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May 21st, 2014

STRONG & KIND: the power of storytelling

By KIND Editor

Storytelling has a beautiful way of connecting people through the human experience. Telling your story not only benefits you, but others as well. By opening up and sharing an experience, a fear or a dream with someone, you are providing an invitation for them, letting them know it’s okay to do the same.

Allow me to send you an invitation. I once struggled silently with severe depression, anxiety and bullying. I was terrified of anyone finding out about these deep, dark secrets I held too close to my heart. The fear kept me imprisoned and I felt powerless—all until I told my story. I began to use photography as a way to help me talk about the emotions I struggled with. I wanted to expose the darkness to conversation and use it as a way to inspire small acts of positive change.

I never would have thought that speaking about my darkest moments would be one of my kindest acts, opening a door for me to help myself and others. It has been nothing short of amazing to see how powerful a story is, not my story, but any story with honesty and vulnerability. We all struggle. Life is about balancing the highs and the lows. Our honesty, kindness and stories help us connect and realize we are not alone. There are others who are struggling, who can relate, and who can help us get through it together.

It takes a lot of strength to be honest and start difficult conversations—the kind of conversations that help people weather the storm towards brighter days. I encourage you to be the one to take the first step and share your story. You may find great strength in your words. It may be one of the kindest things you do, but you may be surprised at the conversations and changes that it brings.

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