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Roasted Jalapeno | Sweet & Spicy Roasted Jalapeno | Sweet & Spicy

roasted jalapeño

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product description

When you see the word jalapeño, do you start to sweat a little? Sweat like you’re waiting in line for the world’s fastest roller coaster? You know, a little nervous, a little excited? Packed with the flavor from jalapeño peppers, this bar is that kind of hot.

Contains 16g of fat per bar. Contains almonds. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) - We pick the healthiest, tastiest ingredients we can find so our snacks don't need the help of flavor enhancers like MSG.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.

pumpkin seed

Fun fact: every pumpkin has about 500 seeds. We slow roast each one to perfection for a subtle sweetness and nutty finish.

jalapeño chili

When we turn on the heat, it's all about the peppers and a jalapeño chili has just the right amount of scorch.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

65 reviews
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William 7/23/2017


Received this bar as a sample in a trial pack I received. Wasn't sure what to expect but it was nothing short of delicious. Just the right balance of spicy, not too much but just enough with a nice roasty/savory bite. I have to say this is actually my favorite Kind Bar now along with dark chocolate sea salt.
Patrick 6/28/2017

My Favorite!

I absolutely love this bar! It's an incredible blend of sweet and spice, crunchy and chewy, nutritious yet get the point. I just wish more stores had it as this product does not seem to be one of the most available varieties of Kind bars.
Jessica 10/9/2015


This is perfect for my husband and I. You can taste the jalapeños and it is actually a little spicy. Not sweet at all. Sometimes I don't want sweet and this is a great alternative.
Jaime 1/9/2019

Literally the best “bar” out there.

Not only does this bar provide high nutritional value but the flavor is exploding with natural flavors that are just perfect.
Rita Scroggs 9/19/2018

Absolutely my favorite bar!!!!

Absolutely my favorite bar and now I cannot seem to get any more :( Please let me know when they become available again.
Nick 7/21/2018

Best Kind Bar -- Please Please Please Don't Discontinue!!!

BEST KIND BAR EVER (and I've had a ton). This is one of those bars that, in your entire KIND arsenal, you save for LAST. Because even the sheer sight of this bar in the cabinet makes me feel that, no matter how hard life can get, everything will be a-okay.

Seriously though, AMAZING,
Emily 4/23/2018

Perfect combination of nutty and spicy

I received this in a sample pack and was excited to try it, have always loved the sweet, spicy combinations. This was pleasantly NOT too sweet and the roasted nutty and jalapeno flavors were perfect. I was sad when the bar was gone.
Kate 3/29/2018

Unexpectedly Delicious

I was not expecting to love these but once I tried it, I was wonderfully surprised - these are SO GOOD! Maybe my favorite KIND bar since they're not too sweet, but have a great well rounded flavor and texture that is crunchy, but also pieces didn't break off when I bit into it.
Mary 11/10/2017

Severe allergic reaction!

Unable to tolerate even the smell of this one!
Me 6/14/2017

Surprisingly good.

Has a good level of spiciness...not too spicy with just a hint of sweetness (definitely more spicy than sweet).
Deb Lavoy 5/31/2017


This is my favorite of all, and the grocery store is always out!
Pat C 10/9/2015

Best protein bar ever

The Kind girls where passing out free ones, i got one ate it this morning and wow the best bar ever. I love jalapeno, can't wait to buy them.
Ann House 10/8/2015

Anyone else?

This bar was made for me. Not sweet, just super tasty and spicy -- can taste and savor the jalapenos, and did I say, NOT sweet? If you like a savory nutty seedy unsweet taste, join me in the love. I'm worried that not enough people will appreciate this marvelous bar, and Kind will quit making it!!!
jen 9/10/2015


Absolutely gorgeous pick-me-up and keep me happy ! A colleague from San Antonio brought a box over to the UK and they have been shared and enjoyed hugely :) We will be plotting to get hold of some more !
Jade 9/9/2015

AMAZING - not too hot - just right

I have been searching for good Savory food bars. THIS HIT THE SPOT. It has a bit of warmth, and the lovely undertone of roasted jalapeno. If you like a 1-2 star dish this is perfect. Not too salty, not too spicey. PERFECT. Thank you KIND for being the right kind of food bar for me!
Angie 8/31/2015


I love them :)
James Augustine 8/14/2015


So I was on a 4 day backpack trip and had purchased a strong Jalapeno bar and was thinking "probably disgusting" but it was really, the highlight of my trip! OMG...I was sitting there and I couldn't get over the taste, as well as the amazing ingredients! Really...great stuff and PLEASE DON'T STOP MAKING THEM!

