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Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut | Healthy Grains Bars Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut | Healthy Grains Bars

oats & honey with toasted coconut

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product description

We put our own healthy twist on this classic grain bar flavor: 5 super grains including oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, and quinoa bound together with a touch of honey and the added texture of coconut. Don't settle for just any oat bar.

Contains 5g of fat per bar. Contains coconut. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

good for:

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Sulfites - Sodium metabisulphite - sounds tasty, right? Often used in dried fruits to prevent oxidation and maintain color, we keep our snacks fresh without sulfites.
Featured Ingredients

5 super grain blend

Naturally gluten free for the last 10,000 years, these little grains and seeds (Yes, Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit!) pack a nutty flavor and make this whole grain party much more tasty then oats alone.


The honey in our bars is a special blend made from various wild flower varieties - its subtle sweetness doesn't overpower and creates the perfect texture to hold together wholesome ingredients.


Fun fact: coconuts are actually a stone fruit (like a peach) and not a nut. Raw, dried or toasted - you name it, we got it.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

57 reviews
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Barbara 10/14/2017

Pretty darn good!

I love oatmeal and I love honey so I knew I'd like this bar - the coconut flavor is an added bonus! I may make my oatmeal with honey in the morning, instead of my usual brown sugar, to see how close I can come to the flavor of this bar (unfortunately there's no coconut in the pantry or fridge).
Daniel 9/11/2017

Taste Amazing, hint of coconut is perfect.

Tasted amazing! I love the healthy grains that actually taste good. The coconut made it almost taste like there was a perfect hint of marshmallow in the honey. I would love to see honey, chocolate and coconut to make a smores taste.
Jose 8/28/2017

Great snack during break

I tried this the first time on Delta flight. A great way to boost energy. Love the flavor!
Krystle 1/30/2019

Very impressed

I just started eating these after trying one at work. They make a great mid morning snack and the texture of it when i bite down reminds me of a rice crispy treat. Will be eating these for a while!!!
Mary 11/10/2017

Nice flavor combination

Texture is a little bird-seedy ... but the flavor is definitely there!
Dallas 2/23/2017


By far my favorite thing EVER. Tastes like pancakes which is nice when you're on a diet and cant actually eat pancakes. Pls send coupons so I can buy more
A.P. 1/6/2017

Nut Free Great for Me

I have a nut allergy. I can eat products made without nuts that are produced in a nut facility. This is why I purchased the Oats and Honey with Toasted Coconut. I simply love it! I love the combination of oats, honey and coconut. I can enjoy a great bar like this without nuts that's chewy with a great taste. Thank you KIND!
Melissa 11/7/2016

not the same

Not similar to the normal oats & honey KIND brand bars. Does not taste like coconut at all but leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I agree with Susan. Very disappointed, it sounded like a great product. Love coconut & oats and honey brand bars but these are not what I expected.
Susan 10/5/2016

Not what i expected

Tried this bar for the first time and it has a soapy after taste. Had my co-worker try it and she also felt the same way. We thought it was the bar we were eating but all the bars we have tried so far have that soapy after taste. Too bad, this bar combo sounded great
christina 6/16/2016


This is one of the best crunchy bars I've ever had. That is dairy-free and gluten-free
kim 4/13/2016


Love these bars not to sweet perfect for me watching my sugar intake ..instead of grabbing candy bar I grab this so much better..
Kim Alvarez 4/8/2016

Love these!!

I absolutely love these bars!! Since I have been dieting they have helped me to eat healthy while losing weight.
Kylie 3/25/2016

Love these bars

I love these bars. They are a great go to snack. The only issue I have with them is that some boxes have softer bars that are actually chewy (which they are supposed to be) and some boxes have rather hard bars. I prefer the chewy softer bars 100% over the hard bars.
Victoria 2/10/2016

Love These!!! :)

Absolutely delicious and just the right texture I want when I'm feeling weak for sweets and carbs! I call them my rice krispie treats!!!
Happy GF Girl 1/11/2016

Happy GF Girl!

These KIND bars saved me when I had to go gluten free! Love the Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut!! Perfect to always have in your purse for emergency snack time!
Finally! 11/24/2015

No Soy Lecithin!

Thank you for making healthy bars WITHOUT soy lecithin added (which is usually genetically modified and extracted using harsh chemical solvents). Too bad so many of your other products have soy lecithin added. The Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut and the Maple Pumpkin Seed are great.
Oats & Honey bars problem 6/10/2015

Oats & Honey bars have issues.

