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March 13th, 2015

kind acts add up

By KIND Editor

What did the KIND community teach us in February? That kindness is like a “muscle” that strengthens when exercised. No gym required! This very important piece of 411 came to us as part of a “kindness challenge” that we embarked on with our friends at Greatist.

We issued a month-long challenge, encouraging Greatist’s readers, our community and ourselves to perform one small act of kindness each day all month long. The tasks were simple enough to accomplish (for example, share lunch with a coworker or leave a gift on a neighbor’s doorstep), but we found that the cumulative results of these many small acts had a major impact. While the kind acts were all created with the recipient in mind, we saw that kindness also had a positive effect on the doer.

Here at KIND HQ, our own Pearl in the Finance department said performing extra acts of kindness left her feeling “lighter, like a weight had been lifted.” We asked our community how the month went, and they had similar impressions to share, for example:

“I learned two great things about conscious kindness: 1) Kindness becomes an addictive habit. It gives you the euphoric feeling like endorphins after a workout. I was looking forward to each day unfolding new opportunities for kindness! 2) Kindness is contagious. Like the time I was in a crowded elevator with 11 floor stops. When I got on and at each stop I said ‘hello’ and ‘have a nice day’ to every single person. By the time I got off the elevator, everyone was doing it! SO COOL!!”

We were excited to see participants sharing their experiences on Twitter. You can also take a look for yourself following hashtag #28daysofKIND.

Those are just some of the individual stories, but what does it look like when we put it all together? We surveyed #28daysofKIND participants. Incorporating more random acts of kindness in your month was easy and left you feeling great. We hope you’re as inspired by these results as we are, and that you’ll join us in continuing the chain of kindness this month and next month and next month and next month…

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