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July 01st, 2014

you should be selfish, be kind to yourself

By KIND Editor

Are you selfish? You should be! The word ‘selfish’ has obtained a bad rap over time and I think it’s time that changed. How can we be happy if we don’t put ourselves first? How can we help others effectively if we are not first meeting our own needs?

I recently gave myself a break from Facebook and The One Project. I found myself lost in the race of likes, shares, and digital meaning in my work and my life. In my pursuit to help others, I was no longer taking proper care of myself, and it was affecting my work, my health, and my positive impact on the world around me.

There is a negative connotation with ‘selfish’ that can leave us feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves. Initially, I felt a sense of responsibility to my friends and family to stay connected and to those working on The One Project. But I realized that it was more important to be responsible to ourselves by eating properly, taking time off and living a healthy lifestyle. Without these essentials we will not be able to do the best work or be the best possible friend.

Be kind to yourself. Be selfish. Take a day off. Then use it to become the best version of yourself and make the world a better place. Use your selfishness to be selfless.

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