KIND® Nuts & Spices mixed case

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what's in this variety pack?

6 delicious snacks. All 5g of sugar or less. In one snack-packed box. Healthy AND tasty? Check. Sweet AND salty? Check. Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt AND Madagascar Vanilla Almond? Check. This box truly has it all.

Please see individual product's nutrition panel for fat content. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

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Te Rice 4/19/2017

I am a diabetic

When I received your product - Dairy free, gluten free, very low sodium, I thought it will never taste good. Just reading the package, I turned my nose up.

WOW I am HOOKED!!! So delicious!!! I am so in love with your Dark Chocolate cinnamon pecan. I cannot wait to try the other varieties. Thank you so much for making something so healthy, but with great flavor and texture. I am a fan and will buy many more in the future. Keep up the great work!!!
isabelle rousse 11/18/2016


Congratulations for the great taste u create dear kind group when u designed those magical flavours. I am lebanese I would like to bring kind in lebanon market is it possible
Best regards
Laura B 9/10/2016

KIND Caramel Almond & Sea Salt

Tried this 5g sugar and 6g protein bar on an airline flight and OMG!! --so delicious and satisfying!! I will definitely buy these for my family. THANK YOU for a quality snack product.
g 8/22/2016

isnt too sweet or salty

I like how the nuts and spices bar isnt too sweet or salty. Very nice!
coco service 3/31/2016


3Y6e35 It as not that I want to duplicate your web-site, but I really like the pattern. Could you tell me which style are you using? Or was it especially designed?
Diane Orozco 1/16/2016


Just tried my first Kind bar and I love it. I am diabetic so sugar and carbs are a concern for me. The sugar in your bars is minimal and the carbs are as well. Great favor, nice packaging. Really enjoyed this snack. I will definitely be buying more. YUMMY!
Forget the granola bars! 11/5/2015

Light and satisfying.

Dark Chocolate Chili Almond is by far the best bar on the market!!! Can't wait to try the other dark chocolate bars with salted caramel and sea salt.
Dark chocolate and sea salt 10/7/2015

Love the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt. Don't like that you use palm kernel oil. So I will no longer buy them for now. Hope you can make them healthier. Plus honey is a sugar, so it seems to me that there should be more grams of sugar.
Vivian 10/7/2015


I'm confused about the ingredients in Dark Chocolate Nuts & Spices. On the box it says it has milk powder, but not the plastic that covers the bar directly inside. There the Kosher sign says U without D meaning no dairy. I'd appreciate a clarification to the confusion.
Subrina Harris 9/30/2015

4209 Irondale Dr Huntsville Al 35810

I had my first Bar last Saturday at the Color Run , and it was great ( Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt )do give coupons , They are price in the store .
Subrina Harris 9/30/2015

4209 Irondale Dr Huntsville Al 35810

First Bar at the Color run and it is great !!!
if you like 9/16/2015

if you like to be healthy

The best energy bar i have ever tasted!!!!!!!
Dark Chocolate Nuts & sea salt 9/10/2015

The very best

Its really the best bar I tasted on our trip to US

But how can I get this in Germany?
Clifford Smith 9/8/2015

Other bars

no more cliff bars & no more luna...
Marie I MacDonald 5/2/2015

My Favorite Mix of Treats

I'll eat anything with chocolate and nuts, but not everything made of chocolate and nuts is especially good to eat. Then I found Kind bars and my quest was over. I now have that perfect combination of chocolate and nuts that I can feel good about eating. Thanks for the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bar. I'm now a forever fan.
Krasi 5/1/2015

Palm kernel oil

I am a big fan of bars but I just noticed that they are made using palm kernel oil. is it from sustainable source?
Rascal_Ron 4/6/2015

If you luvvvv hickory...

I tried the Hickory Almond bar and the hickory flavor is OVER-the-top!!! Awesome!
ManuelCrek 3/24/2015

I have been browsing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.

Seriously such a good site.
Reba 3/18/2015

Kind nut bars

My hair dresser offered me a Kind bar after a long afternoon together she knows how picky I am. She convinced me try it but I did not that day. I finally tried it and was pleasantly surprised. Full of nuts tasty and very filling. I am anxious to try other flavors.
Tonja 3/14/2015

Love Kind bars!

