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Almond & Apricot | KIND Nut Bars Almond & Apricot | KIND Nut Bars

almond & apricot

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product description

All the best parts of trail mix, picked out and bound together with a bit of honey for a fruit and nut bar that you can enjoy on or off the trail.

The nutritional boost you need from a real food bar made with whole nuts and fruit®

Contains 11g of fat per bar. See nutrition panel for saturated fat content. Contains almonds, coconut and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Methylcellulose - This cellulose compound adds additional bulk to food products but it also reduces their nutritional value. We'll pass, thanks.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


We work hard to find the farms that produce the most delicious apricots, then each one is dried naturally without preservatives to deliver a sweet, earthy flavor and mild apricot tang.


Fun fact: coconuts are actually a stone fruit (like a peach) and not a nut. Raw, dried or toasted - you name it, we got it.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

45 reviews
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Ed 6/29/2017

My favorite snack bar!

Outstanding bar!! My absolute favorite among all your snack bars. Flavors balance well: fruity, crunchy, delicious with well-balanced sweetness. Areal winner!!
Joanne 6/5/2017

Great flavor combination

Since I first tasted it I have been trying to find it. I love the taste of the apricot while enjoying the coconut. I love coconut and apricots so I think it is a pleasant combination. Really enjoyed
Cat 5/1/2017

Amazing.. and so very delicious!

I ran the Jingle Bell Run in Austin in December. I guess I didn't look in the bag I received from the race until now--April 20th. To my surprise I found this Almond & Apricot Kind Bar. It looked so delicious! I thought oh 4 months, it should still be good. It definitely LOOKED GOOD. I opened it and took a bite and WOWSERS! Everyone of my taste buds were tingling! It has the right amount of almonds and apricot and the added coconut is a much desired bonus! My every first KIND bar and I am hooked!

I immediately went to my local HEB and picked these bars up. It was filling and a tasty snack! I am using them for a premeal snack to cut down my cravings! Get this bar if you crave sweet things in the middle of the day while at work. It will give you a much needed lift.
Carla 3/4/2018

Apricot almond

Best bar of all your flavors. I'm bummed cause tgecsyore I used to purchase from doesn't sell them anymore... I wish I knew who or where I can purchase
Deb 2/13/2018


I love the fruit and nut almond & apricot bar and the nut & spice bars because they taste great.. most important, is they are soooo low on sugar. Please Keep it that way! ... Most other bar brands are sickening sweet and these are not! Thank You!!!
Miarou 9/7/2017

Like dessert

Tasty but I found it too sweet for a regular snack, for my tastes.
Ann 5/22/2017

It's 90% COCONUT! Label is misleading "Almonds + apricot", needs Coconut warning lable

Almonds & Apricot - sounds simple & delicious yet its overpowered by all the coconut in the bar which I did not enjoy at all. They need to put Coconut in the front so people like me who are not fond of coconut as part of the ingredient can avoid it at all cost.
JT 5/1/2017

Just OK

Not my favorite KIND bar. Like the almonds and apricots, but this is loaded with coconut and I didn't like that flavor with it. Am surprised this one is so popular.
Mary 5/1/2017


I think this is a perfect combination of flavors that work well together, No one flavor overpowers the other. You taste the almond, the deliciouness of Apricot and yes coconut. But I think the taste of Apricot seals the deal. DELISH!!!!!!
Marianne 5/1/2017


I am hopelessly addicted. One of life's greatest, little pleasures.
Jane 5/1/2017

Amazing Bar

This is the best bar ever! The flavors are perfect! Tastes just like a bar my mom used to make!
Lisa Fine-Muth 5/1/2017


I fell in love with this delicious bar and it made me get on your website to discover where I can get more! This is my FAVORITE!!!
Sharon 5/1/2017

Just like a danish

This is one of the best bars I have ever eaten. Tastes just like an apricot danish. Love it!
Rosa 5/1/2017

Great Gift

My niece gave me one of these bars to try and it was wonderful. Two of my favorite flavors apricots and almonds. Loved it, now I need to try more.
Amelia 5/1/2017

So delicious!!