I'm a big fan of KIND as I must avoid gluten. I do have an issue with their Oats & Honey bars. There appears to be a lack of quality control on that particular product. Quite at random one box will have a batch that tastes great and then anther will have a batch that tastes so bad I have to spit it out. My daughter and I can only equate it to something quite disgusting and horribly wrong. I've experienced this problem with only this one flavor of product over the past year, about every other time I buy them. When they're good they're very very good and when they're bad - it's horrid!
Chloe 3/20/2015


This bar was so good I ate it for dessert! (trying to cut down on sweets, great alternative!) Loved the texture and just enough sweetness.
mady 3/6/2015

Too good to be true

I am absolutely in love with this flavor!
Kim 1/26/2015

Smaller bar, same size package.

I've been eating these bars almost every morning for awhile now (all flavors) and they are delicious. It seems like recently every package I open I'm surprised at how small they are. They never totally filled the package but they were never just squares in a long empty package. Once I even got what looked like an error with the extruder where it was only 2 tiny pieces in a sealed package. If you want to make the product smaller that's fine, maybe the demand grew larger than your capacity. But for a company concerned about the environment I wonder how much packaging waste could be prevented by updating your packaging to fit these new little square bars. Not to mention people having a better understanding of what they are paying for.
K 1/19/2015


Had my first one today, surprisingly delicious!
Erin Davis 1/17/2015

Fat Kid Likes Kind Bars

I usually eat horribly but per docs orders am now gluten free. This looks like hamster food but is surprisingly delicious! Yum yum yum!!!
John 1/13/2015

Best granola bar ever?

LaCarrie Byer 11/15/2014


Some one help me..... need a rehab for this product! !!
catherine crimmins 10/29/2014

Oh wow!!!!

these are absolutely AMAZING!!!!
Gordon 10/5/2014

The Best

These are the best granola bars I have ever tasted, low sugar so there not too sweet ,they have a really robust rustic flavor that tast like they really are an old fashion recipe.
Kevin Hershey 9/17/2014

My favorite breakfast bar

Excellent breakfast bar with my coffee.
Jennifer Nace 9/14/2014

Late Night Snack!

I love this bar---it's filling, not too sweet, and tastes like real food. I mixed it up with my Green Mountain Creamery Maple Greek and had a great late night snack. Thanks!
Nicole 9/13/2014

Best bars without the guilt

I have been looking for these for about a month. I can still get all of the other favors, but they are not nearly as tasty as these. When will you make more???
Megan 9/1/2014

A health bar I'd recommend to everyone anytime anywhere

This is my favorite KIND product! It's delicious, satisfying, and nutritious!! I am always searching for a healthy granola bar that would be filling, tasty, low on sugar, and made with natural healthy ingredients! This granola bar exceeded all my expectations!! (Which is pretty rare to come by now-a-days) The only thing is, is that they are SO hard to find!! I have searched countless stores throughout my city for about a month in hopes to stock my pantry up, but I have been sorely out of luck. All the stores have are the dark chocolate and peanut butter ones which taste too sugary for my liking. I even called the company and asked if these bars in particular were discontinued. Thankfully they assured me they were not, but have been low on stock. Please KIND, stock up the stores soon! This bar deserves to be back on shelves!!
Penny 8/31/2014

Love these!

I have a hard time finding granola bars that don't contain allergens I can't have. When I stumbled across the Oats and Honey flavor, I was excited! (I can't have any of your other bars or clusters due to allergens). They are next to impossible to find at any of the stores in my town. Please don't discontinue them!
Christina 8/30/2014


I have been deeply saddened the last few months when I go to do my monthly Target trip and they are out of stock. (Target is the only place I have found that stocks this particular bar near me.) I thought maybe it was bad timing but after the 3rd time I decided I would just get some from your website but you are out too!! Please let me know when more are available. I love these!! I am so tired of my options being chewy bars with nuts, chocolate, or fruit. I just want oats and Yummy!
Linda 8/22/2014

The Best Ever

I have been searching for the Oats & Honey ones for a month. My little boys love these it is their favorite. They don't do nuts. So I'm hoping we can find some soon to put in their lunches.
Becca 8/21/2014

Gone in Texas too!

I have searched every store in my area and nothing... there is a spot labeled for them but the shelves are bare. Please make more soon!
Sandy 8/20/2014

Great bars

Where can I find them or when will they be available??????
Sharon 8/17/2014


I love this bar, I to have trouble lately finding this particular bar. Hopefully you are not discontinuing this bar.
Amanda Parkman 8/16/2014

Can't find them anywhere

I've been searching everywhere for these bars. I bought them once, fell in love with them and now finding them anywhere has been impossible.I see all the other flavors but this one. Amazon has them but they are selling for almost $12 a box from one seller. I hope this item is not discontinued.
Dying of hunger! 8/16/2014

Where are these?

I have looked all over the Metro Denver area.....they are GONE off the shelves and even out of stock here. PLEASE bring them back ASAP!
Peggy Bourn 8/15/2014


I love these bars too. I find them at Publix to answer the question asked. Please don't change or discontinue this product.
Peggy Bourn 8/15/2014


I love these bars too. I find them at Publix to answer the question asked. Please don't change or discontinue this product.
Farren 8/14/2014

Best breakfast ever!!!!!!!!!!