My first encounter with the KIND bar was about a year ago and since then I have feel in love! The nuts & spices are by far the best! I would love to try the Maple Pecan with Nuts but I haven't found them in my area. Keep up the great work!
Tonja 3/14/2015

Love Kind bars!

My first encounter with the KIND bar was about a year ago and since then I have feel in love! The nuts & spices are by far the best! I would love to try the Maple Pecan with Nuts but I haven't found them in my area. Keep up the great work!
crork work 3/7/2015


7SjrN5 I'm still learning from you, while I'm making my way to the top as well. I absolutely enjoy reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!
Sharon Karras 2/27/2015

absolutely delicious

I really do not like granola bars. My boyfriend is always trying to get me to eat a healthy bar. He talks me into it every time and I regret it. Your bars are the best thing I have ever had. Never even paid attention to what the name of the bar was. I am in a health food store the other day and hungry. I see the Kind bar display and pick up Madagascar Vanilla Almond. Wow! Loved it. Come home raving about it to my boyfriend only to find out that is what he has been eating. I am hooked.
Deena 2/15/2015


Kind bars are amazing. I buy them all the time at Costco & Sam's Club. I would love to see my two favorite flavors in the same box (caramel almond sea salt and dark chocolate sea salt with nuts). Everyone should try these bars. You will love them!
Mary 1/3/2015

Celiac disease and Type 1 diabetes

Thank you for creating a delicious gluten free snack option. I have type 1 diabetes, I wear an insulin pump, wear a continuous glucose monitor, and also have celiac disease. I now keep kind bars in my purse, office and car. THANK YOU
elissaks 12/12/2014

NUTS about KIND!

My family & I LOVE KIND bars and we seldom agree on anything! The terrific flavor combinations offer something for everyone!
Rita 11/19/2014

Review on Caramel Almond & Sea Salt bars and dark chocolate cinnamon pecan bars

I am a very old lady and usually do not like anything unless made from scratch from me; however, these bars are pretty good. I am so very happy about the less amount of sugar per bar than the other bars in the store. Keep up the good work with the sugar content. Do you have any bars with citrus fruit in them. This is the first time that I have bought your product, never heard of them before because I do not do internet much. Keep Seniors digestive systems in mind.
Brenda 11/5/2014


LOVE these bars, I order them from QVC Love the sea salt .Please do a variety pack of all sea salt
Huzeifa 10/25/2014

Great product

This is a great product. A variety pack would help the different taste buds in the household. Do you give out coupons it would help especially spice i buy in bulk.

Sharon Pearson 10/15/2014

Nut and spice bars

I am going to a dietician/nutritionist and she recommended the kind bar because it has high protein and fiber and is low in carbs. I use them for snacks and they are so decadent that I feel like I should be sneaking them because nothing could taste that GOOD and be allowed on my plan! I wish I had started doing this nutrition thing sooner.
Cathy 10/14/2014

Great snack

Great snack and energy booster---tastes delicious too!
Cathy 10/14/2014

Great snack

Great snack and energy booster---tastes delicious too!
Cynthia 10/14/2014

Wish you made smaller variety packs

I'm still going through a pack of 72 from almost 2 years ago. I've given them away at the office, for holidays, just about everywhere I can. If you folks made smaller packs with the same variety, I'd buy them more often.
Kathy 10/14/2014


Love the Spice & Nut variety pack. I eat a Kind bar every day as either breakfast or an afternoon snack. The different flavors keep it interesting to my happy tastebuds. My favorite is the Dark Cinnamon - to be savored.
EMILY 10/6/2014


Beverly 10/3/2014

Favorite snack after bicycling

Delicious, low sugar, and chewy - all the things that make a snack devine.
Beverly 10/3/2014

Favorite snack after bicycling

Delicious, low sugar, and chewy - all the things that make a snack devine.
dee 9/3/2014


I normally don't like any kind of snack bar but I saw the dark chocolate and sea salt bar with nut and thought why not after I looked at the ingredients I like everything in the bar so I tried it and was hooked now I have my mother hooked too. She takes a couple every time she comes over.
anita 8/15/2014

It was so good I though I was cheating - Carmel Almond and Sea Salt (CASS)

