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life at KIND

KIND is a special place to work. We approach our work with integrity and an ownership spirit. For many, KIND is more than just a job – it’s a way of being in the world. Join us!

how it all started

get to know our founder

get to know our founder

Daniel Lubetzky founded KIND in 2004 after becoming frustrated with his own snacking options. He vowed to create a snack that was both nutritious and delicious, and from there KIND, with a brand mission of not-only-for-profit®, was born. Get to know Daniel below and check out KIND’s origin story here!
Favorite KIND Bar: That's like making him pick a favorite child!
Hometown: Mexico City
Family Life: Daniel is married with four children
Special Talents: Magic
Favorite Quote: "In a place where there is no humanity, strive thou to be human." - Rabbi Hillel
Hear from Daniel: In his New York Times bestseller Do the KIND Thing
Other Ventures:

Starts With Us: a non-partisan movement working to overcome cultural extremism by fostering curiosity, compassion and courage as daily habits.

SOMOS: a brand of delicious food from the heart of Mexico created to refresh the Mexican food in American kitchens with options that are delicious, better-for-you, and easy-to-prepare.

Camino Partners: a business building and investment platform helping entrepreneurs create enduring value with values as their compass.

Empatico: a program of The KIND Foundation that will broaden kids’ world views through meaningful interactions with peers across the globe.

OneVoice Movement: an international grassroots effort that amplifies the voices of moderate Israelis and Palestinians seeking to end the conflict.