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March 03rd, 2015

pass it on: the joy of random acts of kindness

By KIND Editor

This February 17, we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day, perfectly timed in the calendar year for when those pesky winter blues hit hardest. Doing a kind act for others can certainly help lift your spirits – it’s really just what the doctor ordered – so we were delighted to hear about how you were celebrating.

And we decided to hit the streets to surprise some unsuspecting strangers ourselves. While, of course, we believe in the power of kindness (random or not) every day, we’d never miss out on the chance to spread a little extra when a special occasion presents itself.

What does being caught experiencing a random acts of kindness look like? Take a look:

Miami Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi helped us bring snacks and smiles to children at a local hospital. (Video)

Supermarket shoppers in Detroit were thrilled to hear we’d be picking up their grocery bill. Now that’s the face of someone processing some good news. (Video)

A Starbucks barista in Denver was shocked when our team dropped off a $100 gift card and asked him to use it for everyone in line until it ran out. Shout out to all the happy and highly caffeinated folks in Denver that day.

The best part? All of the people who received kind acts said they planned to pay it forward by doing a kind act for someone else in their lives. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until next February to join in on the fun. Every day, one small act can make someone’s day, week or month, and you might even set off a chain of kindness as a result. So keep spreading the kindness, and keep telling us how it goes with #kindawesome.

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