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November 04th, 2013

do the KIND thing with Waves for Water and the KIND community: a firefighter’s home rebuilt

By KIND Editor

One month ago, volunteer firefighter John Gelalia was living in his gutted house on the New Jersey shore without furniture, electricity or running water. Although John helped to save lives and homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he was also one of the hurricane’s victims, still struggling to rebuild his life a year after the massive storm destroyed swaths of coastal communities along the East coast.

Today, because of the actions of the KIND community, John Gelalia has moved into his completely renovated home. When we shared John’s story last month, we asked you to support him by watching and sharing the inspirational story of Waves for Water and their work organizing the surf community into action after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on coastal towns. You responded with overwhelming support and with each view we donated an additional $1 to the project.

For this project, KIND partnered with relief experts Waves for Water to restore John Gelalia’s home. His story was an inspiration for our team and we’re proud to share that today—with the support of our community, volunteers from Waves for Water, expert labor and materials courtesy of Home Depot, and Catholic Charities’ plumbing and electrical work—John is ready to move into his newly rebuilt home.

Our commitment to doing the kind thing doesn’t stop there. Every month, KIND is supporting a project that makes the world a better place. When you imagine a better world, what do you see? You can submit your project here or support amazing ideas by pledging a kind act of your own.

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