’s one of our favorite ways to spread the KIND Movement – our social mission to make the world a little kinder. In the words of one of our team members, “#kindawesome cards are a staple in my wallet. I put a stack of them right next to my license and credit card, and hand them out whenever I witness someone doing something kind for someone else.” #kindawesome cards remind us that small exchanges of kindness are happening everywhere, every minute. Kindness matters and it deserves to be celebrated. The more we recognize these exchanges, the more we will perpetuate them. That is what #kindawesome is all about. kindawesomeblog So, about that makeover. Starting today, we’re making #kindawesome easier to use and share. The new version of the cards will empower anyone in the KIND community (that means YOU) to celebrate simple moments of kindness. Here’s how it works:

Spot someone being kind.
Go to
Share a #kindawesome card by email, text, Facebook or Twitter to celebrate that person’s act of kindness.
Poof, the #kindawesome card is redeemed for a KIND snack! And another #kindawesome card to pay it forward.
That #kindawesome card is passed on after another kind act is done, and so on.

Ready to get started? Check out this video and visit

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