peanut butter & strawberry

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product description

A contingent of PB&J fanatics would love to keep this bar as their own secret obsession; a gooey, delicious treat made using a blend of peanuts and strawberries. It's all the best parts from your childhood minus the soggy white bread.

Do the KIND thing®

Contains 12g of fat per bar. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Artificial Colors - We think our ingredients are beautiful enough on their own so we don't hide their good looks with any fake coloring like Red-40, Yellow-5 or Yellow-6.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


Fun fact: peanuts are not technically nuts at all! This "legume" grows underground with a green leafy top but don't worry, they're still packed with a crunchy, nutty flavor.


Our strawberries come from fields flooded with sunshine and fresh air to grow unbelievably sweet berries that we then dry and use in our best recipes.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

19 reviews
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Michele 5/1/2017

PB&J lovers rejoice

For anyone that still likes the taste of a fresh PB&J - yes, you will thoroughly enjoy this KIND flavor! YUM
Stephanie 5/1/2017

PB & Strawberry....

kindly good :)

Laura 5/1/2017


You hit a home run with this bar! The flavor combination is right on the mark, neither the peanut butter or the strawberry dominate. It was just like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, only better.
Justin 5/1/2017

For Reals...

Def the BEST flavor! Great snack b/t meals that satisfies the appetite! :)
Alicia 5/1/2017

My first KIND bar & I am HOOKED!

My friend gave me this KIND bar when I visited her in Chicago. WOW! I immediately went to your website to order more. YUMMM! Thanks!
Stephan 5/1/2017

My fav!

I love Kind bars in general, but this flavor is AMAZING! It is like having a mini PB & J on the go! As a future dietitian, healthy snacks are very important to me. The fiber and protein in this bar, combined with the great taste, make me ecstatic:]
Misty 5/1/2017

Pb and strawberry

Love this as a my snack for the day!
Naji 5/1/2017

PB&J Lovers

this kind bar is great you can taste the flavors theses bars are a great snack food
Kate 5/1/2017

PB&J Heaven

Dear KIND - Thank you SO much for this delicious lower-calorie alternative to the real thing. I am a PB&J fanatic and this bar is superb. I knew I loved KIND bars before discovering this flavor, but with this one you've made me a lifelong fan. Thanks again!
Erin 5/1/2017

just like pb&j

I was hesitant to try another flavor, but was gifted one of the holiday kind boxes and was pleasantly surprised with this one. tastes just like a pb&j sandwich!!
Traci W 5/1/2017

So fresh

So moist and fresh. Tastes like fresh-ground peanuts and strawberries I just picked.
Caitlin 5/1/2017

Like PB+J Sandwich On The Go

I love that Kind turned the classic PB+J sandwich into a delicious snack bar. As a busy college student it easily becomes a tasty on the go snack.
Charlotte 5/1/2017

Soy Protein Isolate?

I'm very disappointed to see soy protein isolate on the ingredients list of the peanut butter & strawberry KIND bars. I switched from cheap/unhealthy snack bars to KIND bars in an effort to eat more whole/natural foods. I assure you there is nothing whole or natural about soy protein isolate, and there is plenty of reasearch to back me up. I will not be buying anymore KIND products until it pulls this unhealthy ingredient from it's bars.
Brenda 5/1/2017

Remove SPI

I was tempted to order this until I noticed the review about soy protein isolate being added to a "natural" snack. Don't start sliding on the ingredients in your products.
I have several other Kind items on autoship. Will check labels closer now. :(
Siew 5/1/2017


I grew up eating PB & strawberry jam sandwiches, never the grape jelly. Good substitute.
I don't care for the soy...but I'll make an exception for occasional foods like Kind. If there's some way to avoid the soy in Kind bars, they'd be even better.
Travis 5/1/2017

What's wrong with soy@f0

Nice product. Wonder why everyone is complaining about soy@f1 It's a complete protein that has been eaten for thousands of years in a culture with the fewest nutritional related diseases in the entire world.
ellen 5/1/2017

new favorite

Perfect twist on the classic pb & j.
Lacey 5/1/2017


This seriously is one of my favorite KIND bars. It tastes exactly like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I love it so much and it's the best snack after a hard workout. :) Highly recommend to peanut butter lovers.
Linsea 5/1/2017

Peanut Butter and Strawberry

The best. I look for this one at every store I stop into. Sheer delicious ecstasy...

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