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September 16th, 2015

waking up, the KIND way

By KIND Editor

To celebrate the launch of our newest product, KIND breakfast bars, we decided to ask a few KIND team members how they get their mornings started. Why? We’re eager to know what makes them rise and shine, ready to tackle their KIND “to-do” lists.

First up is Danny Witte, KIND’s Manager of Partnerships. Danny just moved to NYC’s Lower East Side from Austin, TX. He had a few things to say about mornings in the Big Apple, how he’s adjusting, and the Texan traditions he’s not ready to shake, at least not any time soon!

What time do you wake up in the morning?

DW: About 6:30 am.

Do you hit the snooze button?

DW: Occasionally, it depends if I was exploring the city that never sleeps the night before.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

DW: Turn on my record player (yes I own a record player) or Spotify.

First artist of choice?

DW: Jamie XX, but you can never go wrong with Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

What’s the first app you check on your phone?

DW: Flipboard, it aggregates my social channels, news and magazines features. It keeps me updated on everything I need to know that morning.

Coffee or tea?

DW: Coffee. Cream and sugar.

What do you do every morning to get excited for the day?

DW: Listening to music gets me pumped. I like singing and dancing to start my day on the right foot, or left…depending on my dance of the day.

If you had to have one thing for breakfast every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DW: I feel like I should probably say a KIND breakfast bar…. If those aren’t available, I would choose a bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado breakfast taco from El Primo, a taco trailer in Austin. Have you ever had a breakfast taco? It will blow your mind.

How do you get to work in the morning?

DW: I take the subway now but I’m hoping to start riding my Fairdale bike soon.

So you just moved from Austin…have you discovered any new additions to your morning routine?

DW: Well in terms of breakfast, I’m definitely getting used to New York bagels. They don’t make them in Austin like they do here. Weather wise, a summer morning in New York is like a fall day in Austin. Stepping out of my apartment and onto the streets of Manhattan, I instantly feel an energy I’ve never felt before.

What’s your favorite part of walking into the office in the morning?

DW: Hands down…the people. The folks at KIND HQ are some of the (pardon the reference) kindest, most genuine people I know and I always love catching up with the crew. Our kitchen is the place to be in the morning, whether it’s because people are making their breakfasts of yogurt and KIND clusters, or grabbing a bar from our “bar bar,” there’s always time to stop and catch up with team members.

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