Dr. A
Evie 8/14/2015

The best of all

I've tried so many snack bars before...... there's nothing like the Strong & Kind Roasted Jalapeno! This is the best of all snack bars I've ever eaten. I love it! If there's a rate of 10, I'll give a 10 for the Roasted Jalapeno........
Elizabeth 8/12/2015


These savory Kind bars are delicious! Please continue to make them. The jalapeño and hickory smoked bars are my favorite so far! THANK YOU!
Erin 8/3/2015

Please don't take my Jalapeno away...

If I can't have Thai Sweet Chili-- this is my go-to snack bar when I am on the run or hitting the books. 10g of savory protein, and only 6g of sugar makes this the perfect pick-me-up when I'm starting to run down. It's not too spicy, but has enough heat to burn its way ahead of the pack of overly-sweet, chewy, cookie-flavored bars that compose the majority of the health food aisle. The texture is awesome-- crunchy nuts (and I love the pea protein crisps) give it some oomph, while the honey holds it together in an ever-so-slightly-sweet spicy chewy-ness. It fills you up, makes the day a little brighter, and is a one-of-a-kind KIND bar. Mix and match it with the Hickory Smoked, the Honey Smoked BBQ, and the Honey Mustard for a selection of savory snacks that won't grow old and will you kicking along throughout your day.
Yosef Hayim 7/20/2015


I used to like Andycap's hot fries when I was a kid. But then my family stopped consuming MSG, which is one of those many wonderful chemicals that are put in our foods to dumb us down. This reminds me of Hot Fries. But it's a whole lot better. And it doesn't have MSG. Or any other crap that's detrimental to the temple.
Alyssa 7/20/2015

Please don't discontinue.

Savory bars! (that aren't just beef jerky wrapped in a granola bar wrapper) These are awesome. I've always wanted a savory bar and have been unable to find one. Need to try the others now. (Love your sweet bars too.)
Sean 7/18/2015

The beat bar

I always hated health bars. Too much sugar, too many calories, just not my thing. Then I found this jalapeño bar.
I actually eat one for lunch and it tides me over for the rest of the day.
I make sure to eat one about an hour before a work out and it gets me through feeling strong! Take one on a hike and it powers me through.
All of the sudden I couldn't find the jalapeño anywhere. It seems everyone discontinued.
I'm not trying to switch over to the chocolate coated flavored, or the other sweet bars.
Please keep these stocked and I will keep buying them.i love the jalapeño flavor!
Madison 7/16/2015

Best afternoon savory snack!

Wow.... I have to admit I was hesitant trying this bar. A friend of mine had some of the savory samples at a Beer Fest recently and she raved about how great they all are.
The jalapeno is the only one I've tried so far and I love it. I've already ordered a box and can't wait to try the others. I wish there was a sample box that had all of them in it.
Meredith 7/3/2015

Savory's everything nice!

I'm writing to say PLEASE do not discontinue the Jalapeno bar! It is incredible and I have crazed about this flavor since I had my first one several months ago. Simply delicious! Although bittersweet, I occasionally share one of my bars with people unfamiliar with the flavor because I feel so strongly that they too will LOVE it. I also like to give these as gifts to my clients. (I work in fitness.) Please take all the the positive comments into consideration and keep these "gems" on our grocery store shelves!
Paula 6/14/2015

Beats all other protein bars hands down!

Don't typically write reviews... But, I read another reviewers request that you guys refrain from discontinuing the jalapeño bars. I'll want to second that. I really like them so much that I've been cruising Target for the past week (four times. 2 different Targets) to no avail. Looks like they're not carrying them anymore. I've looked at Publix too. Publix has the more "common" flavors. But no jalapeño bar! Hence I'm online considering ordering from you. Just hope I can order less than a case. Thanks for making something unique and full of flavor.
Jennifer 5/30/2015

My mouth is in love

Finally protein bars that aren't trying to be candy bars! I love them. And I especially love the jalapeño. Great flavour and a little spicy. Only trouble is they are addictive and I always want more than one. So glad to have these - give the mind behind the development of this one a big kiss. And please don't discontinue them!
The Doctor 4/16/2015

All my 'yes' to these!

