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Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants with Macadamia Nuts | KIND Nut Bars Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants with Macadamia Nuts | KIND Nut Bars

cranberry almond + antioxidants with macadamia nuts

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12 bars

product description

We just love a good old-fashioned love story: tart cranberries meet crunchy almonds at a KIND mixer for a match made in snacking heaven. This bar is sweet and tangy with a little crunch - exactly the perfect ingredients for a delicious future.

Contains 13g of fat per bar. Contains almonds, macadamias and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Propylene Glycol - Also used in anti-freeze, manufacturers use this as a thickener and preservative in food. Let us repeat: also used in anti-freeze.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


These beautiful red berries are native to North America and we get the very best: firm and slightly tart from various regions including New England and Canada.


Did you know that it takes up to 300 pounds per square inch to crack open the shell of a Macadamia? Fret not, we've cracked them so you can enjoy their delicious nutty flavor.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

114 reviews
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Miarou 9/7/2017


So good! This is my favorite bar by KIND that I have tried so far. All the flavors really complement each other and it's so satisfying.
Twanna George 7/25/2017

I am gluten intolerant and someone offered me this, i totally fell in love with it

I rate this product 100%, it has the sweet, the salty and the crunchy I need to satisfy every craving. Thank you for making a great bar that is gluten free.
Juli 6/29/2017

Absolutely Great Snack!

Very satisfying and so delicious. Easy grab and go bite, both for young and old, unbeatable taste.
Charlene 2/12/2019

Delicious!!!! Loved the combination of nuts and sweet cranberries.

Saw this produce in store but it was too costly, Was in local Harmon the other day and it was on sale and they had this one so I decided to buy one and try it. Love at first bite. I'm a big fan of almonds, macadamian nuts and cranberries and this had all of them in quantity. No added ingredients. Thanks, I'll definitely buy them again.

Al Widel 12/13/2018

One of the best.

I have been using this type of bar from another company and it was my favorite snack. Then at the store I noticed Kind made the same bar.
Out of curiosity I bought a Kind Cranberry & Almond and thought that I
would try it for fun. Wow, the nuts were great never had anything like it.
Now I'm hooked what a great product. Customer forever.

Thank you,

Donna Yewell-Burke. 10/18/2018

I am a newbie trying your product. I had the chocolate with mint the other morning and I enjoyed it, so I tried your cranberries { which I love} with macadamia nuts yesterday. I was very disappointed with this product. It had no macadamia nut at all. Onl

I am trying to eat right and live a healthy life style. This bar did not live up to expectations.Sorry kind. you need to be true to your listing ingredients.
Mary 11/19/2017

Excellent flavor!

I love this flavor! The bar is a little sticky, so be careful!
Lesley miralda 7/26/2017

Quiero comprar

Son mis favoritos. Son exselenres
sticky fingers 9/10/2015

feel like a 2yr old when try to eat these

These don't package well. Great flavor but every single time I've purchased them the bar sticks to the wrapper. It never falls to cause me a big sticky mess when I try to eat it and that defeats the purpose of grabbing a bar on the go. It's a sticky mess on the go. I will never buy these again
kimmie 7/1/2015

the best

Had one for lunch at work loved it went back bought the rest of the box so so so good
Deb 3/9/2015


Love this combination of cranberries and almonds. Always keep one in my purse, car and at work.
I used to eat chips and have now converted over to the NICE bars. I will drive the extra miles to find
a store that carries them. My mother also has become an avid fan of the coconut and almond and has switched over from her having to have coconut ice cream. Much healthier choice and filling as well. Thank you making these bars more available and at an affordable price for those on social security.
food chick 2/24/2015


I've tried several KIND bars. This is the only one that stuck in my mind after eating it. I would buy one bar about 3 times a week. Now I gave in and I have a whole box on hand so I can enjoy a bar about every other day. I really cannot believe how fresh it tastes!
Courtney 2/20/2015


I just tried KIND bars for the first time in this flavor! It was much tastier than I imagined it would be. I love nuts but didn't think I'd be a fan of the cranberry as much. To my surprise, it was all delicious! It was the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Love it and can't wait to try out different flavors. I try and watch my sugar intake, though. Next time maybe I'll try one with a lower sugar content.
Gary 2/18/2015

pretty chill

Had one when i was hungry and i liked them so i bought them all lol my bad
joan 11/15/2014

