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maple glazed pecan & sea salt

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product description

Ever wish you were having breakfast in bed but you're already out the door with a million things to do? This sweet and salty nut bar drizzled with golden maple syrup won't help you time travel but it will taste delicious even without the fluffy robe.

This bar has 5g sugar; the average nutrition bar has 12g sugar. Contains 17g of fat per bar. Contains pecans, almonds, peanuts and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Synthetic Colors - We think our ingredients are beautiful enough on their own, so we don't hide their good looks with any synthetic coloring like Red-40, Yellow-5 or Yellow-6.
Featured Ingredients


Slightly sweeter in flavor than a walnut, our Large and Fancy pecans (seriously, that's the description!) are harvested from trees grown in America.

maple syrup

Tapped from the finest maple trees, we use only Pure Grade A Maple Syrup for that perfect amount of all natural sweetness.

sea salt

Harvested in the pristine waters off the coast of Brazil, our prized sea salt has a clean, delicate taste to balance the nutty, fruitiness of our recipes.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

27 reviews
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Mary 11/10/2017

Mouthwatering and highly satisfying!

This is an amazing flavor combination! Texture is unbelievable. Totally scrumptious!
Cynthia Fowler 9/29/2017

wonderful surprise

I had one of these bars at a friends house, not thinking that they would be good. To my surprise, they were wonderful. I had to go and buy some for myself. They were out when I tried to buy more, so I tried the caramel almond and sea salt. They were good, but not as good as the Maple pecan...thanks.
Sue Rabener 9/22/2015

222B Ste

Purchased a Kind Bar at local pharmacy. Loved it! I never eat these type of products. Came home, logged into Website to order bars on-line.
Emzy 11/28/2018


Just had maple glazed pecan and sea salt bar. Delicious! I wanted something relatively healthy that was crunchy, didn’t include dates and wasn’t too sweet. This is my new go to bar!! The salt just makes it so delicious. I’m going to stock up on these x
Vancitygirl 11/21/2018

Perfect for my blood sugar

As a diabetic, getting a good snack that doesn't raise my blood sugar so much is tough. I stumbled on this kind bar in the grocery store and it does the job! it's delicious and very satisfying.
Ashlie Mageau 10/15/2018


The maple glazed pecan is my absolute favorite flavor, a very nice balance of sweet and salty.
Cheryl 1/28/2018

Snack bar heaven! Perfect balance of flavors and not too sweet.

I never liked snack bars until my husband gave me a maple pecan kind bar for a golf tournament. Loved it and this Kind bar is a constant in my golf bag; perfect blend of buttery nut flavor,sweetness, salt, chew and crunch!
Nicole Julian 5/1/2017

The peanuts take away from the pecans

I LOVE pecans and salted sweets, and, don't get me wrong, I LOVE peanut butter. But pecans - and peanut butter - stand alone! The peanuts completely overtake the pecans and it's just disappointing, although the salt balance is spot-on. I'd be willing to pay more for all pecans (and/or almonds) if y'all ditched the peanuts. They just seem like a filler.
Becky 6/16/2015

I LOVE these bars :)

I find these bars so incredibly delish! Have tried the Maple Glazed Pecan and the Caramel Almond Sea Salt....Totally Heaven...I have diabetes, low sugar, not bad in these 2 for carbs...and nutty them!!
Tee 2/7/2015

Dark Chocalate Cinnamon Pecan

I was in the! check out line at my local Winn Dixie and I decided to try this bar for the very first time TODAY, I am in love again. Where has this bar been hiding all my life. Thanks Kind
Al Martinez 11/22/2014

spectacular find

I found these at local IGA in Apalachicola, Florida. Now I know I should have bought more big change from whtat others call a pecan bar. KIND is so different plus you can taste the individual ingredients, Wow!
thank you, now I want to get these home in Vermont too. Delicious, well done folks. well done!
Karen 9/11/2014

The Best

These are a close competitor to the Coconut Almond (probably even my favorite), but they are almost impossible to find. I'm thinking these KIND people are doing this to us on purpose... ;0
Ashley 8/20/2014

The best flavor hands down

I'm not a huge pecan fan (I prefer almonds and cashews anyday)...but I just saw this flavor for the first time and being a lover of maple I had to try it, not expecting to be blown away but I was. I've had just about every flavor and this is hands down bar none my favorite.

Now if only it weren't so difficult to find. So far only one Ralph's store in my area has this flavor.
Elba 8/13/2014

Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt

This is my FAVORITE bar!! Hard to find in stores but sooooo worth it!!
Adam 8/12/2014


By far my favorite. Just the right amount of sweet and salty flavoring. You'll be amazed that they only have 5g of sugar. This is my go-to bar!
Jose 8/4/2014

Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt

Excellent taste, low sugar content, high fiber content.
Janet 6/22/2014

Incredibly delicious!

These bars are soooooo delicious!!!
renee 6/1/2014


I had these bars at work one time and I was hooked! I looovee these and the apple cinnamon pecan! #mouthgasm
LINDA 5/12/2014

Maple, glazed Pecan,Sea Salt

OMG!!!! I found my newest flavor! These are so awesome ...they are hard to find though. I don't understand why Trader Joys in Shrewsbury MA. I asked a associate and he oooooh that sounds like something he could get hooked on!! Keep on going with you flavors(I just can't do the spicy or heat) but I do like most flavor you have
Adriene 4/27/2014


I tried this today and was immediately SMITTEN! I am soooo glad that I bought 2, so I can enjoy the other one tomorrow! It is soooo good it feels like it was a wonderful gift!
Lola 4/19/2014


These are like crack in your mouth... SO tasty, perfect combination of sweet/salty, and the maple-pecan flavors together are AWESOME. Have you ever tried chocolate-covered potato chips? Same idea. It tastes like pure indulgence, but it's actually super healthy! WIn-win!
kara 10/31/2013

It's like a party in your mouth!

Talk about flavor combined with nutritional value with the sweet taste of maple can you say kind bar maple glazed & sea salt :)
Andrea Nixon 9/10/2013


If you like maple- you'll love these! One of my favorites- just
Tried these a few weeks ago- I got 2 free from Vitacost-
Now I'm addicted!
Karlie 7/14/2013

One of my favorites

if you like salty sweet combinations this bar is perfect. The pecans add a great flavor to the bar as well
Lori Sammartino 6/25/2013


These are officially my favorite bars!!!!!! The salty sweet taste is insane!!! Love them!
Cay Griep 6/22/2013

Yummy Cay

Love this flavor!!!!!!!!! Dessert bar! Great with wine!
Suzanne Curtin 5/30/2013

Maple glazed pecan & sea salt

Amazing as all your bars are!!! I purchased a2 boxes thru Buffalo Groupon and received an email from you guys for a 50 % off coupon for my next purchase and lost the coupon number- is there any way I could get another coupon to make a purchase? Thank you - just love your amazing products!!!!

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