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Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond | KIND Nut Bars Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond | KIND Nut Bars

dark chocolate mocha almond

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product description

We agree coffee is too good to be limited to one cup of joe in the AM. Savor the taste of dark chocolate mocha all day with this buzz worthy almond-packed snack with 5g of sugar per bar.

This bar has 5g sugar; the average nutrition bar has 12g sugar. Contains 15g of fat per bar. Contains almonds and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Synthetic Colors - We think our ingredients are beautiful enough on their own, so we don't hide their good looks with any synthetic coloring like Red-40, Yellow-5 or Yellow-6.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.

unsweetened chocolate

Also known as baking chocolate, this simple mixture of chocolate solids and cocoa butter provides a strong, deep flavor we love.

coffee powder

A dark roast Arabica coffee that comes from the seed of the coffee fruit, it's only called a bean because it looks like one!

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

36 reviews
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Jeff Ogren 10/24/2017


Love this bar! It is the perfect on-the-go lunch!! Keep up the great work!
Shannon 9/16/2017

Never on the's that good

It's been said but I'll say it again ...Hands down these are the best!!! I have a sweet tooth that I'm trying to tame & these glorious bars take the edge off. It's hard to find them in stores, so stock up!!! You won't be disappointed!!! Generous amounts of yummy chocolate and guilt freeeeeeee....
Shaundelyn 6/23/2017

The Best Nutrition Bar I've ever had.... and I've had a lot!

Hands down the best tasting and fulfilling bar I've had and for it to be so healthy! I never leave reviews but I just had to for this bar. In even ordering some online!
Barbara 10/12/2018


The mocha chocolate is the best combo ever. They are also the one flavor that does not have peanuts for those of us who avoid them. Absolutely the best bar!
Michael 8/20/2018

Really tasty bar, passed the test with all 6 in my house

I was surprised to see one of these in my last order from the KIND snack club. It seems KIND wanted me to try one so they snuck it in worked! I'm back to order more! We cut it in 6 bite sized pieces so everyone got a taste (ages 42 through 2) and everyone was looking around to see if there was more. My youngest even cried over it and she's not usually very emotional over food. Anyway, good stuff - we had been wanting to change up our usual bars anyway but this gave us the nudge we needed. Great texture, great taste (not artificial in any way), and I'm always happy when these don't have milk solids or whey protein, as we eat mostly plant-based foods. You won't regret trying these! Thanks, KIND!
Diane 4/26/2018

delicious i love them definitely a 5 star

absolutely love them.
Tim 4/17/2018

In my top 3 kind bars!

Great taste, I love the low sugar and low sodium. These make a great breakfast! I have a kind bar every morning for breakfast!
Gretchen 3/20/2018


I have started to read labels. I found that this bar is lower on the sugar & sodium scale. It also has a significant about of fiber. Not to mention the great taste. I am so happy that I found this. It is my new "obsession". When I find this flavor on the store shelf I try and pickup as many as I can. Sorry fellow shoppers but 1st come 1st serve. Thank you for making a great product and don't stop making this flavor.
Sophia 10/25/2017

My favorite Kind bar

There's no doubt that this is the best Kind bar. It has the perfect combination of almonds, chocolate, and coffee and is delightfully satisfying and has very low sugar content. I'm not sure how much caffeine is in these though, but I can certainly feel the effects, especially since I don't drink coffee regularly.
Mel 6/17/2017


Very good as a dessert or candy bar replacement and much more healthy.
linda 5/21/2017

good morning snack

one of my favorite flavors love having these with my morning coffee
Christine 6/24/2015


As much as I would love to buy these in bulk...Walmart is still cheaper.
Too many claories 6/23/2015

Yummy for sure but not exactly healthy.

Too much sugar, and using canola oil, reall? . Kind, maybe to your taste buds, healthy no way!
KIND Addiction 5/21/2015

Hawaiian surfer gal loves KIND snack bars

I love your KIND snack bars and am addicted to them. They are perfect healthy snack treats for me, at work, home, and while on the go. Unfortunately, stores in Hawaii double the price to consumers, which is unfair as a local consumer and bad for the merchants. So I now purchase bulk variety snack bars from Amazon, saving me money, able to purchase more, and now a happy consumer enjoying your KIND snack bars. I am always looking for lower reasonable prices online; no longer purchasing them locally here in Hawaii, sadly. Thanks for your KINDness attention and letting me share!
Mia 5/5/2015


I'm lactose intolerant and I always have trouble finding chocolate bars that are dairy free. These are super tasty and satisfying. They have a really good chocolate/coffee flavor which I love.Thank you KIND for making awesome bars that everyone can eat @D
Maria 5/1/2015


I grabbed one of these from Starbucks and now I am looking for them every time I'm there. I think I will buy them in bulk to keep at home and will possibly order some for my office. They are SOOOO GOOOD!
cindy 4/21/2015

greatest bar ever

I have several different varieties of your products. I find this bar the most delicious plus being a health snack.
Trisha 4/18/2015

Soooo delicious...