Number One

Cranberry Almond is my favorite one!
belinda 11/5/2014

awesome awesome awesome

i dont do healthy but this is awesom !!
Jessica 10/31/2014


This is my all time favorite.
Eric 10/6/2014

Cranberry Almond

First review I have ever written. Great taste, curbs my hunger, quality ingredients! Looking forward to trying different ones! Nice job!
Eric 10/6/2014

Cranberry Almond

First review I have ever written. Great taste, curbs my hunger, quality ingredients! Looking forward to trying different ones! Nice job!
Laurie 10/2/2014


I agree with everything said above and MORE!!!!!!!! Cranberry Almond has me hooked but anxious to try the others as well.
Yvonne 9/17/2014

Very Good. Healthy. My KIND of bar

I found my bar at the airport while traveling. Where can I find this bars, besides the web site? I saw the nuts and cranberries and thought "I will try this." Once thing I really will like to see is the ingredients on the web site so we can see the nutritional value on this bars. :-)
Francesca 9/11/2014


today is my first time tasting the kind bar and my first impression is OMG I AM IN LOOOOOVVVEEEEE!!! ITS AMAZING and it satisfies my sweet tooth and i have a HUGE sweet tooth
Angela 8/30/2014

The BEST snack ever!

I love, love, love the Cranberry Almond bar. I buy the whole box whenever I'm in a store that sells them. Now that I can order them online I'm even more excited! This is a wonderful alternative to candy for those of us that are snackers. My sweet tooth is satisfied and I don't feel guilty after eating it. Absolutely delicious!
Kristin G 8/17/2014

Best ever!

Literally the best snack ever. I eat one every day to satisfy my sweet craving. Better than any candy bar ever, plus I'm lactose intolerant so this being dairy free is AWESOME!!!!!!
Plus the dark chocolate cherry bar is wonderful to, every one should definitely try EVERY flavor. Promise it's worth it.
Lisa 8/1/2014

Where have you been all my life?

This is hands-down the best thing I have tried in the past 20 years. I totally love junk food and have been trying to eat healthier, so I gave in and bought one of these to try-out; it's actually BETTER than just about every candy and snack item I've ever eaten! Sweet, chewy, crunch, and orgasmically tasty!!! Plus, it's good for me :) Thanks, KIND!!!
Deidra 7/14/2014


Tried one today and it was awesome! Wasn't sure about the cranberry but loved it! I thought at $1.60 at Walmart it was a little pricey; however, if you compare the price of a candy bar and the nutrient content of was so worth it. Will buy more for sure and try other flavors.
Kat 7/9/2014


Tried one of these in the cafe at work. They are SO tasty that I'm online @ 9:54pm searching for local retailers. I can't wait to try all varieties.
Clint J. 7/8/2014


I love these and would give it 6 stars if i good. The best part is that its a healthy snack and no dry like all the other healthy products out there. Great job KIND!!!
Amy 7/5/2014

Love these!

I'm usually not a big fan of granola/nut type bars, but I happened to try a few varieties of Kind brand, and they are so good! I also love that they don't have a lot of junk in them. My favorite is the cranberry almond (really, really good!) followed by the almond coconut. I plan to try more flavors. These bars are great for breakfast on the go, or a snack during the day.
Josie 4/1/2014

Love it

I was very worried about trying this bar mostly because it didn't have any chocolate and was wondering how it would taste. I must say this is the yummiest thing i've ever tried. I don't even think the chocolate one will live up to this flavor, I cant wait to try it though. If they were cheaper I would buy these every week.
sonya K 3/28/2014

sonya Kuznof

I love these bars,but having trouble finding them at localstores
Dayna S. 3/20/2014


These bars were recommended from my nutritionist and I am in love. They are not only delicious but healthy and high protein. They have everything you can possibly ask for. I am so excited I found my new absolute favorite snack. Thank you! Job well done. Thank you for so many choices as well. Can't wait to try all the varieties. :) HUGE FAN!!!
Marie 3/19/2014

Say NO to GMOs!

