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5 super grains coated in peanut butter and soft-baked for a chewy, crunchy part of your morning breakfast. With each 50g serving having 19g of whole grains, they're the perfect source of sustained energy throughout your day. Looking for even more deliciousness? Add a spread of peanut butter, a few slices of banana and enjoy!

Contains 11g of fat per bar. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

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what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Potassium Bromate - This food additive is used as a flour improver in baked goods, but Canada, Brazil and the European Union have all banned its use in food products so we thought it wise to keep it out of our snacks.
Featured Ingredients

5 super grain blend

Naturally gluten free for the last 10,000 years, these little grains and seeds (Yes, Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit!) pack a nutty flavor and make this whole grain party much more tasty then oats alone.


Fun fact: peanuts are not technically nuts at all! This "legume" grows underground with a green leafy top, But don't worry, they're still packed with a crunchy, nutty flavor.

peanut butter

We use a roasted peanut butter that brings out the nutty crunch and makes it the star flavor in our snacks.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

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Holly 2/12/2017


Fantastic flavor, it's like eating peanut butter cookies for breakfast. Only 220 calories and I don't feel hungry fkr at least 4-6 hours. I eat them on the go or lazy days at home.
Glenn Casey 1/23/2017

Bloating Cramping

I have never had an experience with this , with your product, In some diets, People must be adequately hydrated, in order to deal with non gluten, and high fiber products. That is my advice. to those with cramping, and bloating. Also make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients in your bars!!
Mike 10/26/2016


I have been eating the Blueberry Almond breakfast bars for breakfast and the Peanut Butter bars for lunch. I eat whatever I want for dinner and in 4 months I lost 34 pounds. I am addicted to Kind bars. They are delicious and leave me satisfied until my next meal. What a fantastic and healthy product!
Sass Goodin 7/21/2016

So good!

I was given one at the Insane Inflatable 5k. So delicious! I don't like to much chocolate but these had the perfect balance. I have had the worst time trying to find peanut butter dark chocolate breakfast bars. All I ever find is the regular KIND bars. I can't have those due to a tree nut allergy. The breakfast bars don't have the tree nuts in them like the regular bars do. Highly recommend these!
gschwendt 4/8/2016

Great flavor, caused cramping & bloating

I've been doing Gluten Free for the past year and a quick breakfast is the hardest thing to come by. I started eating these and eventually noticed that within 2 hours of eating them, I'd be bloated and cramping which would last for about 24 hours. After I've stopped eating these altogether, I no longer have that issue.

I haven't determined what ingredient causes it but the KIND Healthy Grains Dark Chocolate Chunk give me the same problems. That would make the problem ingredient either the Oats, Gum Acacia, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Quinoa, or Vitamin E (possibly produced from Wheat?).

I would love to be able to eat these again but will have to avoid them going forward. Too bad.
Susan 3/31/2016

Do you like no-bake cookies?

Absolutely love this breakfast bar! It reminds me of a no-bake cookie, but even better since it's so nutritious.

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