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dark chocolate nuts & sea salt

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product description

Sweet cravings ✔ salty cravings ✔ healthy cravings ✔. Our best-selling bar is a simple blend of Brazilian sea salt sprinkled over whole nuts and drizzled with dark chocolate. With 5g of sugar, it's a satisfying, nutty snack that only seems indulgent.

This bar has 5g sugar; the average nutrition bar has 12g sugar. Contains 15g of fat per bar. Contains almonds, peanuts and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Artificial Sweeteners - Artificial sugar substitutes like saccharin, aspartame & sucralose that are many times sweeter than sugar but with few to no calories. We prefer the real thing in moderation.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.

cocoa powder

Step 1: pick cocoa beans. Step 2: make cocoa paste. Step 3: dry cocoa paste into powder. Step 4: add to our recipes for deliciousness.

sea salt

Harvested in the pristine waters off the coast of Brazil, our prized sea salt has a clean, delicate taste to balance the nutty, fruitiness of our recipes.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

45 reviews
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Mary 11/10/2017

Fabulous combination!

These are absolutely delicious! Perfect flavor and texture combination!
Elena 10/23/2017


This bar is delicious!! A wonderful, healthy snack with only five grams of sugar!!
Asa Revels 10/5/2017


I haven't tried all of the Kind bars, but this is by far my favorite so far!!
H Jane Chihal MD 8/31/2018

Best Snack Bar Ever

I love the salty, slightly sweet dark chocolate nutty flavor of this low glycemic, nutritious, easy to carry snack bar. Clean, crunchy low sugar, high protein snack that crushes the temptation to eat junk food. Very satisfying way to address my 4 PM energy dip. I combine it with a cup of hot, Chinese Black Yunnan tea. Perfect Combo to recharge for the evening.
Joanna 8/6/2018


Would be nice if you showed the carb count on here

KIND RESPONSE: We're pleased to share that we do share this information. Please click on "Nutrition Facts" on every product page for complete information, including carbohydrates.
Regina Ringeisen 8/2/2018

Too bad it includes soy - not for me!

Don't want soy in my chocolate bars! Eating gluten free but also want soy-free
Camilla Colanzi 3/21/2018

I love them please send me a lifetime supply

They are the best bars I have tried
ABC 3/12/2018

Loved it!!

This is a very good snack bar with all of the sugar. I just love it!!!!
Lisa 3/8/2018

I absolutely love the dark chocolate nuts & sea salt bars but they are so expensive I just wish they had coupons.

I really wish I could find coupons because I’m on a tight budget and really enjoy these bars but sometimes can’t afford them as I’m going thru a divorce and raising my grandchildren. But thank you for producing such a delicious and healthy snack.
Judy Go Wong 3/3/2018

Delicious and nutritious! I have one every night for dessert.

I absolutely love the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt Kind Bars. I look forward to one per evening as my dessert.

Thank you for making such a wonderful snack that is delicious and nutritious... so kind of you to take good care of us!
Rox 1/26/2018

A good snack

I have consumed three of these in the past four days. .I'm trying to cut down on sugar and eat more almonds. These do contain a satisfying amount of sugar (3 kinds - you are not cutting out sugar while eating these). But the bar still has far less sugar than say, a Butterfinger (which has 24 g). And you must not discount the good quality roasted almonds, which serve to fill the belly in a positive way. I would never use this bar as a meal replacement. But as a snack to tide you over - or dessert - it's a great fairly nutritious option.
Barbara 10/14/2017

Wonderful flavor!

Generally I prefer caramel to dark chocolate, hands down, but in this case this bar is much better than the other nuts & spices bar I have tried - the small amount of dark chocolate is just enough that you can taste it clearly, without the bitter finish some dark chocolate has, and the sea salt is enough to balance it well.
ashely 8/27/2017


I love this bar a perfect balance of sweet and savory with a hint of salt. Delicious and good for anytime of the day!
Jenny Moody 8/10/2017

Love it!

Such a good balance of sweet and salty in this bar. Highly recommended.
Me 6/13/2017

Like these.

like these
Debora Farnsworth 6/9/2017

I love them so much I order online from Amazon, 4 boxes are a time.

