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Dark Chocolate Strawberry | KIND Snacks Dark Chocolate Strawberry | KIND Snacks

dark chocolate strawberry

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12 bars

product description

Think the deliciousness of chocolate-covered strawberries is reserved for Valentine's Day only? Think again. With our Dark Chocolate Strawberry bar, you can enjoy the heavenly taste of fruit and chocolate anytime. What makes it an even sweeter deal? Each bar has 1/2 cup serving of fruit.

Contains soy. May contain pits. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Sulfites - Sodium metabisulphite - sounds tasty, right? Often used in dried fruits to prevent oxidation and maintain color, we keep our snacks fresh without sulfites.
Featured Ingredients

unsweetened chocolate

Also known as baking chocolate, this simple mixture of chocolate solids and cocoa butter provides a strong, deep flavor we love.


Our strawberries come from fields flooded with sunshine and fresh air to grow unbelievably sweet berries that we then dry and use in our best recipes.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

7 reviews
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YUMMY 2/8/2018

GOOD but expensive.

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Loooove it!!! But I wish they were cheaper, 4 for $7.00 is VERY pricy. Cannot buy often.
Carrie 8/14/2018

Chocolate covered strawberries

These bars are delicious. They taste like chocolate covered strawberries. My son loves them too. Surprisingly not as much sugar content as some others. Wish they had more protein.
Catherine White 6/13/2018

Good but Expensive and not Filling

Tastes yummy, texture it is a bit "sticky" chewy and as a result is much better cold/in the fridge before eating it, but not a big drawback (don't eat warm unless you have napkins -- the chocolate melts all over).

But the price is the biggest factor. Waaaaaaay too expensive. I only bought them because there was a deal at Kroger: 4 for $5. If there's another sale or a nice coupon, I'd purchase again... but not for the normal price.

Also, they don't have a high protein content, which means you almost need to eat another bar for protein if you're looking for a filling snack. So you're paying that much for this bar plus the money for the protein bar... and it starts to look less attractive.
Kat 4/13/2018

Super Tasty, but Pricey for 4 bars

I LOVE these, especially since it doesn't contain nuts and gluten that I am sensitive to. They are super tasty, but $5 for 4 bars is a little expensive. Maybe if they included a 5th or 6th one... I highly recommend them, but the price is a little much
FN 3/14/2018


I tried my first Pressed By Kind Bar yesterday and it was FANTASTIC!!! I had the chocolate covered strawberry and today I bought a box of the Strawberry, Apple, Chia. The chocolate/strawberry had a great soft, chewy consistency. The chocolate was rich while the strawberry was tangy and sweet.
Sare' 2/8/2018

Too much money

Like them, but too much money
Teresa 1/27/2018

Needs More Chocolate

The fruit flavor is really tasty, but I could barely taste the chocolate, which was disappointing. But overall it still tasted good.

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