I've told everyone I know about these bars. They are by far the most delicious healthy snack I've ever tried. I call them "Crunchy Heaven".
Cynthia 1/26/2015

Delicious: a perfect combination!

I have tried almost every one of them and this is one of my favorites. Not to sweet, with a light coffee taste that complements the dark chocolate,plus all the crunchiness, low sugar and high fiber make it a healthy option for an afternoon snack.
Monica 11/12/2014

Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Love

One word-Wonderful!! I know who will be getting all my money from this point forward.So glad they are only 5g of sugar, guess my kids will be getting a new snack soon!
Smith 10/22/2014


This is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. My new bae!
Kyle 10/20/2014

Holy Buckets!

The tastiest of all the KIND bars. Needless to say, I'm hooked.
E.Walker 10/20/2014

Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond...Yum!

This bar is my new favorite! The perfect blend of mocha, chocolate & almonds with only 5g of sugar.This is the type of treat that makes it esy to make healthier choices.I received this bar before particpating in AIDS Walk Atlanta 2014 and I can't wait to find them in stores.
Stephanie 10/20/2014

The ultimate! A mild hint of coffee meshes with almonds and dark chocolate for such a wonderful surprise for your mouth-loads of nutrients, and only 5 grams of sugar! My new fave
Diana 9/30/2014

Super Ridiculous

Why would anyone ever buy a candy bar again? These are so delicious for a fraction of the sugar. Love, Love, Love
LeShea 9/25/2014


I received one of these bars after a training walk and saved it for my mid-day snack. Delicious blend of two of my favorite things, chocolate and nuts without all the sugar. Delicious!
f. john fahlgren 9/12/2014

Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond

As a type 2 diabetic I am looking for a snack to take fishing or biking. This is a healthy bar that meets my sugar balance, but it is also great for taste and enjoyment. The crunchiness is really great for the kind of eater I am as it lasts longer. Extremely satisfying. My wife has found them great too.

T.Wms.RDH 9/9/2014


This is my favorite one so far. Love the dark chocolate mocha combo. I so wanted my sister to enjoy it too however she's allergic to almonds. Have you considered making this one with a cashew or pecan@f0 I'm sure that would be great too. LOVE THIS BAR!!!
Andrea 9/7/2014


HI, I just wanna say that my co-worker brought one of these bars to work and shared it with me as we went for our daily walk during our lunch break. UMM-UMM UMM that was some kinda mouth watering sensation. It had me licking my fingers and looking for more. AMAZING if I do say so myself.
Jean 9/5/2014

The Best

I got these from QVC with the caramel almond and sea salt. My husband said the caramel was the best bar he had ever eaten. I never let him try the Dark Chocolate Mocha because I loved it so much. It has no dairy, no gluten, and no artificial sweeteners, but is low in sugars. Fantastic. I LOVE THESE BARS.
Rady 9/1/2014

Soooo good!!!!!

It's so delicious! I love it! It is my new favorite! You must try it!
Jennifer 8/18/2014


A friend of mine introduced me to the KIND bars. I found the mocha almond one at the hospital I work at. Its the perfect snack!!
Janice 7/6/2014

How much caffeine do these have?

I tried one of these today and thought they were good. However, I can't find anywhere what the caffeine amount in these are. Does anyone know@f0
Vitaly 6/30/2014


I've tried many Kind Bars, but this is the only one that made me write a review. I actually said "wow!" after the first bite. This one has a subtle mocha flavor that isn't overpowering and the bar is not overly sweet. A perfect combination. Dark Chocolate Mocha will be my go to snack at home and on the trail.
Sara 6/12/2014

Meh, not quite tasty to me.

I don't really like the flavor of this mocha bar. It's kind of understated on the coffee and chocolate flavor and does not leave an after taste.
It's worth trying if you can pick one up at a store - but I didn't and now I have a whole lot of these to eat through. It's growing on me a little but I would not reorder this flavor.
Marlaine 6/1/2014


This bar is absolutely delicious! After having to go gluten free, I was very frustratated feeling like there were no "treats" available for me that would actually taste good. My daughter told me to try these bars. I picked out several different kinds to try. I loved the one with dark chocolate and sea salt, but this one was my absolute favorite! I am so happy now to have a delicious snack that is gluten free and low in sugar. Thank you!

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