I recieved this in my July Birchbox (google it if you would like to know what it is) and I ate it today and it was SOOO good! At first I wasn't sure if I liked it or not but after eating more of it I decided it was amazing! I am going to buy these to keep in my purse and backpack. C:
AskMe 5/1/2017

Great Snack Bar!

I received this bar in my Birchbox subscription and fell in love with the bar. This is the best health food bar I have ever tasted!
DIANA 5/1/2017


Veve 5/1/2017

So Good!

Received one of these in my July Birchbox and was at first reluctant to eat it...but WOW! I am so glad I did, loved the taste & the texture. Am now out to get my hands on them and other flavors. Was sad when it as all gone. Lovely job!
Tiffany 5/1/2017


I normally do not like coconut but this bar is really good and gave me energy for hours!
harriet 5/1/2017


The best bar ever!
harriet 5/1/2017


Best bar of the lot.
Donna 5/1/2017


This my favorite type of Kind bar. Unfortunately they are hard to find!
Nicolet Souza 5/1/2017

Apricot Almond love

This has got to be one of the best fruit and nut bars I have had. The apricots give it just the right sweetness with a bit of tang. It is the perfect marriage of flavors with the salty crunchy almonds. Delish!
Jess 5/1/2017


This is my favorite Kind bar flavor. I love almonds, apricots and coconut, and it is a perfect, portable and healthy snack. My kids love this one and the almond coconut bar
Jamie 5/1/2017


Purchased this at a rest stop because I wanted something was soooo delicious and worth the 2.50 I paid for it. Kept me full till lunch. This flavor is hard to find at grocery stores but so far is my favorite!
Courtney 5/1/2017


I'm not a fan of Coconut or Apricot, but after trying Almond & Coconut I gave it a chance & I'm glad I did! It was a good change of pace for my taste buds.
Patti 5/1/2017

Love it

Love this flavor,as well as Almond & Coconut. Found this at Bed Bath & Beyond, Trader Joes and saw a few flavors in Starbucks today!
Lisa 5/1/2017


Since I'm allergic to a lot of nuts it eliminates a lot of candy bars that I can eat. This is a great subsitute. I wish you would make more with just almonds or pecans :)
judy 5/1/2017

Will you marry me, Almond & Apricot bar?

I'm not a breakfast person. Never have been. Can't stand even the thought of food before 11am. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I've tried, truly I have, but it didn't seem like it was meant to be for me.

And then I had an Almond & Apricot bar. They were part of a gift basket left for us at a vacation rental we were staying at. It didn't really look like the kind of thing I usually enjoyed but I needed a quick snack to take on our hike with the dogs.

It was love at first bite. The taste was powerful but not overwhelming. I loved the coconut taste, and actually, probably wouldn't have enjoyed the bar as much without it. It was sweet and savory but without being too much of either.

I'm a savory kind of chick and I don't really have too big of a sweet tooth. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a sweet-aholic. I told him he had a try a piece of the AA bar and when he did, he was surprised at how much he liked it. Heck, *I* was surprised at how much he liked it because we generally don't like the same "sweet" things. Usually I say it's too sweet or else, he'll say it's not sweet enough. But we both LOVED this bar.

The next morning, an hour after I woke up, the thought of food was still gross to me. But I was craving the AA bar. Good thing there were 2 in the gift basket! As much as food in general really turns me off in the morning, I wouldn't mind waking up with an AA bar every day.

And it's healthy, you say? Without all the highly processed crap that most commercial bars contain? Can you say heaven?

We just signed up for the Kindaholic variety plan. My boyfriend & I look forward to having many a menage a trois with our KIND bars.
HOLLYHAWK 5/1/2017


These are THE best bars I have ever tasted and believe me, I have tasted many, many, many different ones. BUY 'em - you will LOVE them !
Carolyn 5/1/2017

Best Gluten-free Bar I have had!

