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dark chocolate chunk

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product description

We know, we know - it sounds indulgent. But this bar has five super grains including oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, and quinoa PLUS it packs 18g of whole grains per serving AND it's tasty.

Contains 5g of fat per bar. Contains coconut and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Methylcellulose - This cellulose compound adds additional bulk to food products but it also reduces their nutritional value. We'll pass, thanks.
Featured Ingredients

5 super grain blend

Naturally gluten free for the last 10,000 years, these little grains and seeds (Yes, Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit!) pack a nutty flavor and make this whole grain party much more tasty then oats alone.


This sweet, spiced flavor is derived from the seedpods of the vanilla plant which, interestingly, is a vine-like member of the orchid family.

semi-sweet chocolate

Chocolatey goodness made with real cocoa powder, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. Dreamy, we know.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

47 reviews
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Kenny 11/26/2016

My Dear Sweet Dark Chocolate Chunk Bar

I literally don't know how I lived without these dark chocolate chunk kind bars. I think about them in the morning...I eat them late at night. I dream about them throughout the day and plan my next trip to the store to restock. Essentially, if you were to offer me a job and only pay me in kind dark chocolate chunk bars I would believe I made out on top. You thinknow my wife would go for that@f0 I digress. When I think about your bars I honestly get tears in my eyes and I am not an emotional guy. It's like seeing your Mom again after moving out of state. I love everything about your brand, quality, and treats. Thanks for making my days that much better. I won't go a day without at least one. Only one complaint- more per box!! I'd rather pay more for one box of 10/20 than 5 boxes. Regardless I love you. You had me at first bite. Bravo
Diagnosed Arthritis 8/7/2016

Happy Found Kind

Went from junk food & burgers to vegan salads overnight upon advice of my Dr. Seen a KIND bar at Speedway Gas station, and love this non GMO non Gluten alternative. Feels like I'm cheating without actually cheating!
n/a 10/15/2015


My employer had a health fair today and these were available as a healthy snack. I plan to purchase these for my family. Packed with great ingredients and a wonderful taste.
Caitlin 4/27/2018


These dark chocolate chunk Kind bars are awesome! These are perfect for a quick snack on the go or something healthy to grab instead of potato chips. My 5 week old gets up during the night and i usually get hungry so i grab one of these and they are soo tasty and also satisfies my hunger. There are a lot of healthy ingredients in these bars so i don’t feel bad eating them. Only downfall is that they can be expensive. I will usually buy them when they go on sale and stock up. These are my favorite on the go snack!
Dorothy Gillette Payne 4/8/2018

My New Favorite Candy Bar!

Wow and thank you Kind! These healthy grains bars are soooo much better than any other candy bar I've had in the last decade +.
Please keep doing what you do because you do it well!
Mary 11/19/2017

Decent flavor, texture off

Kind of like cocoa krispie treats meets bird seed. Flavor is pretty great, but I can't get past the texture.
Rebecca 6/28/2017

Dark Chocolate Chunk what?

I don't know what to say except. No. It was like compacted birdseed with something sweet and sticky to hold it together. I am a HUGE Kind supporter and consumer but these are awful. And I have to agree, to expensive for what you get.
Jenna 4/25/2017

Take away the SOY!

I love almost all the KIND bars but I can't eat them anymore because they contain soy lecithin. Stay away from soy, people ... it messes with your thyroid!! Please take away the soy, use sunflower lecithin instead. I buy soy-free chocolate chips and you cannot tell a difference in taste, whatsoever. I'll just have to make my own version and make it soy-free.
Vicki 10/4/2016

less sugar, more chocolate

These are sweeter than they need to be to taste good, and the chocolate "chunks" disappear in the grain and sugar. I would love the same thing but with less sweetener and especially if the sweetener used is lower glycemic! also, wish you would boot the soy lecithin from all products and use sunflower!!!
Linda Wehmueller 2/5/2016


I like several flavors of the Kind bars. I swathe Jan 21st post that said they were too small and too expensive. I thought it was bigger than what I used to eat, Quaker. Not as cheap of course but less than $3.00 for five bars. Quaker was cheaper but crappy flavor and very small. I like this one best, wasn't thrilled with one with sea salt and popped.
Pippi 8/27/2015


Favorite snack bars. The dark chocolate is not too sweet and chocolaty, which I really like. I don't want to feel like i just had a candy bar. Perfect texture, chewiness, and lightly sweet. Salted caramel great too.
Kelli 6/26/2015

Ok...could be a lot better!

