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KIND protein from real foodTM

We couldn’t find a protein bar that we liked. So we made our own.

Watch Anna Faris Read Protein Bar Reviews

behind the scenes

Q & A

Q: When we first started talking about this partnership, you shared that you already kept a KIND bar in your bag. Other than KIND Protein from Real Food, do you have a favorite?
A: Yes! I love the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, it’s a perfect mix of salty and sweet.
Q: Your podcast and book are titled “Unqualified”. What “unqualified” snacking advice do you have for other busy moms on the go?
A: Like every other working mom out there, I basically never sit down so making my own snacks is out of the question. Finding healthy choices like KIND that you can throw in your purse is key.
Q: What was it like on set working with KIND?
A: First, I ate about 900 Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars which was awesome. Second, we laughed basically all day. I think the blooper reel confirms what an idiot I am.
Q: Do you have a generally healthy diet or do you like to indulge?
A: I’m not a fad diet or cleanse person at all. I love to indulge sometimes and just make sure I balance that with other healthy choices.

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