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rethinking packaging


KIND is known and recognized for its iconic, transparent wrapper, which keeps our products safe and fresh. When it comes to our packaging, we strive to use as little material as possible. We’re always exploring using new materials and testing alternatives that can still meet our standards for safety and quality.

As a signatory of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, we are working to make all our plastic packaging for KIND branded products 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, while reducing our usage of single-use plastic overall.

In 2020, we were able to make several advancements against these commitments:

Plastic reductions - We have set a goal to reduce our virgin plastic usage (based on our 2019 figures) by 25% by 2025. By the end of 2020 we were able to use 17% less plastic for three of our key product lines in the U.S. While we are proud of this progress, we know we can go further and have plans in place to expand these reductions. We will continue to identify and cut back on virgin plastic usage and unnecessary packaging across our entire product portfolio to ensure we can achieve our 25% target.

Alternative packaging formats - To achieve recyclability, compostable and/or reusability across all our plastic packaging by 2025 it will take a great deal of effort, investment and innovation. We invested in exploring alternative materials in 2020 and will continue to ramp up these critical research investments over the next several years. We are excited about the opportunities we’ve identified so far and intend to trial select alternatives in key markets by 2022.

Additionally, we continue to explore opportunities to incorporate more recycled materials into our packaging as well as viable options for trialing reuse models. As of now, we do not yet have a specific recycled materials goal, but expect that as more materials and formats become available, we will evaluate incorporating them into our plans.

We also participate in the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the leading voice on sustainable packaging, through which we hope to champion new packaging solutions in partnership with the broader food industry.

For our paper cartons, these materials are recyclable many of the communities in which we operate. Where possible, we rely on paper cartons that are either made with post-consumer recycled materials or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.