Tasty but not sure I would say they were Dark Chocolate Chunk. I bought these at Costco and I think they have any average of one small piece of chocolate in the entire bar. Sort of disappointing.
Philip 6/11/2015

Good tasting

Great, but not well labeled, I'd give 5 stars if they were. The small bars always say when they are lactose/dairy free. Why don't they label these the same way? I'd love to try some of the other flavors if they were labeled better.
Jessica 5/31/2015

My favorite

my favorite
So good! 5/23/2015


I was eating Luna bars pre workout every morning but was getting sick of the flavors. Then I tried these....OMG so ridiculously good. What sold me was the fat content (I am on a lowfat diet), which is the same as my luna bars and less calories! Hello, new breakfast bar :)
Jacqi 4/10/2015

AMAZING.. for vegans who still eat honey

This is the best dairy free granola bar hands down no contest just amazing healthy awesomeness!!!!!!
A 3/27/2015

Favorite snack!

LOVE these bars - natural, not too sweet, healthier and satisfy your cravings when you need a quick snack! My go-to, after a workout or just when I need a quick snack.
Lu 3/2/2015

In love

I have a sugar tooth and started a rigorous diet this month and my nutritionist said that I'm allowed to eat this bar! Best bar ever, I just love the flavor... Thank you for develop such an amazing healthy snack for us!
Barbara 1/20/2015

My Friends---the KIND that I crave!

I recently joined Weight Watchers and found KIND at Walmart. What a prize! Keep 'um coming! Thank you to whomever developed these bars for us chocolate lovers!
Kenisha 1/6/2015

LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste!

I honestly can't remember if I've ever seen these in the stores and if I did I'm sure I overlooked them because I figured they'd taste like cardboard. Well, I was walking through Wal-Mart and seen these Dark Chocolate Chunk bars in the middle of the aisle and said what the heck! And I'm so glad I did!! They are so delicious!! I absolutely LOVE the taste and will be purchasing more!!
Tom 10/12/2014

Best Wal-Mart Find Ever!

Perused the breakfast section and saw these bars. First thought was "is it worth the price". I can say now, absolutely! Tried the peanut butter ones today, they're just as good! The only negative thing I have to say is that there aren't more things to buy.
holly buck 9/29/2014


Just bought these at our local wegmans, and have to say, I LOVE them. Perfect amount of sweet without any artificial products. Love the quinoa and crunch, but they are still soft, and it satisfies my sweet tooth. Out of all the granola bars we have tried, so far, these are hands down, my favorite. Better than kashi, luna, bear naked, etc.
Jen 9/17/2014


I love these bars, but they are NEVER in stock. I found them at my grocery store one week, but they don't even have them now. SO frustrating because I really like them!!!
Elaina 9/16/2014


These bars are not only good for you but they taste SO good! They keep me full all morning, and they taste better than any other granola type bar on the market. These were the best things I've ever purchased.
Janice O'Malley 9/12/2014

KIND Bars taste great

My husband and I love KIND bars. They are so delicious yet at the same time healthy. We have no allergies so the negative comments I read from others don't apply to us. They just are my favorites especially the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars. So so tasty!
Anne 9/5/2014

So disappointed!!!!!! Label change

I was so happy to find a granola bar that was GOOD for my son who is very allergic to peanuts/nuts. Only to find when putting the bars away the label had changed and now has a
Warning about peanuts/tree nuts!!

We won't be buying anymore. Too bad, we bought multiple boxes a week.

