KIND protein from real foodTM

We love the taste of our KIND Protein from Real FoodTM so much that we’re willing to do anything to prove it. We'll even give you a free bar from the largest protein bar brands so you can compare for yourself. Click below to get your free sample of KIND Protein from Real FoodTM and another protein bar of your choice (including free shipping & handling!), while supplies last.

We couldn’t find a protein bar that we liked. So we made our own.

Due to popular demand for a Protein Bar that tastes like real food, all 10,000 of our samples were gone within hours.
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Watch Anna Faris Read Protein Bar Reviews

behind the scenes

Q & A

Q: When we first started talking about this partnership, you shared that you already kept a KIND bar in your bag. Other than KIND Protein from Real Food, do you have a favorite?
A: Yes! I love the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, it’s a perfect mix of salty and sweet.
Q: Your podcast and book are titled “Unqualified”. What “unqualified” snacking advice do you have for other busy moms on the go?
A: Like every other working mom out there, I basically never sit down so making my own snacks is out of the question. Finding healthy choices like KIND that you can throw in your purse is key.
Q: What was it like on set working with KIND?
A: First, I ate about 900 Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars which was awesome. Second, we laughed basically all day. I think the blooper reel confirms what an idiot I am.
Q: Do you have a generally healthy diet or do you like to indulge?
A: I’m not a fad diet or cleanse person at all. I love to indulge sometimes and just make sure I balance that with other healthy choices.

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