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Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt | Healthy Grains Bars Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt | Healthy Grains Bars

maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt

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product description

This is one sweet and salty grain bar kids and grown ups both love: 5 super grains blended with roasted pumpkin seeds, a touch of maple syrup and Brazilian sea salt all with 5g of sugar per serving. We won't judge if you hide them from the kids.

ingredients you can see and pronounce TM

Contains 6g of fat per bar. Contains coconut. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Sugar Alcohols - Sorbitol, Xylitol, Maltitol. Can you pronounce these? We can't either which is why we left these sugar alcohols out of our bars.
Featured Ingredients

5 super grain blend

Naturally gluten free for the last 10,000 years, these little grains and seeds (Yes, Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit!) pack a nutty flavor and make this whole grain party much more tasty then oats alone.

pumpkin seed

Fun fact: every pumpkin has about 500 seeds. We slow roast each one to perfection for a subtle sweetness and nutty finish.

maple syrup

Tapped from the finest maple trees, we use only Pure Grade A Maple Syrup for that perfect amount of all natural sweetness.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

89 reviews
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Marcia Barkan 8/11/2017

These are the very Best Gluten Free bars that I have tasted!! Love them!!

Love these, Taste great!! Hard to share!!
Sharon 3/30/2017

Love at 1st bite

I'd been looking for a snack that I liked and that my IBS could tolerate. Found these at Safeway and they are perfect! Thanks.
Sherry Sell 3/30/2017

Maple Pumpkin Seed

I am so addicted to the maple pumpkin seed variety that I should have purchased Stock in your company months ago! These bars are healthy and way too delicious!! What a treat !! Please don't ever stop making these. Thank you!
Lauren 10/15/2018


I wasn't expecting this much flavor from this bar! Great taste of maple with hints of nuttiness from the pumpkin seeds. Definitely recommend!
Valerie Spruill 4/8/2018

kind maple and pumpkin seed sea salt bars

best delicious bars i ever ate in my life i buy 5 to 6 boxes a week low sugar and very healthy and i stay in shape with these treats. my young son love them to.
Noelle 3/30/2017

Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt

These are so good, I don't know why that reviewer above said they taste like soap@f0! I just wish they were less expensive! I also wish a warehouse would sell them, not in a variety pack but all by themselves. I also like the Oats and Honey one.
Jessica 10/20/2016

Love these

I really love these bars. I tried them first when my friend offered me one I did not think I would like them because of the pumpkin seeds. But I did. Since then I buy them all the time.
Hans Petermann 10/3/2016

Tastes like soap

Both my girlfriend and think these taste awful. Stupidly we actually bought another batch and they tasted the same
Sharonda 9/10/2016

Well Done!

Well Done! Not too Salty nor too Sweet! Love Pumpkin, Wheat-Free and Corn-Free I am a Picky Eater, Who Values Healthy Ingredients and Taste.
Karla 6/29/2016

No soy for some types of cancer survivors

My oncologist says no soy for hormone positive cancer. I loved the Nature Valley oat bars, but had to quit them and everything else with soy. Like the last reviewer I looked everywhere for a substitute.
They have these at my LifeTime fitness. I loved them so much I thought I'd see if I could get them
on line. Hooorayyyyy! Hooorayyyy! Thanks.
Judy 6/9/2016

Healthy & Delicious

I absolutely LOVE this KIND bar -- and I'm not a big fan of granola bars usually. This one changed my eating life! It's absolutely delicious and not dry. The combination of grains is great -- and I am really picky when it comes to this kind of stuff! No soy and no gluten. It is the perfect snack. Going to buy 10 boxes.
Roxanne 3/21/2016

Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt Healthy Grain Bars

I am totally addicted to these bars. I have to have one every day or I go crazy and after I eat one I always wish that I brought another one with me to work. LOVES IT!!!!!!
Shelbi 3/17/2016

LOVE the flavor!

This is one of my favorite flavors! Pumpkin seeds are great :) GF is a huge plus!
Thanks! 11/24/2015

No Soy Lecithin!