Love them. Buy from Amazon 4 boxes at a time.
Wilhelmina Clark 5/22/2017

Kind Bar-Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

I picked one up at the check out isle in our local Walmart store.
I am very impressed with the test the chocolate is excellent and there
is just enough crunch in each bite. I have looked for a bar that has a
lower sugar content but still is packed with good taste and enough fiber,
protein and is low in sodium. Well, I found it in you bar. Other bars I have tried over the years all have a taste that is hard to describe and the chocolate on those same bars is waxy cheap chocolate, so I am pleasantly surprised with your bar and I will be purchasing more to keep
in my bag and purse for on the go snacking. Thanks you KIND LLC for making a number one bar, keep up the nutrition and health standards. If I can get some coupons that would be great my email is: [removed]
Sincerely, Wilhelmina
Tasha 5/18/2017


I've only just discovered the Kind snack range and I am hooked!! The dark chocolate nuts and sea salt bar is delicious and guilt free - exactly what I have been looking for! I love the sweet salty combo and look forward to trying out more ! Please let me know where else in the UK you stock a range of products! :)
Ashley 5/12/2017

My favorite go-to snack!

The dark chocolate and sea salt bars are my absolute favorite snack! These are filling and delicious. I love that they are made with ingredients I can pronounce and know. The flavor is amazing with just the right amount of sweet with a touch of salt.
Varun Gosula 4/12/2017

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The amazing spices in this great healthy and sauvory snack taste amazing

Ella 11/15/2016


I agree with what has been said about the savoury side of this bar. I got it as a freebie with a Blue Apron box and put it aside until tonight. Wow. Perfect mixture of sweet savoury salt and crunch. Not too high in calories and filling. Will be finding more of these tomorrow.
Susanne 10/8/2016

Germans want Kind Bars

When do you start offering Kind Bars in Germany? Right now we can only get them - sometimes - through Amazon (and then heavily over prized).
Ellen 8/29/2016


These Dark Chocolate Nuts & stuff snack bar are the bomb! They are healthy, filling and delicious to boot! Yumm Yumm
Otis 8/26/2016

Very good bar

This is a very good snack bar with all of the sugar. I just love it!!!!
Veronica 6/8/2016

love this flavor!!

I received a free sample of another KIND bar. It was the one in four pieces with cranberries, almonds, and dark chocolate and it was good but nothing special. THIS bar is amazing though! I picked it up at a local gas station because i was looking for a healthy nut bar and this is everything i could ever want; it's so indulgent and delicious without all the sugar and crap. It makes for a perfect breakfast as i'm running out the door to work and despite being only 200 calories it keeps me satisfied for a couple of hours until lunch. The fat content is kind of high but I don't worry about that because it's mostly from the nuts so it's the good kind of fat. The sea salt is what makes this bar in my opinion. No other nutrition bar i've seen has sea salt in it and you really can taste it in this one. When you get a fleck of that sea salt with the nuts and chocolate it's just heaven! I will be buying ALOT more of these and trying other products too!
John beck 1/30/2016

Imitation sugar or stevia

Does any of your products have no sugar
Nuts are high fiber, non digestable COH,and good fats
d 1/27/2016

In Love!

I originally picked this bar up because it was gluten-free and there isn't a lot of great tasting gluten free things out there snack wise, this bar is AMAZING! If you like snickers, you're going to LOVE this!
woody 1/20/2016

One of my favorite flavors

This is a great flavor. Sea salt adds a nice touch. I am a big fan now! :)
Kimmy 10/8/2015


I have hypothyroidism and I've been trying very hard to lose weight. My auntie buys these bars all the time because she is always on the run and these bars she can just toss in a bag and go. The other day I picked up her cat for her and stopped in to chat for a while. On my way out she goes I want you to try these bars they are so amazing and I know you're trying to lose weight. First I looked at them and was like yuck dark chocolate. But I said thank you and left. I put them into my cabinet and was like I'm not touching them they probably taste like cardboard. But today, for some reason, on my way out I grabbed one and tossed it into my bag. I was having coffee with my friend, took this out and hesitated. She looks at it and goes I f***ing love those things. She's skinny as a stick so I was like whatever. But I opened it and gave her half because I just knew it would be awful. I took a bite and yell out WHOOOOOOOOO right in the middle of the coffee shop. My friend started laughing but I noticed that she tossed hers down her throat before I could even look at her. These things are fantastic. You don't even think that you're eating healthy food it's so good. I've had healthy bars that I just toss in the garbage after a bite but these I are going to be a staple in my pantry from now on. Absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeaniwishes 9/15/2015


