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Vanilla Blueberry | Healthy Grains Bars Vanilla Blueberry | Healthy Grains Bars

vanilla blueberry

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product description

The fruity taste of blueberries, the sweet spice of vanilla and five super grains bound together into a wholesome snack for the entire family. This bar is the perfect addition to the breakfast routine or the kids' lunch boxes.

Random snacks of kindness TM

Contains 4g of fat per bar. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
High Fructose Corn Syrup - We stay away from this processed sweetener made from corn starch.
Featured Ingredients

5 super grain blend

Naturally gluten free for the last 10,000 years, these little grains and seeds (Yes, Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit!) pack a nutty flavor and make this whole grain party much more tasty then oats alone.


This sweet, spiced flavor is derived from the seedpods of the vanilla plant which, interestingly, is a vine-like member of the orchid family.


The honey in our bars is a special blend made from various wild flower varieties - its subtle sweetness doesn't overpower and creates the perfect texture to hold together wholesome ingredients.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

26 reviews
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Benjamin 8/10/2016

Gluten free

As a recent Celiac diagnosis, I was overjoyed to see that the Kind Blueberry Vanilla bars are gluten free.
christina 3/29/2016

These are amazing!

I have a serious sweet tooth, and I'm always skeptical of health bars, but these are fantastic. This particular one tastes exactly like a blueberry muffin without all the bad stuff! These are my go to snack bars for when I'm working.
Deb 12/17/2015

Gluten Free

I have Celiac, it is nice to see company taking Gluten Free to heart. I enjoy this product.
Betty 11/8/2018

Too Sweet

Recd 3 boxes - the 1st bar was way too sweet so will see if my niece & nephew can eat the rest, if not, I'll give to the Salvation Army food bank.
Also the blueberries tasted fake to me.
I will not order these again.
Pam 8/16/2015


First time trying these bars--and am hoping to find someone to pass them off to. They are too dry, hard to 65 but have all my teeth! I had particles stuck in teeth and between teeth. The little crunchy pieces are not fun. Kudos on "natural" ingredients...that's about all. oh--and they crumble all over the place.
Sarah 6/5/2015

love em but they hurt me

I loved eating these all the time because the taste is great, and it is gluten free, which is awesome because of my stomach issues. Well after awhile, I started noticing a severe pain in my upper and lower stomach every time I ate one. Last night, I had one and it hurt all night and still hurts now. I couldn't move or walk.. so if you have stomach and digestive issues, be careful before eating these. But they are delicious.
Chloe 3/20/2015

Just the right amount of sweet

I tried one of these from a sample at a race I recently did and just went out to buy a box of almost every variety of these chewy guys! I don't usually like dried fruit but the blueberries in this bar were soooo good! Love the texture and the salty to sweet balance. I also have a hard time finding a granola bar that I like and feel is actually healthy, I think I've finally found it with this guy!
Johnny 10/30/2014

Agree with Brittany

I thought that I had picked up the wrong type--crunchy instead of chewy. But the texture leaves much to be desired. When they were chewier, I would have given them 5 stars.
Curt Briscar 10/14/2014

Find a better bar for this price.

99 cents? Are you kidding me? they taste great. I am a gastric bypass patient post op since 2004. Have kept the weight off. These are the perfect snack for me!
Brittany 9/16/2014

Used to be my all time FAVORITE...what happened?

Super dissapointed with this product. I thought it was a fluke at first, but the last couple of boxes I have bought contain rock solid granola bars! Very different from the chewy texture they used to have. The new ones are very stiff and when you break them in half there is an audible "snap" compared to the old ones which simply bend in half. I normally wouldn't write a review about a company changing their formula, but it's a whole new bar. Different texture and awful taste.
katty 8/17/2014

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanilla Blueberry rock
LINDA 8/4/2014

Love KIND granola bars!!!!! Why have they disappeared from store shelves?

Love the flat granola bars as they fit perfect in side pouch of my purse. Now they are hard to find. When I travel the chunky narrow bars usually end up broken in my purse. The healthiest and great tasting bar I found so far. Vanilla Blueberry my favorite.
Debra Keeler 8/4/2014

Best Snack Ever!

These Blueberry Vanilla Bars are my all time favorite snack! I love all the healthy ingredients! Plus, the taste is phenomenal! Tastes much better than a sweeter snack! They actually make me feel better when I have one every day! THanks for offering so many different snack bars that are healthy & taste great too!
Debra Keeler 8/4/2014

Best Snack Ever!

These Blueberry Vanilla Bars are my all time favorite snack! I love all the healthy ingredients! Plus, the taste is phenomenal! Tastes much better than a sweeter snack! They actually make me feel better when I have one every day! THanks for offering so many different snack bars that are healthy & taste great too!
Sarah 7/20/2014


These bars taste the best and I love them! They are perfect
Sara 5/23/2014

Delicious Bars!!

Bought these yesterday and I am pretty sure I will have to go back and buy more today. They are so tasty and an absolutely great snack! Thank you for making a tasty granola with the perfect combination of chewy and crunch that is GMO free!
Kurt 5/20/2014


KIND supported our ultimate Frisbee tournament and they gave us a ton of thees and they were great
Anastasia 5/13/2014

I love them!!! But they are hard to find!

I absolutely love these bars in my yogurt!! After purchasing them at my local Fresh n Easy, I can no longer find them there! Or at the Vons or Ralphs. I just had to order them off of because I can't live without them! Please supply them to more supermarkets! Thank you for making my yogurt so tasty!!
Susan Johnston 5/12/2014

Thank "goodness" for the Vanilla Blueberry Bar

I am so grateful to have the Vanilla Blueberry Bar. I hope that it is never discontinued. It is the only one that meets the strict dietary guidelines for the Dr. Dean Ornish Cardiac Disease Reversal Program. Without this specific bar to take with me each day, I would be hard pressed to find an equivalent "on the go" solution.
Susan Johnston
Mary Howle 4/6/2014

Tasty and Satisfying!

They handed out Vanilla Blueberry bars at the Color Run 5k yesterday and I am hooked! They have a simply sweet flavor and great chewiness. Yum!
ALANA (again : ) 3/4/2014

OH YEA !!...

...And I forgot to mention...When I saw them, I bought three boxes of three different flavors--Without even tasting them FIRST!!! I JUST knew THEY WOULD BE great!! I was NOT disappointed :)
ALANA : ) 3/4/2014


Imagine this-- I was told that I have these food allergies: PEACH, ALMOND, CHOCOLATE, PEANUTS. !!!
Now TRY to FIND a bar that is affordable to consume on an almost daily-basis, easily accessible for purchase, thats made in the USA, gluten-free, and WITHOUT those previous listed ingredients.....NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!
TRUST ME. I searched high and low for two years. Enter these wonderful delicious bars into my life!!!
I am NOW a happy camper.
Julie Diaz 2/20/2014

Many Thanks

I just found out I have many food allergies wheat, corn, and soy being the hardist to avoid. I found these at my local store, at first I thought tey would be bland and tasteless. Boy was I wrong. They are so good, and rich in flavor. Thanks so much.
I bought the Vanilla Blueberry.
Megan D 1/17/2014

Very pleased!

I bought these and love them. They were two dollars cheaper than another brand and very tasty! I am looking forward to trying the different ones. I bought the vanilla/blueberry.
cathy 10/17/2013


My 9 year old son has Celiac disease and we have the hardest time finding a gluten free granola bar that taste YUMMY. He loves these!!!
Deb Schanbacher 9/4/2013

Vanilla blueberry healthy grain


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