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The world needs more than nice

The world needs #moreKIND

At KIND we have discovered a real difference between what it means to be nice and what it means to be kind. Nice is polite but not always what we need to hear. Kind is honest and stands its ground. Nice doesn’t add to problems. Kind solves them. Nice is something you say. Kind is something you do. Now, more than ever, that extra effort is required to rediscover our shared humanity and tackle challenges related to misunderstanding and intolerance. To kick-start a conversation around the topic, KIND is releasing a storytelling series that illuminates this distinction and invites people to consider the difference between being nice and being kind, and act accordingly.

More Than Nice by Emmanuel Lubezki

Produced by three-time Academy Award winning cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, of Birdman, Gravity and The Revenant, the piece visually captures Emmanuel’s personal interpretation of the difference between nice and kind through the eyes of volunteers from No More Deaths who leave jugs of water in the Sonoran Desert. The humanitarian group’s intention is to prevent suffering and death of migrants on the US-Mexico border. The issue hits home not only for Emmanuel, but also for KIND CEO Daniel Lubetzky – both are Jewish-Mexican immigrants who have used their respective platforms to connect people, expand understanding and strengthen communities. To learn more about No More Deaths click here.

Meet Patrick "Patch" Reyes

Firefighter and Iraqi war veteran Patrick “Patch” Reyes is passionate about helping people during some of their darkest times. In addition to his career in fire service, Patch has been volunteering at Champ Camp, a camp for child burn survivors, for more than 5 years. “I think niceness is something we owe to each other as human beings, it seems to be more of a social courtesy. Kindness, you have to go out of your way to be kind,” he shared.

Congratulations to the three winners of the #moreKIND contest:

Rich Specht, Paia Cymerman and Kevin Young!

Congratulations to the three winners of the #moreKIND contest! Rich Specht won the video part of the contest with a beautiful and inspiring video featuring his family members. The video truly demonstrated the difference between nice and kind, and showed how powerful a community and family are when they come together. Paia Cymerman's essay, “I Believe” perfectly communicated the difference between nice and kind by recognizing acts of kindness through human connection, and the unsolicited love and help from a stranger. Her essay recounts a personal story of a time in which she was shown kindness that has remained with her throughout her life. A photo submitted by Kevin Young, who entered on behalf of Speed for Need, embodied the true difference between nice and kind by demonstrating how a small act of kindness shown toward another person ultimately helped bring him across a literal and figurative finish line. Congratulations to these three winners and thank you to all who submitted entries! Learn more here about the contest.

panel of judges

Joel Fields Photo

Joel Fields

Showrunner, The Americans

Arianna Huffington Photo

Arianna Huffington

HuffPost Founder,
Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

Dave Isay Photo

Dave Isay

Founder of StoryCorps

Alli Maloney Photo

Alli Maloney

News & Politics Editor,

Jeff Weiner Photo

Jeff Weiner

CEO, LinkedIn

Sophie Elgort Photo

Sophie Elgort

Photographer and co-founder of Through Our Lens

Three winners will receive…

$25,000 to charity

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Going Beyond KIND
I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re all told to be nice to one another, but we’re not explicitly taught to be kind. Don’t pick on your siblings, hold the door for the person behind you, don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking--all things that a parent or a teacher told you to do to be nice. But to be kind to one another is not a subject to teach, but a lesson to learn and spread.

The way I see it, being nice is easy to do. While it’s important, it doesn’t take much to be nice to one another. Niceness is found in words, but true kindness is found in actions. Going out of your way and that extra mile, taking someone else into consideration before yourself. Kindness knows no bounds and is priceless once given. In a world where we’re constantly hearing about the negatives and evils, we all could use a little extra kindness. Read More >

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