When I first came across these "Strong" varieties, I'll admit I wasn't quite sure what to make of them. You get so used to seeing protein bars in nothing but "sweet" flavors that try to mimic candy bars and baked goods (caramel, cinnamon bun, peanut butter, chocolate brownie, et cetera) that the notion of bars with flavors like jalapeno, barbecue, or Thai chili just doesn't quite compute. :) But the local store had them on sale at four for $5, so I figured what the heck, and bought one of each (except the honey mustard, because I knew for a fact I wouldn't like it, seeing as how I hate mustard), and gave them a try...

And ever since then, I make sure I always have a bunch of the Jalapeno and Thai Sweet Chili flavors on hand. Like other commenters have said previously, it is FANTASTIC to finally have some flavor options other than "sweet" or "fruit"!

Unfortunately, it looks like the HEB grocery store chain, at least in this area, is getting ready to discontinue them. I guess people in this area are just too hooked on "sweet" to give "savory" a fair chance. :( I may have to sign up for a subscription...
JK 3/9/2015


This is simply amazing and my favorite of the 5 flavors. Thank you for making savory flavors! These bars are the BEAST!!
Joel McClellan 2/20/2015

Not What I Expected!!

This bar definitely wasn't what I expected. Didn't sound that appealing and then I tried it because I was hungry and it was the last thing left in my lunch box. It was one of the best things I ever put in my mouth. I want a case of each flavor of the Strong Kind bars. The Honey Mustard is awesome as well.
cindy 2/10/2015

wow wow and wow!

The roasted jalapeno samples were the only ones left at the marathon expo I was attending. Jalapeno simply isn't an ingredient I would normally seek out in a protein bar. But I was absolutely blown away by how awesome this bar tastes. Thank you thank you thank you for this delicious, satisfying, nutritious product! It's become my fave snack.
Karen 2/4/2015


I agree...finally someone figured out that not all of us want fruity, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. Not that I don't like these....but, I LOVE the Savory flavors!!!! Thanks for finally giving us an alternative
Jesse 2/3/2015


An alternative to sickly sweet and unappealing meal bars! I'm so sick of seeing Apple cinnamon or chocolate peanut butter- give me something savory and filling. I love these! They are filling, satisfying, and keep me away from the morning sausage/egg biscuit. I'm not stuck wanting more because I would prefer to eat this
JP 1/24/2015


These are fantastic and an excellent vegan protein for a quick meal. Kind bars can get a teeny bit hard for some people in cold weather, but a few seconds ( very few) in the microwave fixes that.
Ana Maria 12/21/2014

Weirdly hard

Yay, Kind for making savory bars!

I think this one is a little better in theory than in practice. The flavors come on a little too strong (just flat out over-seasoned) which I could deal with were it not for the hard brick texture of this particular flavor. Not my favorite Strong bar.
Jen 12/12/2014

Loving the kick!

These are totally yummy. I'm not huge into sweet bars, so this really satisfies my cravings and works well for a quick pick-me-up when there's no time for a full meal!!
Tup 12/10/2014


I am a big fan of savory in general. If someone put two plates in front of me and forced me to choose between say, moist chocolate cake and some saag paneer, I would drop-kick the cake and go for the saag immediately, every time. I am glad there is finally a savory protein bar option (and gluten free, nut-based, etc.). I brought one of these Jalapeno bars last night. Even though I was alone in my vehicle eating it, I could not stop making audible "MMMMMMMM!!!!!!" sounds. Imagine my delight today when I checked Groupon and found a deal on a case of these! I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship...
Christine 12/9/2014

Jalapeno Kind Bars are yummy!!!

LOVE these. Trader Joe's had them, once. Next time I went, none. Need to get them by the carton. SOOOOO Good!
Jen Gah 12/5/2014

An Awesome Addition

Wow! What ans awesome addition to the lineup. I ate one of these around breakfast time and all I could think about is how it tasted like a breakfast burrito and how great it would be for backpacking in the morning or for a afternoon snack. Great job - perfect taste combo and not too spicy.
Amanda 11/14/2014


Is there such a thing as love at first bite??? This bar is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for. Perfectly spicy with a smokey & salty kick.
M Kimanthi 11/12/2014


The roasted Jalapeno bar was well balanced in flavor, the spice was just right. Hands down one of the best bars I have had so far.
Elle 11/11/2014


Just enjoyed my first Jalapeno bar. It was soooo tasty. So glad I decided to try it when I saw it at Trader Joes!
Jessica 11/3/2014

FINALLY! An amazing bar to satisfy my salt tooth!!

