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Sweet Cayenne BBQ | Sweet & Spicy Sweet Cayenne BBQ | Sweet & Spicy

sweet cayenne bbq

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product description

Who says “barbeque” has to be “junk food” if it doesn’t come from a grill? Now that’s just unfair. Whether you’re a grill guru or not, you deserve great BBQ taste year-round, and we’ve met the challenge to bring you that here. No artificial flavors or anything greasy, just bold, savory taste. We respect the barbeque. Do you?

Grab health by the nuts®

Contains 16g of fat per bar. Contains almonds. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) - We pick the healthiest, tastiest ingredients we can find so our snacks don't need the help of flavor enhancers like MSG.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.

pumpkin seed

Fun fact: every pumpkin has about 500 seeds. We slow roast each one to perfection for a subtle sweetness and nutty finish.

bbq spice

Our pit master's special blend of Cayenne chili, black pepper, clove and cinnamon- don't ask for more details, they're a secret.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

27 reviews
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Krista 6/8/2017

Love this one!!!

I came across this flavor at the gas station! I keep going in to see if they carry it again and I keep looking at other stores to find it!! Please help: where can I get this flavor near me?
Shayna 10/8/2015

Perfect bar

I am a dietitian and this bar was PERFECT for a high protein snack and low in carbohydrates and sugar. Very natural. Highly recommend to all of my clients, friends, and family members. It is SO tasty too!
Heather 9/23/2015


These are 1 of my favorites of the Strong & Kind line. They smell fantastic, they have a nice tingle on your tongue from the tang of the BBQ favor and, the variety of nuts and seeds you can't imagine it's amazing. I have one of these bars almost everyday for lunch. I love them.
Bruce 7/25/2015


we were given sample of Thai chili and smokey BBQ, wow! we have had the, in our cabinet for about two month and I had a desire for a snack. wife and I are both so surprised on the taste! we are hooked! placing orders tonight! Love to see the price point down to be competive however I understand new business and marketing. This company has the market on unique flavors. The title for the bars don't sound like they will work but the taste tells you different! for the best! Love it!
Christopher 7/22/2015

My Favorite!

This is by far my favorite KIND bar...Great job on the macros + taste combo!!
Annoymous 7/22/2015

Add milk chocolate for Wow factor

Try with chococolate! I ate half of the bar as is, then the second half with milk chocolate and it was quite a pleasant experience!
Jordan 6/22/2015


I stumbled across these while looking for protein bars a few weeks ago. I have been a long fan of the Blueberry Vanilla kind bar, and often order it in bulk, but had never thought of a savory bar. I'm hooked! These, along with the Honey Mustard, have become my recent favs! I am addicted! Please don't get rid of these! No on else makes a savory protein bar or, better yet, a protein bar that tastes good! Plus, the fact that I know all of the ingredients is huge! If these were organic, I'd be over the moon!
Bandit 5/20/2015


I'm a fan if every flavor but this one. While it is certainly a snack worthy of production, I found the flavor to be confusing personally. The delicious taste of the always on point Kind bar hidden behind the unmistakable flavor of a bag of BBQ chips. I didn't love it, but you might!
Janie 5/15/2015

Bike to Work Day treasure

The BBQ honey smoked bar is amazingly delicious! It was handed out at a Bike to Work Day station in Berkeley yesterday, otherwise I'd never have known about it. I'll be a regular customer now! Thanks for creating such an interesting tasting healthy snack.
Liz 4/16/2015


I am indeed captured by the taste of the jalapeno and thai. I fantasy about a box of a mixture of the two. Apparently, I will make this happen. I just don't know when. Is it good@f0 Hell, Yeah! And I say that with a smile. Yesterday, I had the almond and apricot bar as well as the Thai bar. It is going to sound strange, but when I ate the thai bar, I took my time and enjoyed the favor - cause normally I finish one bar and go for another. Savoring the favor of the bar really messed me up. I wish I had brought more than one. Yea, Captured says it all.
Marty 3/20/2015


Love barbeque!This is the perfect "upper" for my hypoglycemia when it kicks in.Lots of protein and moderate carbs.
Takarakoten 3/12/2015


I was on vacation when I received a sample of Honey Smoked BBQ, and i spent the rest of my vacation searching out Be Kind Bars lol loved it!
Thom 2/23/2015

In a world...