I called a few months back to make sure these were peanut/nut free. I was told they WERE. Now they are NOT@f0@f1@f2 Very concerning.... Not happy.
Julie 9/2/2014

Changed allergen information?

We LOVE these and have been so happy that they are safe for peanut and tree nut allergies. however today at the grocery I see the packaging now says these are handled in a facility with nuts. boo hoo :( so disappointed.
shana 8/31/2014


Dairy free and nut free and my daughter loves them!! Thank you!
Brittany 8/21/2014

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE best on the market

Only bar I can find treenut/gluten free for my allergies and that tastes good! So glad I went on a whim and tried while on sale :)
Laura 8/19/2014


I love that these bars are completely peanut/treanut free. Its so hard to find a healthy and easy snack that doesn't contain nuts and still tastes good when dealing with this allergy. Thank you!!!
audrey 8/19/2014


so good!
audrey 8/19/2014


so good!
Jennifer 8/19/2014

Hide them from the kids!

It's not often I find a healthy product that the kids and I love equally. These are a delicious snack!
Debbie 8/15/2014


It would be great if you could use something other than soy lecithin in the dark chocolate chunk. It is a known and prevalent allergen. I would love to have one of these but no can do.
Jaclyn 7/22/2014


Ultimate sweet tooth cure. If you love dark chocolate, you'll love these!!
Kirstin 7/16/2014


Love these! Great for a lunch time healthy treat!
Tracy 6/30/2014


I LOVE these after dinner with a little bit of sugar free cool whip! YUM!!!!! Getting hard to find in my neck of the woods.
Kara 5/18/2014

Great! Really no nuts?

These are great. I would love to feed them to my daughter who has a nut allergy. These really have no traces? It seems to good to be true considering how many of your products have nuts.
cynthia west 4/15/2014

dark chocolate chunk

These are fabulous!!Trying to do gluten free for my son and they are a big hit with him also!!Love these bars:)Taste yummy and healthy too! You get 5 stars from me, and as a nurse I recommend them to my patients for a healthy snack.
Angela 4/6/2014


I just tried my first one of the dark chocolate chunk, it was so so good. So nice to satisfy a sweat craving, while adding healthy whole grains and NO GMO's....I hit the jackpot.
Jenn 4/6/2014


I had these for the first time 2 weeks ago. They are soooo good. They are better than any granola bar I have ever had. They actually fill you, and because I am gluten free I don't have to worry. You have a customer for life. Thank you!!!!!
Allyson 3/29/2014

Taste Sooooooo Good!

LOVE THEM!!! So happy to find a healthy snack with sweet flavor!! These are so worth buying!
sandy taylor 3/10/2014

One of the best bars I've had.

So nice to find a healthy bar without NUTS!I will but these again.
INDIA 3/3/2014


Andrea 1/20/2014


I tried my first Kind chocolate chunk bar today and I can't believe how yummy they are! I wanted to try a more healthy granola bar so I saw these and said to my self I'll give them a try. I have already placed an order online to buy a full cases they are that good! My husband loves them too. These are a MUST have. I am so happy to have found these :)
Jackie 12/8/2013

Thank you! You are so KIND for creating this bar.

I have been looking high and low for a HEALTHY granola bar without nuts. The Dark Chocolate Chunk is perfect for my son with nut allergies. Fortunately, he is not so allergic that he can't have things that are manufactured on the same equipment as nuts and luckily he is ok with coconut. Also knowing nuts are more expensive than grains, thank you for the honest pricing - these could have been priced the same as the other KIND bars based on the health aspect of grains. Please don't raise the price :)
Kathryn 11/12/2013


I have tried Kind bars before but hadn't seen these ones until I stopped at my local Kroger last night. I bought the dark chocolate chunk and decided to try one right away. They are so tasty! I love that the bar is made with all natural ingredients, lots of different types of grains, and my favorite part is that they are soft unlike a lot of grainy granola bars. I would highly recommend these and can't wait to buy more!

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