I can't even believe this exists. It is impossible to find a healthy, worthwhile protein bar that isn't super sweet. I am obsessed, can't wait to try the other flavors!
Christine grear 11/2/2014

I like kind snack

Peter 10/30/2014


Finally someone came up with a savory bar. I love all the flavors to this point. I haven't tried a couple yet. These are my new go to bars, because they are not sweet I can have them anytime of the day and satisfy that craving for something good and healthy. Awesome job.
Peter 10/30/2014


Finally someone came up with a savory bar. I love all the flavors to this point. I haven't tried a couple yet. These are my new go to bars, because they are not sweet I can have them anytime of the day and satisfy that craving for something good and healthy. Awesome job.
Alexis 10/14/2014


These were delicious and nutritious. I was very surprised that it wasn't really that spicy, but it still has a kick between spicy and sweet. Still an amazing bar.
nay 10/14/2014


Okay...LOVE KIND bars and I love jalapenos but I have to say I was almost repulsed by this combination. I went ahead and purchased...I couldn't refuse it. I just tried it and ate the whole thing. Amazing! Seriously. I also purchased the Honey Mustard...cannot wait to try it. Very Very impressed! Macros are great too. Thanks
rachelle 10/11/2014


I am so hooked. I have 2 or more a day. Love the spiceyness. I've tried all the strong and kind varieties, but jalapeño is my all time favorite. Thanks for making something so delicious and healthy too.
Jim Wilmers 10/9/2014

Jalapeno Bars are Terrific

Read an upbeat article about your roasted jalapeno bars a month ago and decided to give them a try. Purchased a box of 24 and we've gone through about half of them to date. We consider ourselves experienced about energy/dietary/health bars, having tried probably almost 50 different brands over the years, sticking with none for more than a few weeks. These are, far and away, the best we've found. Hope more retailers will wake up and start stocking this and your other products, because they're outstandingly terrific!
Cindy 10/4/2014

Amazing taste and oh, so welcome.

I loved this bar. It was so good to have an option that didn't include extra sugar, sweetness, peanut butter, choc chips in it. Costco has started to carry kind bars but they need this one. the one with mustard is also as amazing.
Sandra 9/25/2014


10g of Soy-Free Protein! Low Sugar! Savory! Spicy! Bold! ::Bows Down to the Strong and Kind Inventors:: So many of us have been waiting for this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for creating a bar that is good and good for you. You're AMAZING!
Lisa 9/22/2014


At first I thought...a jalapeño protein bar? But after my first bite I was in love!!!!! Please, oh please make these available at more stores....I am having a terrible time finding them. QVC needs to sell these for you, too!!
Tara 9/17/2014


This has amazing flavor!
Kat 9/17/2014

My Favorite bar EVER! ! ! Thank You, Thank You!

The best bar PERIOD!
Ruth 9/16/2014


An answer to my prayers. Finally protein bars that are savory and NOT sweet. I've tried 3 of the flavors and they are ALL amazing. Please offer a combo pack! Looking forward to having these in my diet plan. I am excited!
Melissa 9/15/2014

Roasted Jalapeno DELICIOUS!!!

Finally a great tasting protien bar. I'm hooked!
Rick 9/6/2014


Tried on today. Best tasting bar ever.
Claudia hodges 8/28/2014

Roasted Jalapeno YUM

I bought one to try it as I was intrigued by the name..... omg the best one yet.... being from Louisiana the spice is just right. Can't wait to try all the new flavors!!!
LYNDA 8/5/2014


Finally, bars that are real, healthy food - and not filled with sugar. I get tired of all these products that say "healthy" "all natural" and then blow it on the sugar - such a lie. Either that or they are full of junk you can't pronounce. THANK YOU!!!
Susie 5/23/2014


Thanks for a great,satisfying,healthy snack including a little kick of jalapeno to surprise the taste buds!
Paula 5/22/2014


They are fabulous
Ken 5/12/2014

Need to see nutrition breakout for each bar

Need to see grams of carbs, protein and fat. Please add a way to view it easily per product.
Jean 5/9/2014


A nut bar that actually has more protein than the yogurt that I tend to snack on! And it's not toothachingly sweet with sugar, real or fake, like all the ones that tout "all natural ingredients". Since I'm rather sugar-phobic, I find this still a tad too sweet (anything over 4g of sugar fills a bit much), I do enjoy that it is mostly savory and depending on the flavor, spicy. I love every single one.

If you want to really target the athlete and/or super health-conscious types, I would suggest increasing protein to at least 14g and lowering the sugar to 4g or less.
richard 4/21/2014

Roasted jalapeño

Sounds fantastic!

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