...that is overrun by dessert bars, the STRONG bars stand alone. A little sweet, but such a great mix of flavors leaning heavily to the savory side of the aisle. I've only found Honey Smoked BBQ and the Jalapeño bar at my local store. Going to have to track down try the others. Bravo KIND. Really great product(s)!
Jo 2/13/2015

Unusually good

I wasn't hooked on this until my 3rd bite. The flavor is unusual and once my taste buds stopped being in shock, I really enjoyed it. Great ingredient list and slight bit of heat. Also enjoyed the Honey Mustard variety and look forward to trying all of the flavors in this Strong & Kind line.
Miles 1/24/2015

Dream Come True

I work jobs where full meals rarely get eaten at the right times, and in other instances life pushes me away from the traditional grab and go if I want to remain healthy.

Typical nut and granola bars come in sweet flavors, and that can get old.

I love BBQ flavor, as well as some of the others. This particular flavor is my favorite, and I am glad this is now available!
Dean 1/22/2015


One of the best bars I have tried. The smoked BBQ taste is amazing.
Ren 1/18/2015

Too much salt

The use of sea salt hurt this bar for sure. I was biting on sea salt grains and that just made eating the bar annoying. There is also a bit of an after taste that I didn't like. It has that sticky feeling on your teeth like other kind bars so you'll want to brush or rinse after eating. Won't buy this one again unless they reduce the amount of salt and dissolve the sea salt in to the honey. It definitely has a flavour of bbq flavoured snacks but eating it with a piece of fruit can help with the weird after taste. I also picked up the jalapeno one so hopefully I like that one better.
Denise 1/15/2015


As much as I love slow cooked BBQ ribs and grilled BBQ chicken, the Honey Smoked BBQ Almond bar really missed the mark for me. Way more brutal than any BBQ I've ever had even with the honey. This is not for me.
Ana Maria 12/21/2014


This is my favorite of the Strong bars I've tried so far. It's sweet-and-salty, and not overpowering or overdone. I keep a case on my desk at work for sustenance into long hours.
Matt 12/9/2014


I bought this loving BBQ and now want another tomorrow now .hopefully I can find the Hickory! If it is 1/2 as good as the honey BBQ, then I will love it!
Lin 12/8/2014


I love savory bars and this is a great one. Chewy, crunchy with a great BBQ flavor and a hint of honey. Delicious.
Joan Krupicka 11/4/2014

Sweet and salty

I wasnt too sure about tryiing this Kind bar, but it was delicious! Great for someone who is trying to eliminate gluten and cut way down on sugar. I am impressed!
Kat 9/17/2014

Finally a non-sweet great tasting protein bar

Delicious! I love this one and the Roasted Jalapeño is the winner!
Becky 9/15/2014


Aaaaaamazing!!!! So excited about these new bars!
Chas 9/8/2014

Its like PIT BBQ in a snack bar!

It was love at first bite, what is not to like about smoky crunchy goodness.
I started with 1 bar and now I'm buying them buy the case.
Adam 8/12/2014


I had high hopes for these, but the flavor is just pretty awful. Probably would work better with a sweet bbq but this one is more of a smoky salty bbq and it just taste like you are licking a bbq spice rub.
Tracy 5/28/2014

These are awesome!

I just picked up 3 of these bars from my local Kroger the other day. Im obsessed! The honey mustard one was awesome, and Im currently enjoying the honey smoked bbq one. Such a nice addition to the other sweet ones the company makes, nice to have some savory flavors!

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