I had taken my daughter school shopping and we were standing in a long line at Old Navy. We were both famished. Recently we decided to be more conscience of what we eat and didn't want to grab any unhealthy snacks that are always available at checkout. We noticed the KIND bars and thought let's take a chance! OMG we're hooked. I've checked several stores since, Target, CVS, etc. and couldn't find CASS but tried the Coconut Almond. It's good too but the CASS is like having dessert and I have a sweet tooth. Thanks KIND team. I can have a healthy dessert-like snack. I'm on the website getting ready to order a case - mixture of course!
GLORIA 7/28/2014


Is the best snack ever !!... yummy, healthy, creative, Mobile, etc,etc,etc !!!!
martha 7/22/2014

My favorite!

KIND bars are my absolute favorite snacks to carry in my car, have at work, or put in a backpack for a hiking trip. Customer service is excellent as well!
toni 4/27/2014

healthy snack

The first bar i had had fruit in it given to me by a friend..really dont like fruit in my bars but i just picked them out but i could tell that this is a good bar. next day went to cvs and bought 2 dk chocolate and sea salt and fell in love. a little expensive but worth it cause the more natural your product is the less shelf life it has.
Jack 4/21/2014

Great Bar

Just had my first Kind Bar(dark chocolate chili almond) and I'm on my way to Walmart to get more.
Haley 4/10/2014

Beyond Yummy

I have been gluten free for almost ten years now and not by choice. Finding good healthy snacks has been a pain in the rear end. Kind bars are by far my favorite treat! One can barely notice that they are gluten free!!! I would recommend them to anyone who asks!!!
kelsey 2/13/2014

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew

I am so pleased with the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar they are delicious and I love the fact that they are not processed and taste natural.
Ann 12/5/2013

Delicious and healthy

Peanut butter dark chocolate bars are the best! I would rather have a kind bar than a candy bar.
Joanna 11/18/2013

1st time

I was given a sample of the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt in a fitness fair and I am impressed of the good flavor. I am going to try others.
Mark 11/17/2013

Nuts and Spices

I like all the flavors but love the Nuts and Spices mix, which is by far my favorite. Would be great to have the 18 Variety pack but with an "unbalanced" shipment where 1/3 to 1/2 of the bars are Nuts and Spices.
Hyergene H. 9/19/2013

Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio

I would like to choose my own variety of the Bars if I am buying variety packs.
Delmear 8/31/2013

Fabulous Taste!

I just had a sample of your 'Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea-salt' bar. This has to be the besttasting bar I have had in a very long time. The nuts are tasty, with just the perfect sweetness (not to much - you don't want to hide the taste of the nuts), and I am most in favor of the use of sea-salt. I am hoping to find a grocer in the Metro area of Michigan that carries this product. It was the best thing I experienced at the Arts, Eats and Beats in Royal Oak, Mi.
Kelly 6/16/2013


I love eating one of the KIND nut and spice bars each afternoon for my snack. They are filling, tasty, and different than any others. I love the different spices that give them a kick. I am addicted to the Cinnamon Pecan!
Jerseygirl 6/10/2013

make your own selection

I resonate with the other reviewers. Although I love kind bars, only few are my favs. I would like to choose the ones I like to eat and feel that should be an option to ensure happy returning customers.
Chris 5/14/2013

Not your supermarket bar

I love to start my day with a granola bar. Just tried my first kind bar a week ago from QVC. If I can say that? I have had a different flavor everyday so far and I am so impressed!!! They are by far better tasting then the store bought boxed bars. I enjoyed them so much I just joined the kind bar websites kindaholic-variety-plan. Can't wait to try new favors!
Summer 5/6/2013

let us choose

We love the bars but of course have our faves. We ordered the spice variety box and was left with a bunch of ginger ones. I would only reorder if I could swap the ginger with another flavor.
Amy M. Smith 4/30/2013

Let us choose our flavors and quantity

These are a 5 sta without a doubt. I'm going to add what is being said iin so many of the remartk... please let us choose our own flavors. I would be all over then if I could get exqctly what I wanted.
Nina C 4/27/2013