I cannot applaud your company enough for being GMO free! These bars are delicious. I crave them, when I run out I HAVE to go purchase more to relieve my KIND craving. I eat 3 or more a day and always want more, which is fine as they are EVERYTHING a great snack should be. Will purchase these over anything else for life. Your #1 fan! Thank you for a fantastic product which I recommend to everyone I know.
Stephanie 3/5/2014

5 ****** (star)

These are the best snack bars I've ever tasted. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful tasting snack that we all can enjoy!
Kimone 2/19/2014

Great snack!

Delicious snack and very fulfilling. It satisfies my sweet craving and answers my midday hunger. Great product and worth the purchase!
Annette 1/29/2014

Cranberry Almond Bar

Better than a candy bar !!
Alicia Moore 1/12/2014

Absolutely Wonderful!!!!

I ran across the KIND bars a few days ago on my college campus after a class. I finally tried the Cranberry Almond bar Friday morning after doing PT with my unit. Being a soldier and a student always on the move these are great to have around to eat. I will continue my healthy eating and tell everyone I know to try these. These were awesome after my 3 mile run. I will be buying more. Thanks!!! :)


Bryson 9/17/2013


I recived a couple of these bars at the end of my 5k race. I also got other things like a banana, an apple, and some chocolate. I just threw these bars in my bag and ate the other items. A couple days later I went on a short 2 mile run and when I got home I opened up one of these bars and what can I say they are AMAZINGLY AWSOME!!! I love that they are all natural, gluten and wheat free, high in fiber, and are dairy and cholesterol free. Along with other amazing ingredients. I can't wait to get my hands on all of there other products. I had a total of three bars. And I didn't want to eat all three after my run. A I went on a run later that day just to eat another bar. Then I got up the next morning and had the bar before my run and it gives you that little extra boost you need to keep going. I love these bars, they are so good I can't wait to get some more. Great product THANK YOU!!!
Joyce Cahill 9/12/2013

Cranberry Almond bar

My daughter gave me one of your bars while I was up visiting in Illinois. I brought it home with me and had it today and it was delicious. None of the stores down here in Florida sell the KIND bars or products. I like the all natural ingredients..I'm in a city north of Clearwater and Tampa. Do you have any stores down here that you know of that carry KIND@f0
Danielle 9/4/2013

Love these for the flavor, Non-GMO and SOY-FREE!

My favorite! Great taste, non-GMO (which is so important), and AWESOME that there is no soy or soy lecithin in some of the products! Trying to stay away from soy and soy by-products is so difficult these days, so thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping the Cranberry Almond+ SOY-FREE!! I've been telling all of my friends and family about the Kind products :-)
LINDA 9/4/2013


Karen 9/1/2013

I want more GF bars without peanuts or yogurt!

I really like your almond, macadamia and cranberry bars. They are my favorite so far. I just wish more stores here in Phoenix, AZ carried them.
Stephanie 6/14/2013

the best

Its heaven! Simply divine! Kudos to Kind snacks!
Siew 6/3/2013


I liked these - some Kind peeps were handing these out at The Color Run. I enjoyed the macadamias and the tangy cranberries. Mmm!
Patty 5/11/2013

Ooooey Goooey Deliciousness

Being gluten free, I grabbed 2 of these from a convenience store as a quick snack while on a road for me and one for the hubby.... Well, I took one bite and was instantly hooked! Crunchy, chewy, and great tasting!! Later that evening, I began looking for the other bar thinking my husband couldn't have eaten it since he picked out some other things while at the store..... Boy was I wrong!! The KIND Bar was no where to be found but the other things he picked out were still there!
sonia 4/30/2013

Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants

My husband started buying kind bars at the store, and these are his favorites. One time I didn't have time to make breakfast and he gave me some to take to work and oh my gosh, no wonder he doesn't want me to make him peanut butter and honey sandwiches anymore! These are SO delicious!
Jennifer 4/18/2013

Ommnomnom <3

I have never really been inclined (inKIND if you will) to write a review on food before, but OH MY GOODNESS, there are not enough wonderful things to say about these! I am not usually a giant fan of granola-y type bars, as they all kind of taste the same, but they are great to keep in your desk as a healthyish type of snack. These, however, are freaking AMAZING! The texture, the sweetness, the balance - I actually crave them now :D Thank you so much for such a fantastic product - for once the pricey tag is actually worth it.
sophia 4/18/2013


my first time trying and its absolutely delish!
Anna 3/22/2013


A healthy snack for any occasion!!!!
Anonymous 3/2/2013

Eh...not the Cranberry Almond

I love Kind Bars but the Cranberry Almond flavor tastes weird.
Tammy Stuckey 2/28/2013

Yum first bite !!!!

