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Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt + Caramel Almond & Sea Salt | KIND Minis Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt + Caramel Almond & Sea Salt | KIND Minis

dark chocolate nuts & sea salt + caramel almond & sea salt

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product description

You know what they say: good things come in small packages. Miniature ponies. Tiny houses. KIND® Minis. Enjoy all the sweet & salty flavor of two KIND favorites in mini, 100-calorie bars. Because life is too short not to enjoy the little things.

Fill up without filling out®

See nutrition panel for fat content and allergen information. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Artificial Sweeteners - Artificial sugar substitutes like saccharin, aspartame & sucralose that are many times sweeter than sugar but with few to no calories. We prefer the real thing in moderation.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.

sea salt

Harvested in the pristine waters off the coast of Brazil, our prized sea salt has a clean, delicate taste to balance the nutty, fruitiness of our recipes.


Our honey is a special blend made from various wild flower varieties - its subtle sweetness doesn't overpower and creates the perfect texture to hold together wholesome ingredients.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

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JL 3/14/2018

Where have you been all my life?

These little bars are the PERFECT size for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up. I love the fact that they are low in sugar (3g) and gluten free. Not too sweet...a gentle hint of salt to balance things...and the right amount of crunch without breaking your teeth. I love these things! Even got my boss hooked on them :D I just wish I could find them more readily.
Carl 9/9/2018

Way too Salty

Besides the overpowering salt flavor, the other flavors were very good and well balanced. If you like salt, 5 stars.

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