I usually will eat one of these with a cheese stick and 8oz of a green smoothe. I adore these bars and I hope ypu arent discontinuing them. They are the only granola bars I actually like and aren't too sweet on a sensitive stomach early in the morning like most other granola manufacturers. Ive even lost weight from eating one of these for breakfast instead of the usual greasy fare.
Tracee Vega 8/11/2014

So Sad

I love love love these oats and honey bars. I have a hard time finding a granola bar that I like. I don't like crunchy, or chocolate in them. I am very picky. I brought them to work and got my co worker hooked on them. We have not been able to find them anywhere for the last month. Everywhere seems to be sold out. Please tell me you are not discontinuing them@f0
Jackie 8/10/2014

Out of This World!

I went on a five day hiking trip and I snacked on these. They are very filling and very tasty. I also pack these for snacks at school for my kids. My kids love these granola bars more than candy.
dagibbie 8/3/2014

Best snack bar yet

I am trying to eat better, but also have a lot of food allergies and sensitivities. While I am able to eat gluten, I try not to. These bars are the best! Right now I am recovering from foot surgery and am not eating much. These are great for a light meal. So glad I found this site so I can keep a good supply at all times!
Mary 8/1/2014

Better Than Candy!

I love these bars! They are better than candy, and they don't bother my stomach. I usually eat one after I get up in the morning. We eat a late breakfast, and they hold me over.
Paula 7/27/2014

These bars are a great food to eat with GERD and Celiac disease

I have GERD and CELIAC disease, these bars not only taste great but they also are one of the easiest foods to consume. I have never had stomach distress after eating one of them. It is impossible to eat out but happily thanks to Kind, I can carry a few bars in my purse and not have to rush home for one of my numberous small portioned meals. I have found through trial and error with GERD that it is important to have some protein and fiber with every mini meal. Happily these bars meet all of the requirements I need. Thank you Kind. I have had great success also with the peanut butter protein clusters, maple pumpkin seed bars, and blueberry vanilla granola bars.
Patricia 7/22/2014

Great Product

This snack could not be tastier. I have very picky eaters in my household and this is the one item everyone loves. Pure ingredients and great flavor equals a perfect product.
Terri 6/2/2014

Love these! They make a great healthy snack!

I am in love with these bars! They are so delicious and really make a great afternoon snack! I plan to keep a box in my desk. Thanks for the great bars!
cathy 5/29/2014

healthy goodness

WOW, I really thought that these were amazing...I actually share these with my parrots, they love them.

Patti 5/29/2014


My favorite by FAR!! The store I get them is always out of stock. Must start auto ship asap. Love Love Love!!
Shanel Haskins 5/12/2014


I cannot say enough how good this bar is. And to find a bar that is gluten and dairy free and this tasty is almost impossible. My kids and I are on a gluten free diet due to allergies and other health concerns, and it was really hard finding a good granola bar that we all liked. This is insanely delicious and healthy! I'm loving the whole grains! I agree with Susan Richards; as much as I love the oats & honey, I would like a variety box with different fruits. Good job KIND!!! Keep it up!! :)
Claudia 4/17/2014


I've had other "healthy" bars but I read somewhere the kind bars were not only good in taste but good for you, so I decided to give them a try. After purchasing the small box I am not going back to any other bar. I had the Oats, Honey and coconut. They are so good, I even shared it with coworkers and they are going to purchase these. Although I might try other flavors I think I will stick to this one no matter what. Love!
LM 3/17/2014

Perfect Snack

Just the right size for a delicious snack.
Stefanie parks 1/24/2014


Awesome. Love love love this snack. Had to hide them from my hubby so he would not eat all of them :)
Susan Richards 1/23/2014


I just tried this variety of KIND bars for the first time and absolutely love them! Just as they say.....they are chewy with a crunch. I like the 5 grain concept and totally appreciate the fact that these are DAIRY FREE!! I would LOVE to see more varieties of these with fruits (e.g. apricot, blueberry, apple, raisin, mango...) Even better would be a variety pack of these different kinds of fruit bars. :) I have loved every flavor of KIND bar I've tried, but find that there are too many that I must avoid because of dairy. Keep up the great work!!!
Sandy 11/12/2013

Definitely recommend

I love the Kind bars but wasn't sure when I picked up these. They are really good and perfect when you are looking for a healthy snack. I also love that they are milk free unlike many grain/granola bars (because I am lactose intolerant).
Lana Hutchison 10/20/2013

YUM and nutritious

For years, I've been looking for something nutritious, high in protein and fiber, that WAS NOT too sweet. Very hard to find until now with the KIND bars. Just love them.

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