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April 22nd, 2015

a million thanks

By KIND Editor

The numbers are in and the kind acts are counted. We did the math and, together with the KIND community, we have performed, facilitated and celebrated 1,000,000 kind acts. Holy smokes!

When KIND first got started in 2004, one of our goals was to inspire kindness through acts big and small. And 11 years later, we’re more committed than ever before. We are constantly in awe of the stories we hear about how kindness, in all its shapes and forms, impacts people’s lives. To celebrate this milestone, we thought we’d share some memorable kind acts from our very own team:

“My most memorable kind act experience took place at Boston’s South Station. We had a flower wall set up so commuters could pick a flower and pass it on. A young woman was walking by with some friends, she saw the wall and what we were doing and she started crying. She was on her way to visit her brother in the hospital after a serious car accident, and had been looking for flowers to bring for his hospital room. She shared her story, and many hugs with the team, who all wished her brother a full recovery. She was so inspired by what we were doing that she has kept in touch with KIND ever since. The fact that an act as simple as providing a flower to someone could have this much impact on one person is a constant reminder of the power of kindness. And it’s this reminder that keeps me on the lookout for opportunities to spread kindness every day.” -James R., Marketing Representative

“The trains were experiencing major cancellations one morning on my commute to work. I had originally been told that all buses were cross honoring tickets and luckily my train had made it to a station that provided a similar bus service. When I boarded the bus, I found out that this was not the case and that we had to pay a $17 fee. I was standing by the bus literally counting quarters when a guy approached me. He told me to stop counting – and that he would pay for my ticket. I was floored. I handed him a #kindawesome card. He told me how much he loves KIND bars and that I had made his day, but in reality, he had made my day with his act of kindness!” – Madalyn D., Human Resources Associate

“When traveling on the road I bring my own toiletries that way I don’t use the ones supplied by the hotel. I bundle personal hygiene supplies with a rubber band to a KIND bar and hand out to the homeless I encounter. It’s not much but it always brings a smile to their faces.” – Chris H., Sales Representative

We want to say thank you – a million times over – to everyone, including our team, who lives the Movement every day.

The best part? We’re just getting started.

As we look ahead to the next million, we want to hear and share more stories about the power of kindness – and we’d love your help! Know someone who goes above and beyond to serve your neighborhood, workplace, or the world? If so, drop us a note at and tell us how you’re seeing kindness come to life.

PS – if you’re curious how we measure the KIND Movement, our mission to make the world a little kinder, you can read our ode to measurement here.

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