I love these tastey bar's feel's good eating something healthy . I wish u sale them at Walmart's at a cheaper price. I like to buy them, but on a budget like to have 2 a day but cant afford that. But they very good !!!!!
Carl 2/14/2013

Too sticky

I love the taste of the bar, however, all of my shipments have demonstrated that the bar is too sticky..... the wrapper sticks to the bar and I have to wash my hands after attempting to remove the wrapper in order to enjoy the bar. This is not true of other bars that I order. Very diappointed.
Cher D'Amaka Acshion 2/6/2013


i LOVE IT! The taste is great and it is loaded with vitamins!
Trisha 1/29/2013


I Just LOVE! LOVE! My Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants Bars they keep me feeling awesome...... thanks for creating them!!! :-))
Nancy 1/21/2013


This is a great treat, love the taste.!!
Dariah 1/13/2013


I am not into healthy foods. But the Cranberry/almond bar is the best!! I have to limit myself to 1 bar a day. Or I just can't stop myself. I keep wanting to try other bars but I just can't!
Luke 1/7/2013

Makes Giving Up Candy Bars Easy

I've had several versions of the KIND Bars, and Cranberry Almond is probably my favorite. I do the Paleo-Diet, and while not all the ingredients are paleo-approved (i.e., honey, soy, and puffed rice), most of the ingredients are and it's an overall healthy snack. I consider it a non-guilty cheat from the diet and limit myself to only one per day (which can be kind of hard). Eat it slowly, savor that great taste, and pat yourself on the back for choosing this product over the Snickers/Butterfingers.
Sharee 12/5/2012

Cranberry Almond Bar

I love this bar. Yes the bars are a bit expensive but they are better for you than that 200+ calorie chocolate bar. I found that putting the bar or part of in in your hot bowl of oatmeal is a wonder and delightful addition to your breakfast. It melts right in to give you great texture and pleasant flavors. Umm Umm good!
Denise Costa Ferreira 11/26/2012


I'm Addicted!!!
Denise Costa Ferreira 11/26/2012

I LOVE!!!!!!

I love, but, i'm brazilian...
Cynthia 10/14/2012

life changing!

I am overweight and have some health problems. So, I could either
change my eating habits and get healthy or be miserable and remain unhealthy.
I didn't want to give up my sweets! Thanks to these amazing kind bars...I can " have my cake and eat it too" ! Thanks kind for changing my life!
MarieV 9/30/2012


yummmm love it!
SUSAN 9/18/2012

Great bar for on the go!

It's the perfect balance of both fruit and nuts. I'm usually famished after my strenuous workouts and they hit the spot on the ride home from the gym.
Jessica 9/18/2012


These are delicious! Love the macadamia nuts in this!
Emily 8/11/2012


These bars are incredible! I just spent 3 days in Disneyland and I brought these bars with me to stave off hunger. I love that they are healthy and gluten free! I can't wait to try the other flavors, if they are even half as delicious as this one, they will be better than any other snack bar on the market!
Rebecca 7/21/2012

Excellent snack bar

Reading the reviews I'm impressed by the fact that you can never make every one happy at the same time. These bars are good and healthy, if they dont fit your nutritional preferences try another KIND bar. I can tell my blod sugar is more stable and my waist is steadily shrinking. Overall- these are a valuable tool to maintaining my health. This flavor was the first one I ever tried and I just graduated to the kindaholic variety pack- wow! Thnks for all the choices to eating healthy! Oh, and my teenagers love these too- that's saying something!!! Keep the KINDness coming!!
N 7/10/2012


I love the Cranberry Almond Kind Bars - they are my fav!
Saxi. ;D 7/6/2012


My mom bough five of these, I tried one, and I am absolutely in love. :)
I just wish they were cheaper, but I'm glad that we're getting what we paid for.
I love these, and plan on buying them online. :)
ELLEN 6/12/2012

All Kind Bars

I 'm a Flight Attendant and I have tried most of your bars at one time or the other and I love everyone of them,
In fact I never leave for a flight without my container of Kind Bars, which I share sometimes with my crew members, so they can learn about your product.
Carol 5/12/2012

Great!!!! But...............