Groupon Coupon Encouraged Me To Discover Kind Bars

I ordered the Nuts & Spices Mixed Case because I wanted as broad of a variety without spending a small fortune. My order arrived within the week and both my husband and I are starting our day with a KIND bar. We've been guilty of starting our day without eating and KIND bars is a perfect alternative. What's different about KIND products is they're completely natural without a bunch of chemical additives: No GMOs, Low natural sugars - not high-fructose corn syrup, Gluten Free, Balanced Protein and Complex Carbs, and no hydrogenated oils, just to mention a few. Each individually-sealed bar comes packed fresh and convenient if you're a person on the go. Additionally, they're great for weight loss and maintenance. They satisfy hunger, and with a glass of milk it's almost desert. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality that goes into kind products and would highly recommend them for anyone who wants portable snacks to maintain even blood glucose levels without all the chemical additives and unnatural processing that goes into many other similar products that aren't made by KIND. PS I love the Advantage Program.
Tabatha 4/13/2013


Kind is wonderful and the bars do the trick for breakfast, snack and on the go!!!! It is refreshing to have a healthy AND delicious snack!
David 3/16/2013

Build your own order

I would love to build an individual case order - maybe a combination of peanut butter and choc, dark choc and sea salt, dark choc and cinnamon, dark choc and cherry, almond and coconut - if these were protein bars - even better! I just don't want to have to buy flavors that don't sound delicious to me as part of a case! Please consider making a few more options.... The bars I have tried ARE delicious though! Thanks!
Lynndayle 2/21/2013

Build Your Own Order

We do love the kind bars and the granola and would really like to create our own order for the flavors/quantity we desire.
Provide samples of new flavors/products.
My daughter has just turned 7 and your products are her fist choice for snacks and breakfast.
Joel P 2/21/2013

Great Snack

The product is great and very good for diabetics. My two negative comments are that you can't change the mix and the packaging for the chocalate bars are not cold so the chocalate was melted. I also thought the Madagascar Vanilla Almond bars were a bit crisp and may have been stale.
Christiane 2/6/2013

Best Bars Ever

I love love love that Kind has come out with a spice and nut line of their bars. I am not a huge fan of dried fruit in bars because I find it makes them too sweet. These nut bars are perfect - delicious with the hints of spice and satiating with the nuts. All four flavors are great with distinct flavors. My husband is gobbling them up.
Ben 2/3/2013

make your own mix

Here are a few suggestions; 1) enable the customer to change the content of the mix box, per his choice. 2) enable us to order 72 bars of only one, or two taste/flavor , i.e all of the chocolate cinnamon pecan, or this one and the sea salt kind. [avoiding undesired flavors] 3) As BONUS , include free samples of new flavors, or new products of KIND..
making a happy customer should be top priority, right ?
The rating I gave here is thus far , only for my favorite flavors.
Peggy 1/18/2013


I have just been told that I needed to be gluten free and I went to the store looking for snacks and your bars were on sale. I decided to try all the bars that were under 190 calories and I was not disappointed at all.
Kathy 12/17/2012

thanks Kind bars

I have Diabetes & Celiac disease (GF)....not very often to I run into a product that meets my sugar needs & is GF & tastes delicious!!
thanks a million!!
MCF 12/5/2012

These are very good, would be even better with a tad less sweetening

Would love a bit more salt, and a tad less sugar, but these are very good and I love the use of real foods only by this brand.
jackie 11/27/2012

Out of town!

I love most of your bars some are too sweet but they're all good!
That's one reason I'm sending them overseas to my daughter, I know she will love them too! She asked to send only healthy sancks and I knew right away what I was going to send but I can't decide on what flavors! It's her first tour in the Airforce and your kind bars will be perfect!
Rebecca 11/27/2012


These bars are tasty and a great mid morning snack!
Galfromdownunder 11/16/2012

5g sugar ... Sweet1

The Sea Salt 5g SUGAR is the best - very hard to find in stores as it's almost always sold out.
if you made a slightly less sticky version (ie. omit caramel but keep the chocolate) that would be great, would bring the sugar down too!
OH YES, and if you added UNCRYSTALLIZED GINGER to it so it's NUTS, GINGER and CHOCOLATE 5 gram sugar (or less) that would be AWESOME! Meal in a bar.
Now, how about a sprouted nut/grain bar? Now you're really talking, I'd live on them.
Noralee 10/23/2012

Love them all

I really love all of the bars. My husband likes the ones with the yogurt.
Esther 10/4/2012

Best health bars

Love all three of this case. Especially the dark chocolate ,nuts, and sea salt.
Not only do thay sound healthy...... They ARE! Love love love
Kind Bar Lover 9/29/2012

Two words: milk powder

Love Kind bars but since all of the chocolate flavors have dairy, we can't try them. We would be great customers for the advantage regular shipments too, but a lot of the assortments have the bars with chocolate, and therefore dairy, in them. Disappointing.
Barbara Theriot 7/26/2012

Simply awesome!!!