Finally! A bar that is relatively (compared to other brands) low in sugar and does not contain soy lecithin in it's list of ingredients. I went to the store and picked up box after box of bars looking for one without soy. This bar and the oats & honey with toasted coconut were the ONLY bars (at that particular store) that didn't have soy added. Some of the other types of Kind bars do have soy, so I don't buy any of those, but this bar was exactly what I was looking for. I am not allergic to soy, but these days it's added to practically EVERYTHING we eat and I'm not convinced that it is healthy. So I try to avoid foods with it added. The maple pumpkin seed flavor was great too, pumpkin seeds are so overlooked but they have great health benefits and lots of iron.
Lois 4/16/2015

Wish your line was organic

I do not want crops sprayed with Round Up so that can only come from certified organic choices.
I love your dark chocolate salt bars because they have the lowest carbs of any bar I can find for my diabetic clients. Wishing you could leave out the rice krispies by are no good for Diabetics who follow low carb diet. Please make a bar for Diabetics. This one comes close. No root or grain syrups would be good too. We do not have to have them that sweet.
Chels 3/25/2015

Canola oil

I don't know where you obtained your information about Canola oil but as a future dietitian I can assure you that canola oil provides you with healthy fats like mono and polyunsaturated fats. These are both good for your body as your body needs fat to function.
JENNA 3/6/2015


Lisa 12/18/2014


These bars are really delicious. All the ingredients are great except one: canola oil. That's the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. I am sure it is a nominal amount, but I have read really bad things about canola oil. Would be the perfect bar if canola was substituted with coconut oil or palm fruit oil. Also would like to know what "natural flavor" is@f0 I am an obsessive label reader! :)
Brandi 11/28/2014

Great snack

I was able to try these through with a gift card I received. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Will be buying these again.
Danny 11/7/2014


I've never been one for granola bars or anything like that but these Maple and Pumpkin Seed Bars are the best. So tasty and good for you!
Debbie H. 11/4/2014

best ever, BUT where did the pumpkin seeds go?

These are the best darn healthy grain bars ever, but the last case I purchased I noticed there where not as many pumpkin seeds in each of the bars, like maybe 4 or 5 and before they used to be loaded with them! Please bring back the Pumpkin Seeds in the Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt bars.
Cynthia Middleton 10/31/2014

Sheer Gluten Free Perfection

The combination of the differing textures, flavors and the fact that these are "Gluten Free" make the Maple Pumpkin Seeds w/ Sea Salt simply sheer perfection. I thought having to give up gluten would prevent me from being able to enjoy the odd snack, or from satisfying my sweet tooth, but neither is the case w/ KIND. I highly recommend them.
Mina 10/10/2014

Best bars ever

These are perfect! So tasty. Wish they were easier to find.
rebecca 10/1/2014


Got these in Birch Box and was amazed! It's hard to find good quality bars without
tree nuts or peanuts, Thank you!!
Nancy Allen 9/25/2014


I ABSOLUTELY love these!!
amanda callahan 9/12/2014



Kat 9/6/2014

Love this Kind Bar

I got a free sample, and feel in love with this Kind Bar. Hard to find in stores. Has a great taste and texture. Highly recommend.
Paul 9/2/2014


The bars are very tasty, and just the right size. My only concern is that sometimes they have an allergen warning that states "Made in a facility that uses peanuts", and other times they don't. For the same bar. This is very concerning.
Kenny 8/29/2014

Maple& pumpkin seed

I have been eating this particular flavor for a month now. One daughter like the chocolate and the other one likes the blueberry. We have a packet and an Ensure for breakfast. We all run out of the door about 7:15. Its a pocketable healthy breakfast. Sometimes I carry a packet when I mountain bike, depending on the length of the ride. It fuels me right up.
Kenny 8/29/2014

Maple& pumpkin seed

I have been eating this particular flavor for a month now. One daughter like the chocolate and the other one likes the blueberry. We have a packet and an Ensure for breakfast. We all run out of the door about 7:15. Its a pocketable healthy breakfast. Sometimes I carry a packet when I mountain bike, depending on the length of the ride. It fuels me right up.
sue 8/23/2014

maple pumpkin seed

Looked them the first time I tried them. Hard to find, even on line
Donna Morris 7/1/2014

Delicious and healthy too !!

