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whole nuts

We are proud that nearly all the protein in our products come from plant-based protein sources, like whole nuts. In fact, you’ll find heart healthy almonds as the first ingredient in many of your favorite KIND bars. When compared to animal protein, there are many health and environmental benefits that plant proteins offer. However, growing almonds and other plants still have an impact on our planet.

In California, we work with suppliers and their farmers that are focused on growing almonds responsibly. They are setting a new standard for water conservation through sophisticated irrigation systems and water management technologies used to promote healthy growth and minimal tree stress. This helps to increase yield at harvest, use water more efficiently and identify risk to crops in real time.

Our growers are also piloting new ways to protect and promote bee health – from reducing the use of pesticides to dedicating land for diverse wildflowers. These practices not only help to support pollinator populations, they also promote sustainable crop production and improve soil health.