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July 28th, 2013

The Color Run: like mother, like daughter

By Sarah Hillyard

Hey KIND readers! Today we want to highlight the #kindawesome team of Alyssa Stanley and her mother Leslie from Milwaukee. They have each chosen to Do the KIND Thing for their bodies and ran the inaugural The Color Run in Milwaukee today to celebrate their new life! Both are fantastic examples of living a healthier lifestyle by doing kind acts every day.

Alyssa was considered an obese child most of her life. She finally reached a point where she had had enough. At 14, Alyssa started weight training and then running. Since January of last year, she has lost 62 pounds and is now on her high school cross-country team—running 3 miles a day, 6 days a week.

Alyssa’s family was right behind her when she was ready to make a change. Her mother Leslie wanted to be especially supportive, but also had an elderly mother and a special needs son to take care of. Leslie didn’t know how to fit exercising and eating well into her life with everything else on her plate. Still, she took a kind step and began just running down her street, literally no more than 45 seconds at a time. As she progressed and stayed consistent, she was able to begin running 3 or 4 miles within 5-6 weeks—amazing progress!

Leslie writes, “I am sure people give up because it is so incredibly difficult and emotional. Luckily we had many people around us, especially at Alyssa’s school, who were so gracious to us and really helped keep us accountable.”

As Alyssa has made this change in her life, she wants to Do the KIND Thing by helping others! She is aspiring to be a personal trainer and wants to help other obese children and adults someday.

Leslie and Alyssa ran The Color Run in Mikwaukee last year as a culmination and celebration of their hard work and new lives. “The Color Run is more than color, more than fun,” Leslie writes, “it’s a measure of where we have come and God’s grace and goodness in our lives.”

Thanks to Leslie and Alyssa for sharing their inspirational story with us! They are great examples of what can be done with determination. We can’t wait to see their progress and cheer for them as they run again this year! The Milwaukee Color Run takes place July 28th. Register Today!

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