I had the Cinnamon and Pecan Fruit and Nut. It was simply delicious. What a great snack.. Thanks for all of various kinds. I love the gluten option. Looking forward to tasting all of the bars. I am sharing these with all of my friends.
Laurel 7/16/2012

Very good

I don't even like peanuts, yet these bars are excellent -- so well flavored that the peanuts blend in with the other nuts in the bar. My household have their own preferences: some prefer the Sea Salt, some the Vanilla Almond, so the mixed case is great for us. It actually means we have something to eat early in the morning!
karen button 6/26/2012

best bars yet

Love, love them. I have a very picky husband that grumbles when I put almost anything healthy infront of him. He eats his bars everyday and loves them. Thank for a yummy healthy choice. Expecially love the plus bars. gratefully a fan
Liz 6/26/2012

Such A "KIND" Family!

We absolutely love KIND Almond Coconut Bars! They are our favorite!! I tried a sample of the Vanilla Madagascar and really enjoyed it with my latte. Can't wait to try the other flavors!
Patty Schleicher 6/26/2012


Just love all the flavors of Kind Bars! Graet for a snack and great for gluten free people!
Renee 6/25/2012

kind nuts and spices

I love kind bars. Every time I give in to buy some I think to myself I can do the same thing with some mixed nuts and chocolate and some spices. Then, I buy some and I think no I can't these are great. Since I have just recently gone gluten freeI am taking them with me on a trip in August just in case the food leaves much to be desired. Love them. Renee
Mary G 6/25/2012

Love Kind Bars

I love Kind bars... thanks
Sarah 6/25/2012

Love these snack bars!

These are my favorite bars, and I am so happy to see the new flavors! I can't wait to try them all! These have to be the healthiest, gluten free bars available!
Catherine 6/25/2012

Can wait for some Kind

Never seen them, never tasted them BUT I can't wait to try my first Kind!
Leslee Feiwus 6/25/2012

Delicious Nut Bars that are so good for you!

i love all of the Kind Nut bars, they are delicious!
Jo Peterson 6/25/2012

best bar out there!

What a total treat these bars are! Delicious and healthy. My favorite healthy treat out there!
DO 6/25/2012

Best bar!

KIND bars are our new favorite! They are healthy, but taste great too. Easy to find in most stores too.. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Lunardi's..

Thanks KIND!
Elsa 6/23/2012

Convenient...AND good! YAY!!

I love KIND bars! Since having to go GF, it has been hard to find something portable that tastes as good as the non-GF options out there. I can keep one in my purse and have something on hand at all times. I also love that I can meet up with the girls at certain popular coffee shops and still have my coffee AND a small treat along with everyone else!! And let's face it...MY treat is much healthier most of the time!! Thanks KIND bars!! :)
Roxane Weber 6/21/2012


Great tasting
Tina B. Tessina 6/15/2012

Thanks Kind for new options

Thanks, Kind, for giving us new options. The more choices I have, the more Kind bars I'll buy. I like the mixed cases. I'm still pulling for a low glycemic index mixed case.
N 6/5/2012

Ok but not my fav

I thought I would try another variety since I really like the brand. While these were ok I wasn't wowed. The dark chocolate on the sea salt tasted a bit burnt (could be the batch) and the Vanillia Madagascar flavoring was underwhelming. Overall not too impressed should have stuck with my dark chocolate peanut butter (absolutely love those!). My next case I'll return to my trusted favorite!
Elaine 6/4/2012


These are wonderful and nice to have a variety.
lyla 5/31/2012

best nut bar yet!

when I tried akind bar I was amazed at how good the bar was.

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