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An engaging handbook for success in business, life and the all-important task of building a more compassionate world.

In Do the KIND Thing, Lubetzky shares the revolutionary principles that have shaped KIND’s business model and led to its success, while offering an unfiltered and intensely personal look into the mind of a pioneering social entrepreneur. Inspired by his father, who survived the Holocaust thanks to the courageous kindness of strangers, Lubetzky began his career hand selling a sun-dried tomato spread made collaboratively by Arabs and Jews in the war-torn Middle East. Despite early setbacks, he never lost his faith in his vision of a “not-only-for-profit” business—one that sold great products and helped to make the world a better place. By using illuminating anecdotes from his own entrepreneurial journey, and celebrating past failures through the lessons learned from them, Lubetzky leaves the reader inspired and equipped with practical ways to challenge assumptions and avoid false compromises every day.

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Shelly Samra 1/14/2018

Life Changing

I got to read the book by coincidence. My brother ordered it to my house and before giving it to him, i read it, and i believe nothing gets to us by coincidence, and it wasnt, this book changed my life, the way i feel about doint things, and achieving them.

I am a Mexican Jew who moved to Ny, And instead of feeling the pressure, uncertainty and fear that comes with this great city, your story, your words, give me inspiration, strength and motivation. I love KIND, and i've been a client for years! Because , as most of us , I love the flavor and the healthiness in but i didnt knew everything that was behind your products.

Now im a conscious and committed customer, and a happy one.
KIND is not a product, KIND is a way of living.
Thanks for sharing you story, you've changed mine!

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