Delicious!!! The best GF snack I have had in a bar!
johnny 5/1/2017


I have had these bars from retailer by my house. I loved it. They were so tasty that I found this site and ordered some. So happy with the product. These make a great healthy snack to send the kidss off to school with. They love them as well. Now I have to hide the bars because all the family wants to do is eat them instead of
AG 5/1/2017

Good Flavor, Too Sweet

I loved the pairing of almonds, apricots, and coconut, but the bar was too sweet tasting! Almost nauseatingly sweet.
Andrew 5/1/2017

Best Bar

No - it's not too sweet, it's perfect - I want a smaller box of just these, best bar I've had but I do admit that I like them all - better than most bars on the market.
kimb 5/1/2017

Not what I expected

My fault fo not reading the ingredients. The name should be Coconut, Almond & Apricot. I hate coconut!!!
Debbie 5/1/2017

Pleasant Surprise

When the title said Apricot and Almond, I was very pleased when I ate the bar to find coconut...I love it.....I'm trying all of them and referring my friends to try them as well. I buy from my local supermarket in a box of 12 for like $14.99..well worth it!
Doris Forbes 5/1/2017

Lovely, light and delicious ingredients

I was given this in my Christmas stocking. I was so pleased to know that Santa is aware of healthy incredients and delicious combination of flavors. The apricot, almond and cocoanut bar is probably the best bar of its kind, in my estimation. I'm ordering a box for my family who helped Santa chose this festive treat.
Kyle 5/1/2017

Bait and switch

These bars used to be quite good, but then the company decided to give us less of the good stuff and more of the cheap stuff. The bars had 5g fiber and 5g protein. Now they have only 3g of each. That's a 40% decrease. Guess they figured they could water down the formula and we wouldn't notice. Well that's UNkind. I won't be buying bars from this company anymore.
Novelette 5/1/2017

Hard to find

I love KIND Almond Apricot so much I think I spend over $300 a month just buying this delicious bar.
The only problem is the Almond Apricot is hardly anywhere to be found. My local Stop n Shop in Bellmore Long Island no longer carrys it... now I have to drive 2 miles to get it at the only place (Vitmamin Shoppe) who sells it like it is gold. The price their is high but I have no other choice but to dig deep in my pockets.
All I can say is "it's worth it"!!!!
Jacqueline 5/1/2017

Four Packer

My favorite KIND bar is the Apricot & Almond...but why can't I find any in the 4 pack boxes, like a few of the other bars@f0 You can buy a 4 pack box for less than $5.00 with each bar costing less than $1.25. I have seen the single Apricot & Almond bars sell at my local health food store for $1.99 each. Did I pay it, No. I went across the street to the A & P and bought them for $1.25 each, 4 bars for $5.00. BUT that was
a SALE price, not the regular price of $1.99 a bar. COME ON KIND, BE FAIR & PUT THE APRICOT AND ALMOND IN THE 4 PACK BOX TOO!
sarah 5/1/2017


I liked almond & apricot and I liked coconut too.
d. neiditch 5/1/2017


the very best bar in america
Reignbeau 5/1/2017

If you're looking to

If you're looking to buy these arlteics make it way easier.
Elaine 5/1/2017

Ingredients Now Contain Sugar

Please note that the ingredients have changed on these and on the almond apricot Kind bars. Both now CONTAIN SUGAR. I was wondering why I was suddenly getting headaches regularly. Please read the ingredients on your packaging when you receive yours. If you find that the ingredients does not include sugar, you are fortunate and have received the old, better-tasting formula.
Ramon Cajal 5/1/2017

ingredients changed?!?!?

Why did you guys change the almond and apricot ingredients? This is hugely disappointing, they were perfect before, but now.... not nearly as good. Please go back to old formula!

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