I received a Kind , Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt bar as a sample, shared it with my husband and we both loved it ! Now, it's my favorite breakfast treat, we keep stocked up on them as they're not only delicious but healthy too, can't beat that !! Great product, but not able to find them in stores, but ordering them on-line is just fine.
Patricia 6/25/2014

Maple Pumpkin Seed

Since I have gone GF I am trying new things to eat. I found these Kind bars in a store and decided to try them. Wow! they are all delicious but the pumpkin seed ones I love as well as the coconut almond. I try to keep them stocked when I can find them.
Julie 6/18/2014

Dark Choc Chunk Heathy Grain Bars

Super tasty--just wish "Kind" would not use canola oil, even though it's GMO- then I would give a 5+ then! Thank you!
Janelle 6/11/2014


I'm in love with these. I have 3 boxes in my pantry of them. My toddler even eats them and she's super picky.
Anthony 6/6/2014

kind maple pumpkin

these bars are great
kimberly 6/5/2014


Love these more then the bars. They are my morning breakfast
Chelc 6/5/2014


Got some of these bar just to try at Wal-mart and they are awesome. I like every flavor i have tried so far.
Kate Regier 5/30/2014

I really want to buy these!

I had one of these and I want to buy them for myself, but I can't find them anywhere and they're not here :(
Selena 5/29/2014


Best bars ive ever tasted
Angie 5/27/2014

The best!

I ADORE these bars, they are my absolute favorite! Not only are they good for you, they taste amazing! I love the fact that I can read the ingredients on the package and I know exactly what they are and what I'm putting into my body. This is my favorite flavor BY FAR, please continue to make these as they have became a staple in my diet. I discovered these bars through my Birchbox subscription, and have been hooked since. For those of you who said you couldn't taste the sea salt, I've experienced that as well. Some bars aren't as salty as others, recently I had one that had much more salt than I'm used to. Must be something with the manufacturing of them, either way I LOVE THESE! Thank you Kind for the great products!
Shelley Wheeler 5/26/2014


This was my first Kind bar and is the best thing ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My only complaint is that I can't find this flavor around here. Barnes&Noble has the Kind brand, as does Starbucks, but not the Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt. I got mine in a package from Birchbox. I'll def be ordering this flavor on line if I can't find it in the St Louis area!
Nicole 5/19/2014

Is there sea salt or no?

I also got one of these in my Birchbox samples. Just came on here to buy a box, but now am hesitant because of the no sea salt comments (which was also my favorite part). Sea salt is still listed as an ingredient. Can someone please clarify whether the recipe was changed or not?
Shaylyn 5/18/2014

Where did the sea salt go?

I agree! I got this in my birchbox and LOVED the little chunks of sea salt, but when I bought a box of them - they didn't have the same chunks. so disappointed to get a bar as a sample and then buy 3 boxes and the bar was different! False advertising!!
Jan Beale 5/17/2014


Received these bars in my Birchbix. Have tried other flavors but none are as good as these.
Tara 5/13/2014

What happened to the sea salt?

I LOVE these bars, but the first box I bought (at a local store) had these chunks of sea salt. The last 3 boxes I have bought, from various stores, have not had the chunks of sea salt. I would have a bar on my drive to work in the morning and every time I bit into a chunk of sea salt, was like a promise of a great day (yes, I love sea salt). Now, I'm missing that! It was a wonderful way to start my day. Was the recipe changed along the way@f0 Please bring back the chunks of sea salt.
Laura 5/12/2014

Love, Love, Love These Bars!

I got the Pumpkin Maple as a sample in my Birchbox last month and immediately went to the store to buy a whole box. I love that it's made with whole grains and has a high fiber content. And the best part is how tasty they are! YUM!! These are replacing our regular granola bars in our pantry.
Brittney 4/29/2014


I received this in my birchbox as well. I ordered off of birchbox, but will order straight from y'all next time! LOVE!!!
Morgan 4/29/2014

Birchbox sample

I seem to be with the group....received a sample in my April Birchbox and loooooved it! I can't wait to get my case:)
Sophia 4/28/2014


I received a sample of the Maple Pumpkin Seed in my Birchbox and it was delish!!! I too had to find out how to order more.
Jdub 4/26/2014

Addicted to KIND!

I too received a Maple Pumpkin bar in my Birchbox. One bite and my mouth was in LOVE!!! I'm buying a case for sure!
Shayna 4/24/2014

Soo Yummy!

