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In April 2017, The KIND Foundation launched a social media experiment, Pop Your Bubble, after learning that only 5% of people see social media posts that differ greatly from their world view. The tool connected Facebook users with people who were different than them. In just under a year, Pop Your Bubble fostered more than 65,000 unlikely connections between Americans! Although the experiment has now ended, we encourage each of you to keep opening yourself up to new people and perspectives and to continue building mutual understanding.

How can you continue to Pop Your Bubble?


Start a conversation with someone new

Next time you are waiting in line for coffee at your local shop or for the elevator at your office, turn around and engage with the person behind you. You never know who you will meet or what you will learn from them!


Get news from every side

Visit AllSides.com, a news source with a mission to break people free from their filter bubbles. AllSides provides all angles of a story – left, right, and center – so you can get the full picture and not just part of it.


Get involved in your community

Join Living Room Conversations – an organization that aspires to revive civil discourse through structured in person and video conversations. They believe these conversations can lead to more understanding, better relationships, and cooperative problem-solving.

Look into resources offered by Better Angels, a bipartisan network that is striving to bring America back together. From podcasts and films to gatherings and trainings, Better Angels is mobilizing leaders, organizations, and citizens to combat division.

There are many other great organizations out there. We hope you will seek them out and continue to find ways to pop your bubble each and every day.