These are wonderful, but are they OK for diabetics?? The sugar content seems pretty low, and the other ingredients are so healthy!
Holly 5/9/2012

So Amazingly Good

Tried these bars last year and can't seem to get enough....they always run out of these at Starbucks. I eat this before tennis and feel great. Just enough energy w/o a huge amount of calories. Wouldn't classify myself as a 'bar' type of person, but this is the only bar I will eat. Just perfect! Need to order online now to ensure availability.
Mark Baumann 4/27/2012

Contains one ingredient that ruins the bar

I thought I would like this bar, it tastes great. Reading the ingredients, though I found out that it contains SOY. (soy lecithen)
Soy is GMO poison, It has no place in health foods. Don't kid yourself on this issue, soy is the most highly processed and genetically modified food in the system. It is as destructive as HFC and fluoride.... Avoid it at all costs!
I love KIND products, but, will avoid the ones with soy, until it is removed.
Keep up the great work.


emma 3/26/2012


i love these so much! the mix of cranberries and almonds, plus the crispy puffs and macadamia nuts, make this bar the PERFECT combination!!!
Earlene 3/24/2012


I was in the whole food store on my lunch break and was so hungry. At the checkout was a box of KIND, I thought wow, they look pretty good. Quickly I check out the contents resulting in me buying just one. Ate it in the car and kick myself for not buying more, I have been back several times and am now ready to purchase on line. Cranberry/Almond is the absolute best.
Vegan 3/24/2012


First bite was good, I tried my best to read to tiny ingredients font at the store ,now that I can access the ingredient list online I see there is Honey
included. I bet they would be just as good without any animal products (hint ,hint). If it wasn't for that I'd be a long time customer, I wish I could finish this tastes great.
Lyn Sims 3/3/2012

Grab em if you see em!

Tried them when they were 1st introduced at the local grocery store, now they are always out! Buying online now! Great addiction, these are the best of any brand by far.
Nancy 2/29/2012

Thisbar keeps changing lives!

I picked my first cranberry almond bar up at Starbucks. I started buying them every day when I went in. I kept giving them to friends and they started switching too. When I was diagnosed as a Celiac (allergic to gluten) we were thrilled that this was still a great choice. We ordered them online for a better price and so we never ran out. Every three months wasn't enough when my husband converted from Kashi bars to my cranberry. We changed our order to a case every two months. We usually run out before the next shipment so we go raid the shelf at Meijer until our next shipment arrives. Even my friend who is in hospice, and can't eat any solids,can digest these without any problems. What a miracle find for us and our friends! Thank you!
Cristina 2/1/2012

Great an refreshing!

Tried this bar October 2011 as a snak after my first 5k and I give it to KIND, this was a great snack. Not heavy at all like other bars, felt refreshed and sat great on my stomach. Kudos!
DARLENE 1/18/2012


Christina 12/13/2011


this is one of my Favs!! this bar taste amazing, and yes, these taste better than candy bar
Susan 12/7/2011


I've just tried these for the first time in my life and they are delicious! Why eat candy bars. This is the perfect 4pm snack!
Michele Barard 11/29/2011

I could eat these all day!

This is the most lovely, satisfying and positively addictive snack bar I have ever had the great pleasure to eat.

I expect I will spend what little inheritance my children would have received on these bars from this point forward.