Got this in my Birchbox and had to search it out! Going to order a case. Soo Yummy!
Monica 4/22/2014

Birchbox Sample

I received a sample I my April Birchbox I immediately fell in love and sought them out. I will definitely be purchasing KIND bars from now own. My "new" addiction.
Cari 4/22/2014

Love the Healthy Grain bars

I received the maple pumpkin bar in my Birchbox and not being a fan of maple, I let my husband try it. Little did I know he would get hooked! With me allergic to almonds and him allergic to cashews, it is hard to find gluten-free healthy snack/quick foods that taste good! We now have all five varieties of the Healthy Grains bars stocked up!
TinaTN 4/21/2014


I received this in a past Birchbox as well and have been waiting for them to be available on Birchbox website to purchase but they are so TASTY I searched it out! This bar was so amazing I actually got my 13 yr old to enjoy something healthy, he has been asking since for these in his school lunch. I will be purchasing these time and again. Thanks!
Ashley 4/21/2014


I received this in my April Birchbox as well and I was a little hesitate because generally most health bars have a certain taste and it's hard to finish. This health bar I was wishing I had more. It was a great snack! I loved it so much on my lunch break I went looking for them at the grocery stores. They only sold the bars but I am hopeful I can find others! Highly recommended!
Jackie 4/21/2014

Surprisingly delicious for a healthy bar

There is, unfortunately, a lack of healthy bars that are delicious out there... This bar is so delicious though! Definitely going to buy some more to keep around.
rene cooper 4/20/2014


I got one of these bars in my Birchbox and they are soooo goooood! I am watching my calories and these are yummy and healthy!
Charli 4/18/2014


I too received a sample in my Birchbox. Absolutely delicious!! I will definitely be purchasing them regularly.
Julie 4/17/2014

Birchbox Sample

I love Kind bars to begin with so you really don't have to sell me on how great the product is but when I got this bar in my April Birchbox I was so excited to try it. It was my snack this afternoon. So good, great combination of chewy and crunchy and just the right hint of salt. I wish I could find this in stores, I don't think I can justify buying an entire 40 count box of them especially since I'd be the only one eating them.
Roberta 4/17/2014

Got a Sample and loved it

I was about to throw it away until I noticed that it was Gluten Free and healthy. I loved it. It's hard to find Gluten Free bars that taste good. Thanks to Birchbox I am going to order.
Shelley Wright 4/17/2014


I received the Maple Pumpkin Seeds as a sample in my Birchbox. I usually don't enjoy healthy bars. They are great! I love the sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy! I am allergic to various grains, but no side effects! I will be purchasing regularly!!!
Heather 4/16/2014

Love it!

I am in love with these! I got to sample the Maple Pumpkin Seed in my monthly Birchbox and I am so excited to have discovered a healthy snack!! I am on my way out the door to purchase some more. :)
Rachael 4/16/2014


I have never been a fan of "healthy" bars because they either had a weird texture or tasted awful. I was a little hesitant to try this because it is a "healthy" bar, however, I am so happy I did. After just eating one bar from my birchbox I am hooked. I will most definitely be buying these very soon. I love that they have salt on them and I think it is a great touch.
Shelley Hiett 4/16/2014

great bars

maple pumpkin are delicious
Amy 4/16/2014


I got one of these in my Birchbox this month. This is the first Kind product I've ever had. I was a little hesitant because of the coconut (I HATE coconut), but I couldn't even taste it. The salt is the perfect touch. The chew is great. I'm in love with these.
Joline 4/16/2014

Sweet and Salt

Love this flavor! The salt is a nice addition to a sweeter snack. This is my first bar and I'm hooked. Its chewy with a little crunch. Who knew pumpkin seeds were so yummy@f0!@f1!
maryellen ramstack 4/15/2014

great BUT take the SALT out of it

really love the taste however it is too SALTY
Renee 4/9/2014

Just Yummy

I absolutely love the pumkin bars!!! I am hooked!!!!!
Susan Garcia Franz 4/7/2014

Great combination!

I love certain KIND bars more than ohters and this one was a perfect balance!
sonja 4/3/2014


This is the best granola EVER! This is the first Kind Product I tried and it immediately hooked me on the brand!
I researched all of the ingredients and you can't hardly get any healthier that this, totally worth the price, and the customer service is fabulous! Also, my account page is very easy to navigate and to change items.
I can't wait til my other 2 items get here to try them as well, and I'm sure many more will follow! Highly recommend this stuff for anyone serious about their health!
Connie 3/20/2014

One of a KIND!