Although I have only tried about 4 different flavors - I am Hooked !! My favorite by far is the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt !! The combination of flavors are so balanced to perfection. I know the cost seems high for these bars but if you consider the types of healthy ingredients compared to a regular candy bar of pure sugar - one should not complain. Anyone I have shared them with immediately becomes hooked.
Skip n the "Ham" 9/8/2015


These bars do have 16 grams of carbs but when one backs out the dietary fiber it nets out at 9 cards the same as 15-20 almonds so for me as a type 2 diabetic this is a good snack. Additionally there is some protien in the bar which gives my running a little boost! A Win-Win for me!
NK 8/24/2015

Fantastic Snack! Healthy and tasty.

Best bar EVER! Filling, satisfying. Not too sweet with a nice hint of salt. Healthy ingredients. Keeps me feeling full and satisfied. Better than any other candy bar or granola bar on the market. and the kids LOVE them too.
Malou 8/13/2015

Great Healthy Snack Bar!

I tried the dark chocolate mocha almond and was hooked! Then I tried the nuts and spices bar and like this even better! It is less sweet than the dark chocolate mocha almond and I like the little taste of salt included. However for those who are on a carb-counting diet, please note that you should look at the total carb number, not just the total sugar content. Nuts by itself have carbs and honey as well, Combined with the 5 grams sugar, actual total carbs per bar is 16 grams. I know this from my own experience as a pre-diabetic.
D 8/5/2015

My favorite KIND bar

I find many bars too sweet or too "processed", but I've been coming back to KIND bars recently. This one in particular is low in sugar (5g@f0@f1 awesome!), and packs some great flavor! I love the dark chocolate and sea salt combo, and of course love all the nuts in KIND bars, since they provide healthy fats. I usually eat some nuts every day, so sometimes I snack on a KIND bar instead. I have several of the Chocolate & Sea Salt bars I can grab when there's no time to eat a full meal, or as a filling snack in-between meals. I experience no ill effects from consuming chicory root (or inulin, its fiber component), so I think this bar is great in every way!
Catie 6/25/2015

Favorite by far

One of my favorites by bar! SO delicious and natural! I've been trying a lot of energy/protein/breakfast bars lately and Kind takes the cake!
***** 5/24/2015

Loved it!! Great snack!

Bought the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt and loved the combination. Looking for a low carbohydrate snack and this was it. Ordered 24 bars!!
J 5/22/2015

instantaneous stomach explosion

Tasted ok, just destroyed my bowels. Ate right before going to the gym and had to leave abruptly. Assuming the chicory root is the culprit.
samantha 5/18/2015


the chicory root has bought my stomach to its knees. awful stuff
Just Great 5/6/2015

I also recommend the salted caramel & dark chocolate nut.

This flavor is just so great. You're eating a dark chocolate bar and mixed nuts at the same time. That's a winner in a my book.
Ram 5/4/2015

Great Bar

Iam addicted to these..they really taste good, clean and pure...
laura 4/30/2015

stomach aches

tastes great but the chicory root fiber will likey give you stomach pain and gas about 5 hours after eating
Savvy 4/27/2015

HIGH in 3 Types SUGAR - 5 grams is BS

They boast "Only 5 grams of sugar" and "Ingredients you can see", but Honey which is a type of sugar is the 3rd ingredient, listed above "sugar". So that means there is more than 5 grams of honey also. Then they also add "non GMO glucose" aka sugar!!! A bar is 40 grams and there is more likely around 15 grams of sugar. We don't know exactly how much because they hide it from you. Instead they blatantly lie to your face.

Do your research people and understand all ingredients you ingest.
Annette 4/17/2015

The best snack!

This bar is just the right combination of sweet and salty. Very satisfying as it conquers many different cravings. Perfection!
anna 3/27/2015

nice surprise

I accidentally picked this out of a goody bag at a VA hospital while waiting for my aunt. This has since become my favorite sweet treat!
Kathy 3/26/2015

Great tasting product!

I was shocked by how delicious this bar is, given that it only has 5g of sugar. Great product!

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