Thanks, Ellyce, for introducing me to Kind Snacks!
Felicity 10/6/2011


These bars are just the ticket for breakfast on the go and snacks in between meals! I even break them up and add them to my morning oatmeal. Super delish!!!
Pam mcBee 9/29/2011


Every time I am at my local grocery store, I BUY THEM OUT!!! My fav flavors are Cranberry Almond and Almond Coconut!! LOVE :)
Jessica 9/29/2011


I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was in San Francisco earlier this month and was handed a KIND Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants bar from the food truck. I brought it home to Canada with me. After my first bite, I went to your website to see where I can get more. I regret not having it sooner as it's not sold here and will need to purchase online. Please bring KIND to CANADA soon!
Christian 9/18/2011


This bar is totally delish. Nuff said.
JENNA 8/9/2011


Just picked one of these up as they were new at the Grocery Store... yum- and wow-they are YUM! Every bite was heavenly! And so innocent! I quick hurried and ordered 2 cases-one for me and one for my bf in London. We are foody's and I know he will love these too!
Melody 8/9/2011


I normally hate almonds but I decided to give this one a try since I had heard good things about it and I love Cranberries and Macadamia nuts. This was surprisingly good and better than those other bars with the endless lists of ingredients.
Lidia 7/29/2011


Beyond my extreme expectations!
NANCY S. 7/13/2011


I went to starbucks to get my ethos water, and was feeling kind of hungry , but didn't want to eat yet so I saw the cranberry almond kind bar and it looks good! I mean it has cranberry and almond! And 190 calories! I took a bite and that was it!!!! I am hook on this bar! Not only its yummy but it does curves my appetite and felt full for a while. IS SWEET, YUMMY, AND GOOD FOR YOU! =)
wow 7/13/2011


This was way beyond my expectations I am officially a fan now!!!
nancy mc. 7/7/2011


Really great for camping. Not dry. Really yummy.
Jill 6/27/2011


Just happened to pick up (3) bars and tried the Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants. They are delicious! Can't wait to try the other! I would describe these as eating nuts covered in honey with some fruit - AWESOME
Sgurdon 5/23/2011

No ranting - No raving

Try one, you'll understand why I give it a 5!
Cara 4/15/2011

No more candy

My doctor told me to stop eating Candy bars and since he is runner, he recommended KIND bars. I LOVE THEM!! My favorite is the cranberry, but I just ordered Blueberry/Pommegranate/Pistachio .Who needs candy anymore? These taste great, don't melt and tame the cravings fro sweets. If htey'd only make Pistachio/Mango MMMMM!
sherbear 4/11/2011

super yummy !

Just discovered these bars at Trader Joes. Did a 3 hour hike and had one of these bars as a scooby snack. Absolutely wonderful and packed with everything I could ask for without being too heavy or full of processed stuff.

Thanks KIND!
Robert 4/2/2011

Cranberry Almond Bar

I just gave up my Snicker's addiction.
Kathy 3/16/2011


Fantastic - never go to site on line but had to this time. I want it - I need it! 3/13/2011

my new snack

I randomly grabed this in the wholefood line. I knew i should have gotten 2 but I wasn't sure because it was my first try. I regretted not getting 2 when i bit into it on the train. It was on point, I had to look into getting more, cheaper; which led me to the site. will def get more!
Lisa 2/1/2011

Uh, Yummy!!!!!!

This one is my favorite, but I've enjoyed everyone that I've tried thus far! Looking forward to the next flavor, which one will it be? They all sound so good....
Kay 1/19/2011

My Favorite

I love all the bars but this is my favorite and go-to when I need a morning pick-me-up. Gluten and dairy free is an added bonus.
Uche 1/16/2011

Gotta love it! Gotta have it!

Can't get enough of Kind Bars... They are like no other.
Sara 1/14/2011

By sara 01/13/2011

Very very good
wally 12/19/2010


Delicious.. Luv it!!
Rainy 12/17/2010


HealthNUT 12/11/2010


Love any of these bars! way better than those with rediculous amounts of added sugars!
Candace 12/10/2010

Luv it!

I am ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonia 12/9/2010

Awesome, by far the best!!

These bars are fantastic!! The cranberry gives this bar just the right amount of sweetness.
C Davis 12/7/2010

Marvelous taste

The flavor and the quality of these bars are superb!
Janet 12/1/2010


I love these bars! The taste is fantastic without being too sweet. Satisfies cravings.
angela 11/23/2010

love these bars

I will never eat another bar after trying this Kind Bar there amazing
Deborah 11/19/2010


These are wonderful

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