This was my first and only KIND bar so far. I actually got excited after the first one. Everything about it is perfect. It was satisfying to the taste buds and appetite. Great flavor and texture combination, and don't forget feeling good about what you are eating! I can't wait to try more "KINDS" :)
CJ 2/15/2014

Love 'em

I like so many KIND bars and this one just went over the top for me. They are not too sweet and the salt is perfect!
Sonja 2/12/2014


Out of all the kind bars that I have tried, is is by far my favorite! The mix of the crunch of seeds with the salty flavor is just delicious!
Marilyn Scanlon 2/5/2014


Excellent, and Gluten-Free! These are chewy and delicious, habit forming! Don't change anything about them. The price is reasonable too. I have tried the peanut butter and chocolate chunk, which are both very good too, but the Maple Pumpkin are my favorite. Thank you for making these gluten free. Finally a granola bar that tastes good.

Bron 1/30/2014

Quest for Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt!

I discovered these bars at a co-op in New Orleans and have been looking for them in my travels through the US and now in Canada ever since! While I have seen other KIND bars I am yet to find a store that stocks this particular flavour. They are so awesome I may just have to order some online if I settle at one address for long enough. The sea salt salt totally rocks
sharon 1/27/2014

Love These

these are so good and good for you also a great pick me up snack with all good ingredients
Diane 1/21/2014


I have tried about six flavors of the Healthy Grains and this is my favorite. Love all of them though. They are a nice addition to the bars. I keep their cereal, bars and grains at home at all times.
Judie Dowell 1/20/2014

Maple pumpkinseed

Too good
Amber 1/18/2014


You MUST TRY these. They are very yummy. They elevate granola bars to a gourmet level that is bursting with real natural flavors. I absolutely love the texture, the ingredients, and the fact that they are low in sugar. They are very filling for only 150 calories, too. Please do not ever stop making these!
Ruth 1/17/2014

Delicious and Healthy - made in the USA!

Got these in a mixed selection from QVC. They are delicious as well as good for you and happily made in the USA. Couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised and happy. Thanks for creating such a good product!
Andrea 1/4/2014


I originally bought these for my son's lunches, but after trying one I am the one that's hooked! Soooo delicious with that sweet and salty combo. I am especially appreciative of these because I am deathly allergic to nuts, with the exception of almonds, so having a bar with pumpkin seeds instead of nuts is just awesome. Love.....
Jenn 11/7/2013

Most AMAZING bar ever....... EVER!

Pretty much I eat one of these every day. They are SOOOO good - sweet maple inner-laced with pockets of sea salt.. oh ma gaw, it is so delicious.
S Woods 11/6/2013


I was given one to try, and i just can't get enough.
Elaine 10/18/2013

To Die For!!!

These are the best, the perfect combo of sweet and salty. Everyone must try them. I have been sharing them with all my friends.
Marcelle 10/18/2013

My mouth is oh so happy!

I fell in love kind bars a while ago. Due to that I purchased the multi-flavor pack on QVC over the summer.
Tasting the maple, pumpkin and sea salt, I almost fainted away with happiness. I agree with Amy, this bar far is one of the best tasting bars I have ever had! Kudos to KIND for coming up with such a phenomenal healthy snack.
Brenda 10/17/2013

Sounds weird, but tastes great :)

I got some of these Maple Pumpkin things with a variety box. Couldn't believe how wonderful they are. They have become my second favorite.
Amy 10/10/2013

I Love This Bar!

I didn't think I would care for the combination of maple, pumpkin seeds, and sea salt. WOW was I surprised!! This has turned out to be my favorite! I still love all of the other ones, but, you have got to try this!!
Elizabeth 9/6/2013

Best granola bar EVER!

I have never tasted a KIND product that I didn't like. However, my husband is a very picky eater. He took one bite of this bar today, and said "This is the best tasting granola bar ever! Order more, please!". He was so happy that something so healthy, was so tasty. I agree 100%. The not too sweet, with a little bit of the sea salty goodness.....fantastic! Just the right amount of chewiness with a crunch is spot on. Thanks KIND! You hit this one right out of the park. Outstanding!

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