almond & coconut

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product description

One of our original and best-selling bars: made with almonds and pieces of toasted coconut bound together with honey for a sweet, chewy, crunchy snack. Tried and tested by taste buds everywhere.

Contains 12g of fat per bar. See nutrition panel for saturated fat content. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Artificial Sweeteners - Artificial sugar substitutes like saccharin, aspartame & sucralose that are many times sweeter than sugar but with few to no calories. We prefer the real thing in moderation.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


Fun fact: coconuts are actually a stone fruit (like a peach) and not a nut. Raw, dried or toasted - you name it, we got it.


Our honey is a special blend made from various wild flower varieties - its subtle sweetness doesn't overpower and creates the perfect texture to hold together wholesome ingredients.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

5 reviews
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ticia 7/6/2015

THE best!!

These bars are addicting!!! SO good, texture isn't mushy, taste like a Almond Joy candy bar without chocolate. Taste fresh, as if it was just made. I bought a whole case of these to eat. I always forget breakfast and it's perfect
Blair 7/2/2015

i never write reviews but i feel compelled

This is by far the best bar I've had. The texture is amazing--texture is my pet peeve for most bars. The coconut/almond combo is so tasty and sweet like a dessert, but still super filling. I don't get a sugar crash and crave a real meal after this one. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
was amazed!!!! 6/15/2015

This almond & coconut is amazing

I just had surgery couple days ago I couldn't hold nothing down I went out bought 4 of these bars came home took my pain killers and fell asleep. I woke up feeling like I wanted to faint figured it's from not eating so i made myself a wheat chicken wrap dranked a bottle of orange juice and chocolate milk but I still didn't feel good I though I was going to end up in the hospital I remember I got these bars I ate one after 5 minutes my boost went up now i'm perfectly fine it taste so good and it's healthy for u and it made me feel better thank you so much!
Michael 4/30/2015

I use to be impressed..

Except, recently I found BodyKey by Nutrilite and they don't use glucose syrup like Kind Bars do. I find them to be much healthier when compared to ingredients and they are all gluten free!
Stephanie 4/28/2015


I was super skeptical on trying this bar when it was given to me. I figured it would be another concoction of hay tasting material with a bit of added sugar. I was in pure shock when I actually tasted the Almond and Coconut bar!! It is simply delicious and very filling. I never buy stuff like this but I am hooked and will keep this as a snack at work and take it along on hikes as well. This is an amazing product. To be honest, I never write reviews but this product is worth talking about for sure!!!

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