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dark chocolate cherry cashew + antioxidants

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product description

Imagine something as sweet as cherry pie, drizzled in dark chocolate and conveniently-sized to fit in your purse or desk drawer. Yup, that's this bar. Gooey and delicious with bing cherries, whole cashews and almonds drizzled in dark chocolate for that perfect snack fix no matter where your day takes you.

Contains 10g of fat per bar. Contains cashews, almonds, peanuts and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Sugar Alcohols - Sorbitol, Xylitol, Maltitol. Can you pronounce these? We can't either which is why we left these sugar alcohols out of our bars.
Featured Ingredients


A KIND Team favorite (it's always the first nut to disappear from our office trail mix stash), we only use smooth cashews for their creamy taste and texture.

semi-sweet chocolate

Chocolatey goodness made with real cocoa powder, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. Dreamy, we know.


We have Mr. Ah Bing to thank for cross-breeding this juicy, plump fruit in 1875 - we use pieces of Bing cherries to spread the goodness evenly throughout.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

23 reviews
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Millie 8/22/2017

LOVE! Favorite KIND bar!!

I get so excited every time I go to the store and buy this flavor! I work outside, and the taste of this perfect combination is pure bliss. With a little crunch on top, and a chewy bottom. The perfect hint of sweet from the dark chocolate and not too tart cherries, a little sticky binding of the honey, and the slightly salty crunch from the cashews is an amazing combination. I absolutely love this flavor, and I hope KIND bar never gets rid of it. I am sad I didn't try this flavor sooner. THANK YOU KIND BAR!
Tina 8/18/2017

I had one today and im in love I love dark chocolate and with cherry to give a bit of sour to the semi sweet and the the cashew with a touch of salt. Great jo

Love this bar want to try more of the varieties offered
Jean Lee 10/15/2017


My Favorite out of all bars!..Hard to find though..
James Gitter 1/5/2019

Changed recipe?

We have been buying these for years. The last box had a lot less nuts and some kind of grain filler. Very disappointing. Raise the price and keep the quality
kathy 12/18/2018

banana bars with chocolate coating

looking for dark chocolate,with banana bars
Taylor 11/28/2018

Crunchy, sweet and delicious!

Love this bar. I typically snack on this when I am looking for a sweet treat and grab this before I get into cookies, ice cream, etc. I am satisfied every time and the protein helps keep me feeling full.
Susan 9/16/2018


LOVE the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew! If you love cherries and dark chocolate, you’re going to love this!! Thank you KIND!!!
Steve 8/4/2018

#1 Favorite!

This is the best snack bar on the planet. Great chocolate flavor, healthy stuff in it, and it has a soft texture to it. This one is my go to on the snack club!
Cassie 6/10/2018

Chicory Root

I love kind bars, but most of them are not so kind to me. I wish food manufacturers would get of the chicory root / inulin bandwagon. There are lots of people out there that don't tolerate it.
Duane Elbrader 3/31/2018

Great choice for a energy bar!

I like the combination of ingredients and the crunchy taste.
Rob C. 3/19/2018


I just found this bar and I bought out the store. It is by far the best bar I have ever had and I beg you to never stop making it! It is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. The texture is superb + the balance of crunch to chewy is, bar none. No aftertaste + filling enough to serve as a quick mid/morning/afternoon pick me up.
Erin 2/19/2018

My favor KIND bar!

Easily my favorite kind bar, and I think it's because of the texture and flavors. It's not sticky and hard to bit like some of their other bars and the flavors really mesh well together... It's horrible of me to admit but I go through a box of these a week...
TAL 2/5/2018

This is my favorite with the combination of dark chocloate, nuts and cranberries. Nice healthy treat!

I gave this a good review but I do think you can make it healthier. Either add less sugar or add unsweetened cranberries. 11 grams of sugar is a lot for something to be considered "healthy". And what does it mean when the wrapper says "incl. 6 grams of added sugars" Does it mean there are grams of added sugar and 5 grams from the cranberries to make a total of 11? This is so gooey and good, I believe if you skipped the added sugars, it still would be delicious! Love you products.
Marg 2/1/2018


I have bought several boxes of these Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bars...both regular and mini size. I love cherry flavor and with each box I hoped that they would have a good cherry flavor. Sadly, that has not been the case...not once. I feel these are mislabeled....they should be labeled Dark Chocolate Raisin because that is the predominant flavor. C'mon Kind...for the price you can do better with the cherry flavor....leave out the raisins and give us the quality ingredients we're paying for.
Lynn Manley 9/19/2017

Still a favorite

I still enjoy these bars even though some of the cherries have now been replaced with cranberries. Miss the strong cherry taste though.
Calamity J 9/15/2017

I love the taste and texture of this candy bar. With 24 gr of carbs & 14 gr of sugar it's not a healthy treat, but better than a lot of candy on the market.

I love the dark chocolate cherry cashew candy bar. With 24 gr of carbs and 14 gr of sugar it's a little better than most candy on the market. Great treat.
Great Product 9/4/2015


22 grams of carb, 14 g of sugar? And you dare to call this candy bar good for you? Why don't you put something together that people who need it can find a low carb option@f0 This is a joke...

THIS IS NO JOKE...This is a great bar for those that actually have a very hard workout in the morning and actually are serious about having the energy to get through a strenuous workout so get off the couch and stop complaining. if you want low carb so you can sit around...EAT CARDBOARD
. 8/15/2015


22 grams of carb, 14 g of sugar? And you dare to call this candy bar good for you? Why don't you put something together that people who need it can find a low carb option@f0 This is a joke
Katherine Reidy 4/22/2015

My ultimate treat

The dark chocolate cherry cashew has become my ultimate treat, replacing all other desserts and sweets. It's all I need, and nutritious, too.
Maria 4/14/2015

Chocolate that's healthy!

These bars are great! I get my fill of chocolate, plus all the nutrients, in a tasty, on-the-go snack. Love the dark chocolate cherry cashew -- my fav!!
SBarker 4/3/2015

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew

Wonderfully flavorful and satisfying without suffering sugar lows or heaviness. Light, nutritious, delicious...Ahhh!
Lisa B 4/1/2015

Without the guilt

I'm on a diet. Like 90% of people out there. Great snack to eat without the guilt.
Roberta 3/30/2015

Best for a chocolate fix!

Sweet, chewy & chocolate !!

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