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The KIND foundation

  • The KIND Foundation

    what is The KIND Foundation?

    The KIND Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established by KIND with a mission to foster kinder and more empathetic communities.

  • what is Empatico?

    Empatico is a free school-based platform that connects children around the world to build relationships, deepen empathy, and bring learning to life. Empatico is the recipient of a World Changing Ideas Award and was recently featured on NBC Nightly News, NBC Nightly News Kids Edition, and CNN.

  • what is Empatico’s mission?

    Inspired by the life of our founder, Daniel Lubetzky, Empatico’s mission is to help children discover how peers around the world live, recognize their shared humanity, and prepare them for a world in which strong intercultural relationships are vital for success.

  • how do I use Empatico?

    The Empatico toolkit consists of a matching algorithm and standards-based activities that address social-emotional competencies, using video conferencing and file-sharing to develop these skills. The platform is compatible with in-person, remote, and hybrid learning environments and gives teachers access to facilitator guides and professional development that equip them to better lead virtual exchanges and promote empathy in the classroom.

  • how can I get involved with Empatico?

    Empatico’s programs are currently available for educators and caregivers of children ages 6-11, but we’re in the process of creating exciting new ways to expand our reach through programs and partnerships. You can support our work here, or keep up with our progress on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • what is Frontline Impact Project?

    Frontline Impact Project is a platform that directs quality-of-life goods, such as food, beverages, and personal care items, to selfless frontline workers and volunteers. Given the scale and longevity of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers and first responders have been the primary beneficiaries, but the project has also supported those on the frontlines of natural disasters and other significant events. To date, more than 80 companies have signed onto Frontline Impact Project to impact nearly 1.4 million frontline workers nationwide.

  • where can I learn more about Frontline Impact Project?

    To learn more, visit or email

  • how can I get in touch with The KIND Foundation?

    Don’t be a stranger! Please note, at this time we are not seeking unsolicited grant proposals. If  you have questions, ideas, or you would like information on the KIND Foundation emergency hardship relief program please email

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